This Is A Thing Rick Perry Said About Ben Bernanke

“If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I dunno what y’all would do to him in Iowa but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas. Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost treasonous in my opinion.”
[via BI]

If those sound like fighting words, Ben, don’t take it personally. Apparently someone’s campaign heard from focus groups that “it takes balls to execute an innocent man,” and you were the first guy he could think of.

Rick Perry Accuses Ben Bernanke Of Treason [The Atlantic]

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118 Responses to “This Is A Thing Rick Perry Said About Ben Bernanke”

  1. guest says:

    (from L-R starting with Rick): Yes, yes, HELL YES, maybe, yes.

  2. Confucius says:

    Bess, thought for sure we'd be treated to a "light treason" clip from Arrested, or at a minimum a tag

  3. GUESST says:

    please dont get elected

  4. Dr_Rosenrose says:

    Back to the Future 3 > QE3 > George Bush 3

  5. GentlemanTrader says:

    I love that the "thought leaders" of the republican party include a corn dog fellating tea partier, an illiterate white trash reality TV star, and a texan who carries a gun with him while walking the dog.

    what an embarassing time to call oneself a republican…

  6. wannabe says:

    yes, violence against Republican appointed Bernanke. Sounds…logical.

  7. George the Second says:


  8. ETFDude says:

    Seems perfectly electable to me.

    -Guy who voted mccain in the last primaries

  9. Gst says:

    Prefer them to a Al Sharpton version 2.1

  10. DingALing says:

    And the search for a strong republican candidate continues….

  11. ShortNaked says:

    At least his daughter makes good music.

  12. The Truth says:

    In Iowa we'd treat him like a hero since more QE = higher oil prices = ethanol bitches!

  13. E. Texas Gas Trader says:

    "Treason"? I'll tell you what treason is. Treason is when the city of Houston started enforcing the "no touch" rule at the Gold Cup. If you think gas traders whine about interruptible deals, you should hear them belly-ache about the no touch rule!

    • Texashedge says:

      'Lap dances have been declared illegal in the city of Houston, Texas, or as I like to call it…Nazi Germany!'

  14. Dr_Rosenrose says:

    And for the record, didn't this asshole bring up the idea of Texas seceding a few years ago?? So printing money to keep rates low to stimulate the economy (whether or not it works) IS treason, but bailing on the country IS NOT treason. Got it. Thanks Ricky.

  15. Jerry Jones says:

    First of all, and let me be clear, we, uh, have been together on matters pertaining to where, uh, we are in that on the top of the overarching concavity of interests pertaining ot tthe inference that we, uh, might be where we were last year in that , and yes, that while we are nearly in, uh, complete agreement in that regard as it affects, literally, uh, the idea that as a team, you see,while we're there , we're not really there in some regards to what is now in place that was started last year in advance of several trips to the SuperBowl as a team.

  16. HuffPost Super User says:

    All across the progressive blogosphere, the signal has gone forth: a new challenger to The One has arisen, and must be vanquished! While The One can conquer his enemies on his own with only the powers of his voice and his teleprompter, surely he must be grateful to the countless anonymous minions who scurry to the blogs to make wild generalizations about people who live in places where buildings do not obstruct the sun, who make stupid and thoroughly unoriginal jokes about politicians so bad even George Lopez would be embarrassed, and who repeatedly invoke the horrors of having a President that makes them embarrassed to be from the U.S. when backpacking through Europe. Granted, no one will ever read any of the countless posts in question, but surely The One must be grateful for his countless waterboys keeping the team well hydrated.

  17. N.A.S. Keflavik boi says:

    Shameless attempt by a neo-con crony-capitalist interventionist to lure away Ron Paul supporters. If elected, Perry would probably wind up keeping Helicopter Ben on the job. In fact, he'd wind up prayin' for QE >infinity. Total fraud.

