Thespian-cum-Trading Guru Suggests You Get Your Vision Checked

Shia LaBeouf was escorted out of the LA opening of The Box nightclub by security Friday night after a confrontation with a pal of shock rocker Marilyn Manson [after LaBeouf “picked up a water bottle…and started spitting it all over his tablemates, including Marilyn Manson“]. The “Transformers” star “exchanged terse words with a friend of Manson’s, who lunged over the table at Shia, and Shia lunged back. “Two security guards led Shia out holding his hands behind his head. Outside, he fell onto a barricade. Swearing, he picked himself up and ran off.” Despite numerous witnesses at the party, also attended by Jon Hamm, Lindsay Lohan and Chelsea Handler, Shia’s rep said: “[He] actually left the club early as planned … he went to see one of the bands performing in the showcase and left after they finished … exiting through a crowded room was apparently misinterpreted. No altercation occurred.” [NYP, earlier]

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35 Responses to “Thespian-cum-Trading Guru Suggests You Get Your Vision Checked”

  1. Guest says:

    Graphic headline.

  2. slainwaxwing says:

    Off the record (and very hush hush), I can tell you that Lohan was quoted as saying, "That is one crazy bitch."

  3. VonSloneker says:

    The Box Nightclub: "It's easy to get in – it's hard to get out"

    -Gordon G.

  4. SLJ says:

    I'd be embarrassed to be seen with that, too.

  5. Latke Salad says:

    I didn't know how many bouncers it would take to throw me out of the box that night…but I knew how many they were going to use….two.

  6. minus 1 says:

    anyone else thing that picture looks like an extension of a prince albert carabiner kina thing goin on there

  7. Mexi_Cant says:

    That's a HUGE DICK!

    -Ping Capital Admin

  8. zoroz says:

    I am not sure these are his keys hanging out

  9. DingALing says:

    Actually, the guy he had an altercation with was an IRS agent pressuring him to pay up on the alleged $360,000 return on investment he made during the making of WS2. Looks like he's grown out a beard to dodge the establishment (and got a perm…?)

  10. Alpha_Bets says:

    IMHO, the better joke is on the facial pubis.

  11. Backdoor_Bess says:

    That's okay, I was pissed and got into some trouble after I failed L2 of CFA Exam for the third time.

    ~ Mr. Easy Way Out, CAIA

  12. Guest says:

    Who wears a carabiner?

  13. AlphaGekko says:

    Marilyn Manson not being the craziest person in his entourage is the NKI

  14. The Joy Luck Club says:

    Nice beaver.

  15. box=notspecial says:

    "Wait?! I thought that this was the "f*ck you" room?"

  16. Chabad House Barber says:

    There are two beards in that photo. My seeing them ushered in a period of self-discovery for me when I realized I wanted to pound both of them, each in her own way.

  17. Real_AltEST says:

    If you're not inside, you're outside.

  18. Middle Earth CFA says:

    Hobbit fucker.

  19. Nailz6 says:

    Matt didn't have any Shia performance reporting for us?

  20. lady says:

    stop drawing attention to yourself bro.


  21. ISayIsai says:

    Skinny Jeans and a Beard is the NKI

  22. Backdoor_Bess says:

    cross between Jimmy Fallon and 'Ted' from How I Met Your Mother???

  23. seaman bodine says:

    Spawn of River Phoenix and Bob Dylan

  24. Thespian Cum Trader says:

    Thanx for the new handle, bessalina!

    – Liquid Commodities Guy

  25. DSK says:

    With a credible source like Lidsay Lohan testifying against you, Shia, you better prep for some jail time.

  26. Bodyguard#1 says:

    This is what happens when you f*ck a stranger in the ass!

  27. wantingbeard says:


  28. kenny_lingus says:

    Did he lose a knuckle or two from his bird finger? Maybe he can fashion a new one from his girlfriend's excess adam's apple.

  29. I'm a Dude says:

    jumping over the desk to have a fistfight and strangle someone? now he's a real trader

  30. IamDanLoeb says:

    He was probably pissed that he went into the weekend net short, realized it at the party after it was eating him up and just had to 'flip out'

  31. MeVC says:

    uh-huh-huh …. she said "cum"


  32. Guest says:

    yes and total douche