Wall Street Protesters Could Use Some Socks, Are Good On Snacks, Have Gotten Comfortable

But there hasn’t been much need for [medical supplies]. Ms. Lembitz, another medic, was tending to one of the most common injuries: blisters on a bongo drummer’s fingers. The only other common injuries, Mr. Pilon said, were cuts from food preparation and cases of foot fungus caught by activists who didn’t change out of wet socks…A website set up for the protest has a link to a nearby pizzeria, Liberato’s. Donors call, give the restaurant their credit card information, and a short time later a few pies—the website says the protesters prefer them without meat—show up at the area set up for food. Protesters hope they’ll be able to hold out for a while—some say forever. “Until Wall Street crumbles,” said Chris Mapp, a 20-year-old film student who lives in Harlem. “And we say that in the most peaceful way possible.” [WSJ]

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164 Responses to “Wall Street Protesters Could Use Some Socks, Are Good On Snacks, Have Gotten Comfortable”

  1. ShortNaked says:

    10 Meat Lover Pies courtesy of your friends at Dealbreaker

    • Guesticles says:

      It should just be meat. Like all meat. Not even bread. A meat tornado if you will.

    • Texashedge says:

      "Michael Rodriguez, a 24-year-old from the Bronx, started a conversation with a reporter by asking: "Are you a naked short-seller?" He went on to explain his concerns about the practice, which involves an investor selling a stock short—betting its price will fall—without having borrowed the shares in advance. He had learned about the practice two days ago from a passerby and had been researching it since. "

      You better watch out, friend

      • Guest says:

        It was inevitable that Michael would confuse the activities of a reporter and a naked short-seller, two distinct career paths, as he only has a vague idea of what a "job" actually is.

      • Guest says:

        Mr. Rodriguez said he doesn't have faith in government to rein in the financial industry. "If I talk to 1,000 congressmen, what's going to happen?" he said. "I want the world to know about this." He planned to bring his concerns to the protesters' direct-action committee, which he hoped would adopt it as "a specific item to fight against."

        Wait, how many congressmen? 1,000? Fascinating…

      • FKApmco says:

        Wait, what?? I thought ShortNaked meant he was short and liked to be naked. Was that wrong of me?

      • spanishmoon says:

        When I walked by, I caught several of these "hippies" surreptitiously studying for Level II of the CFA.

        I detect a sophisticated PsyOps program by Jamie Dimon.

    • trojan_ says:

      -More people will come if they think we have punch and pie!
      -…punch and pie.

  2. womanist says:

    this penis party's got to go! hey hey! ho ho!!

  3. UBS Sucks Guy says:

    “Until Wall Street crumbles,”

    severe douche chills

  4. Alt_EST says:

    Poor Person Problems: Bongo Finger Blisters, Trench Foot, Missing Fingers (Food Preparation), Drug Addiction (Marijuana, Meth, Heroine Only)

    Rich Person Problems: Golf/Tennis Finger Blisters, Gout, Missing Fingers (Hunting, Fishing), Drug Addiction (Cocaine, Prescription Drugs Only)

    • R. Limbaugh says:


    • PermaGuestII says:

      Pretty sure all of the above fall under "rich person problems," under the respective subcategories of "25 and under" and "40 and over."

      • Guest says:

        Just what I was thinking. I'm reasonably confident that these protesters' bills are being paid by checks from trust funds managed by the very bankers they are protesting against.

    • guest says:

      I like your style, but can attest to the fact that missing fingers from food preparation is not just a poor person's problem.

      ~Rahm Emanuel

  5. Guest says:

    Come on guys, help me fight this. I need the following:

    A scientist
    An engineer
    A black man to sacrifice himself in case anything goes wrong
    A giant drill
    A professional stereo system to play "Raining blood" by Slayer

    We can beat this!

  6. guest says:

    right now the Liberatos's owner is debating whether his business is completely over, or if he should roll with it and start a slogan that says "If you're starving for Liberty, try Liberato's!!!"

