Lynn Tilton: Ask And Ye Shall Receive

“For many years I had men asking me on the phone each day what I was wearing and what color my underwear was,” Tilton said. “And so I sent out a Christmas card with me in a red lace sort of teddy, and red cowboy boots and a Santa hat, wishing them a Merry Christmas.” [ABC, earlier]

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58 Responses to “Lynn Tilton: Ask And Ye Shall Receive”

  1. Nailz6 says:

    Honestly I'm fucking disgusted.

  2. Merritt Parkway says:

    My bits are still shrinking and it's nothing to do with the cold and snow here in CT.

  3. Texashedge says:

    Forever unclean!

  4. inlovewithpmco says:

    bro, that is gnarly

  5. Zoroz says:

    We asked for a holiday party but we received jello shots from Lynn's saggy cleavage.
    — Patriarch employees

  6. Bibi Jones says:

    What a whore.

  7. nyrebel2003 says:

    This chick is setting the women's movement back 100 years. My momma told me to never trust a ho.

  8. merkin_capital says:

    Did MS Paint have a "remove bramble" feature in this era? You know that shrub enveloped all land mass between growler and belly button.

  9. Jay says:

    Maids in Sofitel > Lynn

    – DSK

  10. Tank the Frank says:

    What is it?

  11. Guest says:

    I've paid for worse

    – Jim Chanos

  12. Madeline M. O'Hare says:

    Her Xmas card — "Why I became an atheist."

  13. Mexi_Cant says:

    This put's a whole other perspective on Ludacris' magnificent soundtrack "Uz a Hoe."

    Especially when he describes how "You cannot turn a Hoe into a housewife, Hoez do not act right."

    • MeVC says:

      "let me tell you one thing I need 50 dollar to make you holler, I get paid to do the wild thing"

      – Lynn Tilton

  14. Guest says:

    Needs to stick the elbows out further in picture #2. Other than that, I have many many concerns…

  15. MeVC says:

    Feel sorry for that step-ladder.

  16. Put_Option says:

    So typical. Just when a woman even gets a little bit of power, everybody dumps on her! She's strong, confident, and successful. More women should be in this position or at least have the opportunity to be. Women are still second class citizens in America! Men are horrible!

    – Liberal Arts granola graduate #Lilithfair #DoTheCurtainsMatchTheDrapes?

  17. HungryIntern says:

    I just want to know what self respecting male would want to know or see what underwear you were wearing?

    Future San Quentin Parole

  18. s cheslock says:

    she likes guys with big houses

  19. Not Impressed says:

    Speaking seriously for a second here…

    … what the hell are you supposed to do with a "Christmas card" like this? Do you put this on your mantle, next to the cards from grandmama? Do you stash it in your porn drawer, but risk penis shrinkage every time you're looking for self-action? Do you throw it in the trash, opening yourself up to the possibility that some neighborhood kid + trash man finds it, and draw incredibly wrong conclusions about you?

    • For my collection says:

      Just forward it to me.


    • Robert Moore says:

      you know….after a second look…it kinda reminds of vintage 70's porn

    • PermaGuestII says:

      Serious answer- I'd assume those went to the office, not the house, since she was sending them to counterparties.

      If they did come to the house, I'd be more worried about my wife/girlfriend seeing it and wondering just wtf I was up to.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Is Lynne hiring?
    (my career is dust, maybe she make me into diamonds)

    Count me in too
    Jon C

  21. RichieRich says:

    You can keep her!

    Chelsea (The neighborhood)

  22. BrotherLehman says:

    If ever there was an application for the phrase "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", it's right here.

  23. Guest says:

    big bush or trap? face says trap, but 80's theme says big bush.

  24. que sera says:

    I've seen worse on People Resources.

    S Cohen

  25. The Peeper says:


  26. bogey4 says:

    Wait, you mean she's not a real blonde?

  27. inlovewithpmco says:

    PMCO can I be on your Christmas Card list this year? will you be wearing red lingerie?