  18. blanal says:

    No touch at the gold cup? Thads ok cuz one bill will get u half n half at Treasures nowadays :D

  19. La Flama Blanca says:

    These are the hard realities, guys. Life is not a fairy tale, although sometimes it feels like our world is full of fairies…

    Powers/Janowski '12

  20. tim riggins says:

    Didn't we learn, no more Texans?

  21. M.D. says:

    It looks like we got ourselves a severe case of 'Cowboy Boot In the Mouth' disease. The prognosis does not look good.
    -MD (the real kind)

  22. RealALT_est says:

    Glad to see 'Get out there and hit them twice as hard' from President Downgrade to the Union Thugs is not 'threatening,' but disagreeing with teh Bernank is. Got it, now go back to MorOn.Org.

    • guest says:

      Tell me, at do they teach you about the difference between disagreeing with someone like an adult and suggesting you'd like to execute them?

    • 203203 says:

      Please never leave zero hedge/clusterstock again.

  23. Non-Entity HF Mngr says:

    I just don't think he knows what "printing money" actually means…

    • Texashedge says:

      QE3 = FOMC buys treasurys with printed money. He should like this because it would mean higher oil prices.

  24. Hungry Intern says:

    and people said I was extreme.
    – Ron Paul '12

  25. Guest says:

    So is he from Texas? Doesn't look Mexican.

  26. Gundlach says:

    I'm hear for the party! Oh, this is a 'backyard' party. I'm out.

  27. PermaGuestII says:

    I see nothing wrong with this.

    -Huey P. Long

  28. Guest says:

    This is almost as pompous as Barry claiming he reversed the recession.

  29. Guest says:

    Rick Perry is awesome! Will be nice when Obama is out of office and we have a real President!

    Never thought I would say this but Carter>Obama

  30. R. Perry says:

    Reeeeeee…Reeeeeee…Reeeeeee… Squeal like a pig for me, Ivy League!

  31. Murph the Surf says:

    What a joke. This guy looks like Barbara Bush fucked Josh Brolin and the best part ran down her leg. When the Republicans play political brinkmanship with our economy and then make ridiculous comments like this it shows what the GOP has become. After 30 years as a registered Republican I switched to the Democratic Party in 2008. Thank Christ.

    • Guest says:

      +1/2 for the first sentence.

    • Merchant Refugee says:

      You actually voted for BHO? Hope you are proud of that decision.

      • Murph the Surf says:

        After 30 years on Wall Street and voting for Bush twice I finally came to my senses. You guys are on the wrong side of history. Now go get your shine box.

        • Dr. Guest says:

          30 years on Wall Street? Based on your response below, I would wager that you are actually a junior year Women's Studies major at Wellesley. Is that a little more accurate?

    • Dr. Guest says:

      So was 2008 when you finally discovered you were born with female anatomy?

    • Guest says:

      I believe the correct insult would be:

      "the best part of [him] ran down the crack of [his] mama's ass and ended up as a brown stain on the mattress."

  32. Bating, of course. says:

    Going full retard to get ahead of the republican pack is the nki in Americano del Norte politics.

  33. President Gasparino says:

    I've decided to throw my hat in the ring for the Republican nomination. My platform is simple: All our economic woes can be solved through outbursts of shouting and rigorous workouts.

  34. Guest says:

    Wow – looks like the Obama trolls have discovered dealbreaker !

    • Guest says:

      I was just thinking that this sounded more like Daily Kos than Dealbreaker.

      • Murph the Surf says:

        We'll be coming for all you Wall Street fags soon enough. When we get done the Uk will look like a stroll around the park with George Michael.

        • Guest says:

          Glad to see that "After 30 years as a registered Republican I switched to the Democratic Party in 2008. Thank Christ." was just a troll. Here I was worried that an asshole like you had actually made enough money to become a limousine liberal hypocrite.

          Keep your head up princess, I'm sure those Tibetan new media internships will pay off someday.

  35. FKApmco says:

    Perry can get more corn dog in his mouth that Bachmann can…that's gotta mean something, amiright?