  7. Raj Rajaratnam says:

    Foot fungus is NOT joke.

  8. Jason says:

    I've got problems too. The low tone horn on my Porsche crapped out. How can I honk at protesters with my horn producing only half the tones?

  9. pazzo83 says:

    Did the L train stop running or something?

  10. Zoroz says:

    Meredith Whitney Research staff have occupied Main Street in Peoria, IL, until the muni bond market crumbles, and they mean it in the most peaceful way. The occupiers are good on makeup, hair spray, bacon-wrapped scallops, B&J Chunky Monkey, Brazilian wax, HP-12C calcs, can use more Louboutins, extra-long pantyliners, sashimi.

  11. guest says:

    Free pizza – awesome!

    -UBS MD

  12. pazzo83 says:

    I don't see how Wall St crumbles without a pretty serious earthquake.

    – UBS Geology Quant

  13. Shecky Bolivar says:

    I was chatting with one of the protesters who happened to be from Nicaragua. I asked him, "What's the most popular entertainment in Nicaragua?" He replied, "Bull fighting." I asked if that wasn't revolting. "No", he replied, "That is the second most popular entertainment."

    • guest says:

      Joke briefer?

      • Guest says:

        You're an idiot.

        – The Joke Briefer

        • The Joke Briefer says:

          Foul! Foul, I say!

          I'm the real Joke Briefer and I'm here to say…
          Enjoy a good joke every day……!

          This is the "real" Joke Briefer and I would never verbally assault one who summons me. An imposter "poseur" has made an unauthorized retort to guest and I hope "guest" understands. If this were Texas, the earlier joke briefer could be charged under new internet social media laws on impersonation but I digress.

          Dear guest, let me take over here and brief that joke for you. Shecky Bolivar's joke was a reference to a situation in many Central and South American countries, where, over time, the citizens have rallied and overthrown a corrupt government only to become corrupt themselves in similar of different ways. "Revolution" has been a common theme in the region for hundreds of years. So, in this case, a visitor at the protests asks about entertainment in Nicaragua and is told by a citizen of the country that such entertainment is bullfighting. The interviewer is shocked by such animal cruelty and suggests that it might be "revolting" as in the area of disgusting behavior. Our Nicaraguan friend doesn't understand and thinks "revolting" means a continuing change of government in a non democratic way. You can see that the juxtaposition and ironic multi use of "revolting" acts as the lynch pin for cascades of giggles, guffaws, snorts, titters and the more pedestrian "chuckle".

          The political/commercial history of the region can be found in the following works:

          "Those Fucking Banana People! – How Central American Countries Got Peeled" by Chiquita DeMonte, Brown Spot Press, 234 pages.

          "Bananas", a film by Woody Allen, 1971.

  14. Guest says:

    "I hope these fucking hippies die," noted one Dealbreaker commenter.

    "And we say that in the most violent way possible."

  15. Angry and Determined says:

    At least they get 1% cash back on the Chase Cards they're using at Liberto's

  16. Guest says:

    "The group has been going on short marches around the neighborhood in the morning and evening. On Tuesday afternoon, some headed north to SoHo where they joined a rally of postal workers protesting cuts at the U.S. Postal Service. "

  17. guest says:

    Someone forget to tell these neanderthals that almost all major "wall st" firms are now located in midtown?

    -Hakuna Matata guy making an attempt to fit in

  18. MBA Quant Protester says:

    "Hey, hey B of A, how many robust cross commodity spread derivatives balanced with a robust algo-ed risk bucketed VaR, long-only with positive and negative value shifts in a challenging market embedded with high volatility across all styles did you mark-to-market today?"

  19. Guest says:

    MOM I told you only to order cheese pizza, I hate you!

    • guest says:

      Get a job you loser!

      -Greg's mom.

