High School Marching Band And Choir Of Thousands To Serenade Vikram Pandit Tomorrow Today

Yes, it’s part of the Occupy Wall Street protest but still- his own personal marching band and choir! If I’m Vikram, I’m pretty psyched about this, especially considering all Brian Moynihan is getting are a bunch of paper airplanes.


Thousands of #OccupyWallStreet protesters to barrage bank CEO’s with 6,000 angry letters from the 99%

WHAT: Mass march to deliver 6,000 letters from the 99% to the 1%

WHEN: 1pm, Friday, October 28

WHERE: Meet-up at Bryant Park (6th Ave. & 42nd St.), march to Bank of America headquarters, Morgan Stanley headquarters, Wells Fargo headquarters, Citigroup headquarters, JP Morgan Chase headquarters.

WHO: Foreclosure victims, unemployed New Yorkers, students with debt, Occupy Wall Street protesters, members of Strong Economy for All, UnitedNY, New York Communities for Change, ALIGN, The Yes Men

WHAT: Thousands will march to the headquarters of five major banks to deliver over 6,000 letters to the 1% submitted to, concluding with a general assembly at which a foreclosure victim from Southeast Queens will read a letter through the people’s mic inviting Jamie Dimon to tour her neighborhood.

VISUALS: Thousands of people trying to throw paper airplane letters up to the top floor of the BofA building, thousands of people delivering a singing telegram to Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit led by a choir and marching band, poster board blowups of letters from the 99%, giant mailbag full of letters from march participants.

Will VP turn this into a Call And Response, with his employees answering from the other side of the barricades? It could be like Grease where the 99% are Travolta and his boys and the singing-back Citi staff are Sandy and the Pink Ladies. The only thing that could make this better is if they finished things off with a barbershop quartet performance. Vikram loves those.

Deliver Your Message To The 1% [OWS]

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48 Responses to “High School Marching Band And Choir Of Thousands To Serenade Vikram Pandit Tomorrow Today”

  1. guest says:

    what's the over under of eye-injuries caused by paper airplanes for this protest?

  2. guest says:

    I thought they just indicted this guy ?

  3. pazzo83 says:

    Thinking paper airplanes will fly 900 ft in the air and then break through thick insulating glass is the NKI.

  4. Fuck to the Yes.

    No one on the corner has swagger like us
    Hit me on my Burner prepaid wireless
    We pack and deliver like UPS trucks
    Already in hell just pumping that gas

    -LEH Quant

  5. vikram pandit says:

    You've got how many letters? 6,000? Fuck you – I fire twice that many people before I take a shit in the morning.

  6. pazzo83 says:

    VISUALS: People looking like complete idiots.

  7. deal_mkr says:

    lol this idiots dont even realize that 6000 letters is a statisically insignificant spike in pandit's email traffic

    if you really want to get their attention reconsider a marching band and try throwing a ppt together

  8. PermaGuestII says:

    So- they're going to march from 42nd St. & 6th Ave. in Manhattan to 100 North Tryon St., Charlotte, NC?

  9. rain forecast says:

    just how well are a bunch of wet paper 'planes going to fly?

  10. Jay says:

    Singing telegram, a choir and marching band? I thought we discussed just lighting a couple of candles, but you guys really kicked this Diwali celebration up a notch!

    – Vickles

  11. deal_mkr says:

    Excerpt from one letter –

    Dear Mr. Monihayn

    I'm sorry i did not make the balloon payment on my no-money-down reverse amortizing mortgage. Now i am forclosed have no place to live. Times are tough as all 12 credit cards are maxed and iPhone bills nearing delinquency. Living in a house for free for three years was sweet, can I get that deal again?



  12. Guest says:

    Killing trees is the NKI

    LEH Environmental Quant

  13. Homosaurus says:

    A boy choir is essentially the okCupid of the pederast world.

  14. defa cate says:

    i'll give you a "movement" a bowel movement on your occupying faces, douchebags. prepare to be shit on!

  15. sucka - dick says:

    yes, let's harass the indian guy who came from nothing and probably grew up in a shack in bangalore…nice work 99%

  16. HFguy says:

    Dear Vickula,
    You bastard, you are messing up our plans by just drawing $1 as salary. You are the bottom 1% of us 99% yet top 1% of us 99%. This has made our brains to explode and we curse you for this.


  17. updates?? says:

    Any news on the letter fest, any papercut injuries?

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