Financial Adviser’s Wife Will Remain In Zuccotti Park Giving Out Free Hugs “Forever”

One question that people having been asking since the occupation of Zuccotti Park lasted longer than a weekend is, how long? How much longer, ballpark, will the Wall Street protesters stay camped out? Will the December chill drive them out? Will a January filled with sleet and snow that a certain someone will conveniently forget to remove do it? According to Stacey Hessler, not on her watch. The Florida resident, mother of four, and wife of a financial services employee named Curtis says she’s gotten comfortable.

“I’m not planning on going home,” an unapologetic Stacey Hessler, 38, told The Post yesterday. “I have no idea what the future holds, but I’m here indefinitely. Forever,” said Hessler, whose home in DeLand sits 911 miles from the tarp she’s been sleeping under.

And sorry, she’s not sorry. For those giving Stacey shit (her mom, husband, children, strangers), if you think she can just walk away, think again. Her place is here, in New York, with her new roommate, at the empathy table.

Hessler arrived 12 days ago and planned to stay for a week, but changed her plans after cozying up to some like-minded radicals, including Rami Shamir, 30, a waiter at a French bistro in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. She swears she’s not romantically involved with her new friend. Yesterday was a typical day for the pair, who woke up at 8 a.m. on their little patch of paving stone near the communal kitchen and dashed off to Trinity Church to wash up. Hessler emerged an hour later, her brown hair in dreadlocks, wearing a T-shirt depicting Han Solo and Princess Leia kissing, and bearing the slogan “Make Love Not War.” She got coffee and a granola bar from the protest kitchen before sorting laundry for two hours. At around 11 a.m. yesterday, Hessler moved from laundry duty to park cleanup — a four-hour detail from which she broke just once to give a troubled protester a hug at the “empathy table.”

Hessler has spoken with her family — husband Curtiss, 42; son Peyton, 17; and daughters Kennedy 15, Sullivan, 13, and Veda, 7 — just three times since leaving them. “Friends are taking care of them,” she said. Not everyone has supported her decision. “My mother told me I was being very selfish,” she admitted. And her husband, a former Bank of America financial adviser who now works at a local Florida bank, is perplexed. “He says he’s working for ‘the Man,’ and I’m fighting against him,” she said.

To which Stacey says she tells him: “Military people leave their families all the time, so why should I feel bad? I’m fighting for a better world.”

Florida banker’s wife left family to join Wall Street protesters [NYP]

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119 Responses to “Financial Adviser’s Wife Will Remain In Zuccotti Park Giving Out Free Hugs “Forever””

  1. Guess says:

    "selfless protester actually quite selfish"


  2. guest says:

    lesson to be learned: this is why you do not marry a 21 year old, and have kids.

    this has been 17 years in the making, all she needed was some BS excuse to ditch.

  3. Hungry Intern says:

    38yr old with a 17yr old son…I am not sure what more I can or should say.

  4. Bang Brothers! says:

    Stacey! Call us, we have a position for you!

  5. BAC to be with me... says:

    Geez, your stock goes to $6. Your wife hooks up with some dude(s) in a public park. Brian M is dispensing NO love. Curtiss, go to Zuccotti and get that wife back. Slightly used of course but (almost) good as new.

  6. MCP says:

    Uh hello, Han Solo and Leia were on the same team.


  7. PFC Nelson says:

    We appreciate the solidarity.

  8. Dr_Rosenrose says:

    Another lesson learned: OF COURSE the artsy hippie chick is a great fuck and fun to be around, especially because she'll recommend you try the weird sexual shit you were only thinking, but you DO NOT marry her! Come on Curtiss.

  9. Rami says:

    Just the tip, just the tip.

    – The Ramister

  10. Nailz6 says:

    Leaving Florida to live with hipsters in complete filth is the NKI

  11. She smells so regal in that patchouli.

  12. Lord Humongous says:

    Fucking whore

    – Curtiss

  13. Also, 911 miles? The terrorists have truly won.

  14. ShortNaked says:

    I think I might hit it….after a bath

  15. Downtown says:

    Full moon. Under a tarp. Under the empathy table. Drum circle banging. So are we.

  16. Nostril Ninja says:

    Is that Brian Boitano?

    -10 lines of oxy is prolly too much for this time of day

  17. Guesty says:

    Um, hi, honey? Um, the laundry is starting to pile up and there's nothing in the fridge. Just sayin'

  18. guest says:

    This explains my name now – oh and mom – I hate you. Hippy freak.

