BataliGate: Goldman May Or May Not Have Been Short The 7-9pm Reservation Tranche

Mr. Kokonas added that during recent visits to Babbo and Del Posto, he noticed many customers were from out of town, as opposed to regulars from Wall Street. “He could probably p— off every bank in the world and still be fine,” Mr. Kokonas said. “Maybe Goldman will cancel their Christmas party at Del Posto, but that’s about it.” Goldman and other Wall Street banks declined to comment. But some bankers say Mr. Batali’s comments may have an upside. Said one Goldman banker: “If fewer bankers go to Babbo, maybe I can finally get a reservation.” [WSJ]

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78 Responses to “BataliGate: Goldman May Or May Not Have Been Short The 7-9pm Reservation Tranche”

  1. ShortNaked says:

    Theres nothing funnier than innocent children being molested. NOTHING. Keep winning.

    • Bandersnatch says:

      While the crime was horrific, I find myself torn between laughing and crying when I see elements of the Penn State community thinking that firing Joe Paterno was excessive.

      • We need to know says:

        Scary isn't it. Sport has an ability to recalibrate thought processes. I don't have that sports gene for recalibration so I totally understand where you're coming from.

        • Go Nittany Lyins! says:

          Penn State sucks! And I am not talking about football. I don't see this as a JoePa witch hunt. I see this as an old fart who looked the other way while knowingly having a pedophile on staff. It kills me that PSU alums defend this asshole who should have retired years ago. Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho Joe Paterno has to GO!

        • Guest says:

          Good thing money/bonuses don't do that to people!

    • WSJevons says:

      Why are Jeffery Epstein jokes ok?

      " .. . 40 girls aged 13 to 17 . . .saying Epstein sexually assaulted them"

  2. Spurbury PD PR says:

    Officer Favre is puzzled how Galikanokus has anything to do with bankers and a restaurant.

  3. Guesticus says:

    Hey Bessar, your favorite painter (and ours) working on his Jon C painting circa now in front of NYSE

  4. BUBBA says:

    Can't wait to meet my new cell mate

  5. Paul Allen says:

    No can do, I got an 8:30 res at Babbo. Great sea urchin cerviche…

  6. Dr_Rosenrose says:

    Just because we were dressed like douches does NOT mean we're out-of-towners.
    – OWSers spending mom's $ at babbo

  7. BrotherLehman says:

    After I got ignored yesterday, I'm not going to a Batali joint either.

    –Pol Pot

  8. Guest says:

    10 years old and already at a university? Let's face it, it's probably the only way these nerds were going to get laid…

  9. We need to know says:

    What is your problem, asshole?

  10. PermaGuestII says:

    Serious q: The guy's got what, 15-20 restaurants? What are the chances that on any given night a meal you eat in one of his restaurants is actually cooked *by him,* rather than by someone using his recipes?

    • Bandersnatch says:

      Fair question. But would you pass on dinner at Per Se because the odds are that Keller's not doing the cooking that night?

      • PermaGuestII says:

        No, probably not- but Keller doesn't seem to be spread as thin as Batali, number-and-geographic-wise (yes, I know there's a lot more of Batali to spread around.)

    • Guest says:

      I'll attempt this.

      20 restaurants with 5 chefs each = 100 chefs

      So, 1/100.

      –CFA Level 2

  11. uɐɟ ssǝq ǝuo # says:

    bravo Bess, great headline!

  12. No, not really. But commenters did have a sense of humor back then beyond "UBS MD" ad nauseum and "[…] is definitely the NKI" formula.

    Trader from '06 – me too, broheim. In my opinion, the only jokes that people should be losing their shit over are the inherently crazy/serious racist jokes. But then again, my sense of humor is fucked so…whatever.

    • guest says:

      Old timer here, sense of humor still intact. There are a lot of hilarious comments on a daily basis. Pretty confident that I'd feel the same way about child rape joke then as I do now.

      • Okay – you honestly find this joke troubling? It's a fucking joke, taking perverse humor and adding shocking imagery. Pretty much par for the course on this very website for the past 5 years.

        "10 years old and already at a university? Let's face it, it's probably the only way these nerds were going to get laid…"

        (The first joke on the thread was admittedly awful, mostly because it was likely posted by some OWS jerkoff (hence, the "banker" signature).)

        • guest says:

          Does anyone else find it ironic that the first guy to complain about the joke was called "shortnaked"?

      • trojan_ says:

        rape is no laughing matter. unless you're raping a clown. or somebody who raped somebody else.

    • guest says:

      My sense of humor allows me to laugh at you (rightly) believing that seriously racist jokes are too much but those about a ten year old being raped are all in good fun.

      – guy who's been here since Day 1

    • PermaGuestII says:

      Reader since '06 too, and non banker/analyst w a twisted sense of humor. Still found the joke across the line.

      • May I remind you of numerous laughs that you should (probably) repent for.

        Unfortunately the comments have all been erased with Disqus and all other changes, but enough with the moral indignation.

        -Guy That's Bored And Wants To Start A Fight

        • Guest says:

          Seriously why was it okay for Michael Jackson to obviously have been a diddler and he gets dietized when he dies and then this sick fuck at Penn State, who is obviously off the roadmap, but anyone who ever said "hi" to the guy gets their eyes poked out?

          Because idiots around the world love Billy Jean and only dumbass farmers from Lewistown remember picking off Testaverde 5 times in the Fiesta Bowl!

          – Guy who hopes everyonerealizes this is tongue and cheek and they're all sick fucks and deserve to fry

    • Mexi_Cant says:

      What is wrong with racist jokes?

      -Don Rickles

    • UBS MD says:

      UBS MDs are the NKI

      • PMCO/1+(1-Tc)x(D/E) says:

        well done

        -been here since 06 as well, understand that bess' inbox is a national treasure, and feel that there is no such thing as a stale meme.

  13. ShortNaked says:

    Wow this thread escalated quickly.

  14. