Vikram Pandit Is Waiting By The Phone

The New York bank reported third quarter earnings rose 74 percent in the third quarter, to $3.8 billion, due to lower losses from loans and an accounting gain. Its international consumer lending business grew in Asia and Latin America. The bank also decided to keep its credit card partnership with retailers as that business improved…Last week Vikram Pandit, CEO of Citigroup, said he understands the sentiments of the protesters and was willing to meet with them. Citi spokesman Edward Skyler said no one had reached out from the organizers to talk with Pandit yet. [AP, earlier]

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31 Responses to “Vikram Pandit Is Waiting By The Phone”

  1. Citi Guy says:

    Damn, Citi has such great globality.

    – Guy who loves Citi's globality

  2. Hummus says:

    Enron style smoke and mirrors account tricks can only work for so long.

    Citi is toast.

    Good riddance you too big to fail money changers!!!!

    OWS 4 EVA

  3. Evangelos Venizelos says:

    Hey, Vikram, can you give me a ring on that CVA trick? I'm thinking that we can definitely get Greece to a budget surplus using that technique!

  4. OWS Organizer says:

    Step 1: Occupy Dealbreaker

    Step 2: !?!?@?

    Step 3: Profit

  5. derp says:

    Citigroup this is Chuckie Prince speaking how may I help you… haha just kidding bro its Slick Vik… whats crackin?

  6. Pre-Occupied says:

    We are only protesting relevant banks only, and of course BofA just because it's easy.

  7. 99%isgay says:

    I'm Gay


  8. Occupy Wall Street is very significant, if only for showing how "fringe" movements can quickly move to the fore of national dialogue. We'd be well advised to keep an eye on another national movement that has even more potential to directly target the big U.S. banks:

  9. guest says:

    believe it or not Vik isn't at home, please leave a message at the beep.

    i must be out or i'd pick up the phone, where could i be?

    believe it or not, i'm not home.

  10. Moneta Guy says:

    Vikram Pandit on the phone with M.D. Ranchid Dakaj, the penis doctor, they´re talking about 4 inch cocks and how to enlarge them on 4,5.

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  13. magento says:

    Why posting as Hummus though?