    – Veda

  19. CoveredLong says:

    Free empathy – that's a bit extreme considering empathy's doing 25 to life.

  20. Soopy says:

    Doing it with Ram Solo in Zuccotti is the NKI.

  21. Gozer says:

    Curtiss should have bought her that brand new Hoover

  22. Sol&Rhoda are pissed says:

    Long Island > Florida (and not the good part either) > marrying a BAC Branch banker > motherhood > Zuccotti Park. She is really trying to piss off her parents.

  23. Waxing Specialist says:

    Can you imagine the bush…she's sleeping next to?

  24. Bing says:

    She'd be perfect for our new movie!

    -Bangbusters OWS director

  25. Guest says:

    If he was a CFA it wouldn't have happened.

    – CFA Level IV

  26. Touch Base Later says:

    Ram-me! Ram-me!

  27. Touch Base Later says:

    MySpace? What's next showing his Friendster profile?

  28. dot, not feather says:

    cutoff shorts, a medallion, and fuck me boots is all the rage in Cobble Hill, it would seem

  29. davidrusso says:

    not many cuckholds have the comfort of knowing the dude banging their wife is also changing the world.

    so he has that going for him…which is nice.

  30. Guest says:

    Quick quiz, which of the following will still be around in a year?

    1) Zuccotti Park protest and a waiter from Brooklyn

    2) Your biological children and your legally married spouse

    3) Neither of the above

  31. inlovewithpmco says:

    PMCO heading down to Zuccotti park?

  32. Spanishmoon says:

    “I have no idea what the future holds"………..

    We do:

    1) Antibiotics
    2) Divorce
    3) Another fucking mortgage default

  33. Guest-ee-cue-los says:

    Talked to her kids 3 times in last 12 days… "I know my kids are alright and that they will be fine."

    Please forward us your resume.

    – Bear Stearns Risk Mgmt

  34. Guest says:

    Mother of the year…

  35. guest says:

    Now that the protesters have discovered she's a banker's wife, banging her in public will becone a rite of passage. Oh the shame!

  36. leftcoast says:

    dreadlocks at 38? nuff said.

  37. Casey Anthony says:

    Some fucking people…

  38. Guest says:

    Ram-bro: remember me as a motherfucker!

  39. Guest says:

    “Military people leave their families all the time, so why should I feel bad? I’m fighting for a better world.”

    Risking your life dodging RPG's = sorting laundry and playing slap and tickle with Rami = better world

  40. Charlie Sheen says:

    the kids must be doing as good as mine!

  41. Guest says:

    Editor's update: now lover, Rami Shamir, and soon to be ex-husband Curtiss…

  42. Sleeper says:

    “Friends are taking care of them,” she said.

    Define irony: A person who is vehemently protesting a lack of responsibility and bailouts while at the same time showing a lack of responsibility and having to be bailed out by friends…

  43. Bologna Sandy says:

    Mom – Dad has been ranting about some rash since the last time you called home.

  44. guest says:

    Here try some of this Chronic Weed, it will take the bite off the cold out here…………..

  45. Silly goose says:

    Hmmmmmm…no wedding band in that photo. Sorry Curtiss.

  46. 2whale2whale says:

    Add tag: bitches

  47. bluehorseshoe says:

    The ladies of zucotti park call me The Ram Man, but you can call me Fresh Mlk.

    -R. Shamir

  48. guesticles says:

    Veda – "Employee of the Month"

    – Beamers Nov, 2022

  49. ShortNaked says:

    Dear 1%,
    You've got 99 problems and this bitch is 1


  50. guest says:

    Waitresses from Florida>Waiters from Brooklyn

    Have the last laugh Curtiss. Step 1, start hanging with Tiger.

  51. Guest says:

    How much would you pay if the NYPD would deck you out in full riot gear, pepper spray and tazer included and turn you losse William Wallace style on these hipsters? Say the city auctioned off 500 such slots, so you'd have plenty of riot gear clad backup, and the NYPD would be on standby in case you got in trouble. Legal impunity of course. No charges, and no lawsuits. How much would you pay for one of those slots?

  52. Bandersnatch says:

    I'm from Buenos Aires and I say kill 'em all!