  36. Hidden Valley says:

    republican party = ranch dressing party

  37. guest says:

    Got my vote

    -J Loughner

  38. mmcubed says:

    I guess Perry forgot his buddy Bush (5k+ US soldiers dead and still counting) appointed Bernanke boy. Yet another genius from TX on his way.

    • Guest says:

      Yeah – Bush and Perry as such good friend that Bush recruited Senator KBH to run against him in the primary. FYI – Perry crushed her!

      Now that you know that fact – go jump off a really high bridge! Preferably one with shallow water underneath.

  39. Ghost of Nixon says:

    You're a Republican for God's sake! Stop campaigning in trailer parks, with above ground pools. Doesn't Iowa have a country club you could go to? Have some pride man!

  40. JFraley says:

    The reason all you liberals are saying such bad things about Rick Perry is because you are afraid of him. Just like Sara Palin and anyone who stands up for what is right. What you are doing is helping them because of your ignorance. Keep up the good work. Always vote for the ones the liberals are bashing. They just can't figure it out. Go Rick Perry!!!

    • Guest says:

      Going to fun watching the liberals cry like little girls when the false messiah loses to Rick Perry next year.

    • Steel Reserve 40oz says:

      I'm a republican and have to say Perry's comment is one of the most asinine things I've heard lately. Perry is obviously with the Palin-McGrubber-Bachman caucus.(read: not tea party, but the idiots…)

    • SuperiorNYIB says:

      Why did we let the fundamentalist uneducated blue collar trash into the Republican party? The Republican party used to be composed of my kind, highly educated, wealthy members of the country club. We ran the country and we ran it well. I want nothing to do with the Fox republicans, they are not worthy to breathe my air. Flush the south down the stool and keep them down with the boots of intelligent people such as myself.

      • Guest says:

        "Republican party used to be composed of my kind, highly educated, wealthy members of the country club."

        – I guess you got rejected by the University Club and hang out at the NYAC

  41. Jimmy says:

    RIght, except that Sarah Palin is a fucking retard.

    -Person who insists the president graduate from one actual college with one actual degree. Something about University of Hawaii at Hilo/Hawaii Pacific University/North Idaho Community College/University of Idaho/Matanuska-Susitna College/University of Idaho route to a journalism degree doesn't sit right with me.

  42. PermaGuestII says:

    You mean like a B.A. from Yale? Or an LL.M. from William & Mary?

  43. Jimmy says:

    I mean, it's better than the O.W. Coburn School of Law at Oral Roberts University.

  44. Cowboy Poet says:

    Here I sit,
    Cheeks a flexin'
    I just made
    Another Texan.

  45. Dick Perry '012 says:

    Printing money is why the subprime … oh heck, anyway his comments have a ring of treasoniness about them.

  46. SuperiorNYIB says:

    Rick Perry is simply an uneducated hick. He does not have a clue how fractional reserve banking works. Put him out to pasture in Texas and the next time I fly over his worthless state, I will piss out the window and he will think that it is raining gold.

    • TexasForever says:

      yeah, keep hating on Texas. It must be the low unemployment rate, the low taxes, high quality of life (try living in Austin and say it's worse than NYC), or the better looking women that bother you. Lastly, people need oil, no one NEEDS an investment banker. the exchange could theoretically switch to purely electronic trading and relocate to Houston tomorrow. would save shareholders a ton of tax money. Just saying… What is NY's competitive advantage again?

  47. FinnHopKee says:

    Perry is a refreshing replacement for Pawlenty. What's most difficult though is discerning when it's Perry talking, or when Jesus is talking through him.

  48. Guest says:

    The only way the Fed can print money is buy purchasing gold. QE is just an asset swap. Lying to the American public to push a political agenda that is in conflict with their own interests (whether they are aware of it or not) constitutes as treason.

    Mosler 2012!

  49. Anonymous says:

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