Vikram “1 dollar/year” Pandit Uniquely Qualified To Speak With Wall Street Protestors

Earlier this morning, Fortune hosted a breakfast with Vikram Pandit to pick his brain on what’s been a’ poppin’ at Citi and the economy in general. According to Pandit, the Big C will report a profit for the third quarter and he does “not expect the U.S. to go into a recession,” which is all very exciting news. When asked about the individuals occupying Wall Street, he said that their grievances are “completely understandable” and that “trust has been broken between financial institutions and citizens.” And that’s not all.

At the end, he broke through the lip service by adding: “I’d be happy to talk to them anytime they want.”

Sounds like just a bunch of corporate BS from a so-called “fat cat” who can’t relate to what it’s like, right? Wrong! Lest anyone forget, until recently, Pandit was one of them.

Me and Vikram, down by Zuccotti Park [Term Sheet]
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47 Responses to “Vikram “1 dollar/year” Pandit Uniquely Qualified To Speak With Wall Street Protestors”

  1. Not Me says:

    Vikram is making 100% what my bonus was.
    -UBS Quant

  2. desksoda says:

    I'm too drunk, to taste this chicken

    – Colonel Sanders

  3. Guest says:

    Me and Vikram sitting in a tree….t.r.a.d.i.n.g…

    First comes stocks,
    then comes bonds,
    then comes CDRs,
    then everything crashes and no marriage.

  4. Markus Niku says:

    what's a CDR?????????

  5. D says:

    Pandit & Wollensky

  6. AIG Quant via LEH says:

    So OWS scum are secret Iranian agents. I say get out your jack boots and stomp, stomp, stomp. Well, except for the cute chicks that have other uses.

  7. Alt_EST says:


    Meet me at Minetta's. I'll be the guy in the close-cut Brioni. Smell like garbage and get self-rightous when they don't let you in so I know its you.

    -V. Pandit

  8. Guest says:

    $1.75mm is peanuts to what he sold off his now defunct hedge fund for. Are we allowed to say that or are we still in pretend mode?

  9. Guestz says:

    Vikram & Wollensky

  10. Guest says:

    Hindus are the new Jews, Vikram says 'get my samosa you punk'.

  11. Moonbeam Vik says:

    Oh, and I forgot to add that I am in the 99% too, C is down exactly 99.2% from its peak.

  12. hok says:

    hearing Citi had a munchin contest, 50 in 4 mins, have no idea if it's true.

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