Someday Steve Schwarzman’s Entire Seafood Emporium Will Belong To Jonathan Gray

Modest or manic, Mr. Gray is said to keep a low profile because he does not see the benefit of raising his, and would simply prefer to be another cog in the Peterson-Schwarzman machine. Which is not to say he is a hermit—friends describe him as animated and gregarious, but above all else, humble—he simply likes to keep things to himself…Try as he might, Mr. Gray may not be able to stay hidden much longer. Mr. James has big plans for his big man, according to multiple sources. “Tony James is going around telling people, ‘My job in life is to convince Jon Gray to take my job,’” as one of them put it. Mr. James did not recall making that statement, but during the interview, he allowed that “I think he’d be great at it.” So is Mr. Gray the future of the firm? “He is certainly one of the talented individuals of his generation who could do a fantastic job running the firm. Better than me.” [NYO]

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12 Responses to “Someday Steve Schwarzman’s Entire Seafood Emporium Will Belong To Jonathan Gray”

  1. guest says:

    Known Jon Gray for years. Stand up guy, this is well-deserved.

  2. Guy with A.D.D. says:

    It must be hard for him to use his blackberry

  3. Homer says:

    Mr. Pinchy, is that you?

  4. Guest of a says:

    I'm back baby, stay away from my salad

  5. Guest says:

    so THATS why they cant eat shellfish

  6. Guest says:

    We also love Jon Gray's investment track record.

    – Centerbridge Partners

  7. Abu Salayaw says:

    I'm curious to see what he can do with an entire seafood emporium. If the result will be as good as any of the restaurants in the hamptons, then that will definitely be very good news.