      • GentlemanTrader says:


        when you get back from your job search today, please dont forget to bring a box of Magnums, the Big Bertha 3 Wood, the mag-lite, and another can of crisco. Russell and I will be napping in my bedroom, knock three times and leave everything by the door. There is mac & cheese (spongebob shapes!) and PB&J on the kitchen table waiting for you. I remembered to remove the crust this time…your favorite!!!

        love you sweetie,

        greg's mom

  20. bartleby says:

    I'll send the duchess right over there with some brownies – the good kind. She's an aspiring liberal douchebag today. Madden can hand out free shoes and I'm available to give a motivational speech!

    – Jordan Belfort

  21. Deutsche Bank HR says:

    Here is a "dealing with financial protesters" pro-tip:

    Don't wave money at them.

  22. Sleeper says:

    I don't think a 20-year old film student could hold out very long.

    – Guy who took film class as an elective to raise his GPA and met a few film majors who couldn't get laid in a morgue

  23. Guest26 says:

    I wonder if the DoD accepts credit cards for Predator Drone strikes?

  24. Guest says:

    If these fuckers really want to bring down Wall Street, they need to hack into Bess's inbox. There's stuff in there…

  25. pazzo83 says:

    OK now it is on. These fuckers are messing up NYSE's Blocktoberfest. I wanted to drink outside damnit.

    • Put_Option says:

      Was hoping to go to Ulysses' Folk House tonight post work. But I get the feeling these crusty members of the proletariat will totally ruin my buzz.

      – J.T Marlin Series 7/63 Retail Brokerage Equity Profressional, CFA L1 candidate

  26. Concerned Citizen says:

    Are we sure this isn't just a late migration of the 'crusty punks'?

    – Fungus Among Us

  27. HAM05 says:

    any hotties down there? think they like top hats and monocles??

  28. Mark Knopfler says:

    And he's up there, what's that? Hawaiian noises?
    Banging on the bongos like a chimpanzee
    Oh, that ain't working, that's the way you do it
    Get your money for nothing get your chicks for free

  29. ShortNaked says:

    But where are the bankers free pizza?

  30. "Wall St guy" says:

    Insults yelled at me by the protesters…feedback / comparable experiences? "Turn off your Fox News and wake up!" AND "You Wall St guys are the real terrorists!"

  31. DingALing says:

    I watched on CNN today as a reporter asked a protester why she's there. The woman responded "to put an end to the suffering we endure by corporate america".

    The CNN anchor then asked if she's so against "corporate america" why she is using a brand new Macbook, manufactured by the 2nd richest company in america. Her response: "Well……that's a good point but….I mean….I need it."

    Got a real revolution going down on the south end….

    • Whooooweee! says:

      Let me tell you about "revolutions on the south end"……

      -2nd Place Contestant
      Hatch Chile Eating Contest -2011-
      Hatch, NM

  32. Stern bear says:

    I fear you doth protest too much.

  33. bogey4 says:

    "Mortgage Lenders who were far greedier than Investment Bankers…"

    Sorry, but that's not possible – NOBODY is greedier than Investment Bankers. Well, maybe junk bond traders, but that's it!

  34. Nailz6 says:

    Why is it that people complaining that "Wall Street is destroying the world" also happen to be committing suicide via smoking cigarettes?

  35. Guest says:

    As long as these fucks stay off Park Ave, away from the real banks, they can do whatever they want.

  36. Guest says:

    Is there any medical attention for the bedbugs, or have they all committed suicide by now …

  37. MACE says:

    Apparently MACE is broke. You think with a recession, riots and protests that they would be making a metric fuckton of money.

  38. Ghost of Bin Laden says:

    See why we hate America? In Afghanistan, these hippies would have met a falafel creator long time ago.

  39. Winter says:

    I seriously hope that this continues for another 3-4 months.

    • Guest says:

      No chance.

      These people are so stupid that they will be long gone, off invading Russia by time winter rolls around.

  40. wahoo says:

    All the wet socks hipsters have now conjoined and become one giant wet blanket

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