New York Times Crossword Puzzle Sends Coded Messages Of Support To Jeff Gundlach

But, of course, only on Fridays and Saturdays:

Little things gave me faith. I remember doing the New York Times crossword one Friday in March. I kept stumbling on a three-letter word for “significant hit.” “RBI” didn’t work. Then I realized it was “DBL”—a double. At that moment, I felt DoubleLine would do O.K.

Jeffrey Gundlach on Starting DoubleLine [BW]

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33 Responses to “New York Times Crossword Puzzle Sends Coded Messages Of Support To Jeff Gundlach”

  1. Guest says:

    I was going to ask if it was a slow day but when i noticed Matt has the first post I realized Bess must be out sick.

  2. DingALing says:

    You finally write a small article and its this shit? What the fuck is doubleline anyway?

    -guy too lazy to go to google

  3. Anonymous says:

    yeah Matty – you get it now… ooooh look shiny things

    ADHD kid

  4. guest says:

    matt, stand up for yourself damn it! none of this 1 paragraph sh!t!

  5. Wow says:

    Matt congrats, this is the first article of yours, that I got through without blacking out. Well done.

  6. alan lowe says:

    first post at 12:25pm EST and it doesn't have to do with Erin Burnett's engagement? Fail

  7. Bandersnatch says:

    I hope Gundlach applies the same rigorous analysis to his investment decisions.

  8. Dr. Pepper says:

    Matt just go home, you already took the morning off, might as well take the afternoon off too.

  9. Kegels123 says:

    What a man of great faith.

    -Billy Graham

  10. Mexi_Cant says:

    Matt I haven't seen a performance so pathetic since Larry Flynt tried to run the marathon.

  11. D says:

    Gundlach & Wollensky

  12. bartleby says:

    I'm sensing that it was bottle service night for the db team.

  13. Famous Person says:

    Hey, same thing happened to me on Wednesday. I was sitting in my office doing the NYT crossword. Was trying to figure out seven letters (*SSF**K), clue was "fun activity", when my secretary came in and asked if I needed anything. I immediately knew what I had to do.

  14. harvey says:

    RBI is not a hit, doofus…

  15. Guest says:

    Good thing there's only one marathon in the world.

  16. Leno says:

    Is that George W Bush doing standup?

  17. Shecky Piaf says:

    So I'm sitting next to Dominique Strauss-Khan on a flight to Paris and he's working the NYT crossword. Seems like he's working on it for hours and I hear him sigh heavily from time to time. Finally he leans over to me and asks, "Can you assist me please? I am stumped here. What would be a four letter word in English for "a woman" that ends in u-n-t ?"

    I immediatly suggested "a-u-n-t".

    "Merde!! DSK shouted. Then he asked, "Do you happen to have an eraser on you?"

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