  53. Bing says:

    you know you've hit rock bottom when your wife leaves you, your kids and wonderful life in the Florida surburbs to bang and live with a NYC homeless person

  54. Dave Navarre says:

    Driving, it's more like 1050 miles, while as the crow flies, it's just under 900 miles.

    So, choosing 911 was intentional, not likely accurate.

  55. Not Impressed says:

    When is Bravo going to put "Housewives of Occupy Wall Street" on the air?

  56. Office Space Fan says:

    Curtiss – somewhere, something shorted out.

    I'm guessing it's somewhere between landing the hot chick and naming your firstborn after a football player, and your youngest being named from Hindu vegetarian dietetic requirements.

    Take a look in the mirror – then hit Miami and try to bang a bartender with a belly button ring.

  57. Office Space Fan says:

    …and spit-shining R. Shamir's tackle after he's done swabbing it down with antibiotic hand cleaner is quite empathetic. And not necessarily romantic.

  58. Guest says:

    Rule: don't marry Marxist Jewesses. Hell, just don't marry Jewesses period.

  59. Broheem says:

    Looks flat as hell…you're better off Curtis

  60. Slim says:

    You are all being really judgmental. You don't know her. You don't know her family. All you know are a few random comments written in an article. Comments that can be taken and spun in any number of ways. Please take this article and the portrayal of this woman for what it is worth. Watch your words for you are ruining someone's life.

  61. bobo says:

    Curtiss added the last s for "sucker"

  62. Ummm says:

    911? She's worse than the fucking Octo-Mum. What would posses this cunt to even say something like this? Yeah, I'm sure she's saving the world, saving the cheerleader.

    Fucking cunt

  63. toaster says:

    R frontal lobotomies covered by Obamacare?

  64. J Rayn says:

    I have now read different variations of this false information that is being spread from the original fiction writer from NYpost and I am completely disgusted at the slander that these liars from nypost and other sources have put in their articles! She is a real human with a family that have probably read the articles and these horrible comments about her!!! Luckily they know different, unfortunately it still hurts because it has made me cry and I am not even her family!! Stacey is the most dedicated mother I have ever met! She is in charge of a bee keeping club, which her children and other family's children go to a market to sell honey and other handcrafted goods as a learning experience. Some of their products are sold in locally owned small businesses around town. She goes to roller derby with 2 of her daughters to support them and to participate in a sport WITH them, she participates in plays with her children, she is in charge of a home school group and conducts several meetings with local home schooling families weekly so that the children have "socialization" and additional learning opportunities. She has meetings with people including her older daughters to set goals and create a positive mindset and she finds ways to accomplish those goals….. She does other things too, so much I can't keep up with it all and she is constantly making more plans that will not only enrich her kid's lives but those of others' and the community!
    The media are using her because of her appearance. This article PROVES that in our country, APPEARANCE means more then true CHARACTER!!!! She has a look that matches the way that they want others to perceive those that are occupying wall street! She doesn't LOOK like a typical American with her hair style and clothing…. Just because she is not at home and happens to be seen with a man, that means she is sleeping with him???? No adult woman with children is allowed to leave their home with out the entire family and if they do it means they are never to return??? So they take what they can and turn it into something sinister so that people can be judgmental about all the wall street occupiers. She is a very creative minded person and walking into her home you see the love that she has for her children. It is filled with beautiful art and activities that they have done together inside her home and outside. The media have created a story out of their own deranged minds to fuel people that will believe whatever they read if it sounds like something horrible so that they can spread the negativity and I am so disappointed in people for that because now I have seen it first hand and I do know the truth.

  65. Terrorists have won says:

    OWS = Terror Cells in your backyard

  66. dirty_dirty_harry says:

    Blaming wallstreet is to blame the West. De rigueur.

    (India/China 7-9% growth: US/Europe 1-2% growth.)

    The protestors are mimicking an official narrative; blame the West. Others support the narrative while appearing to support the protestors. (standard behavior – mimicking authority.)

    Elevate emerging markets, degrade the West.

    The economic is established, there’s no reform. Alpha authority no longer queues once standing order has been affirmed with a new arbitrary (years ago now).

    Generally people are seeking the confidence and encouragement from authoritative stage, seeking alpha. They won’t receive that encouragement. They’re in an infinite loop. (Adults don’t need encouragement, juveniles need it. Adult juvenile psych is common across the spectrum. Know who’s who.)

    Summary: AlecBaldwin is a whore.

  67. Guest says:

    Kill yourself.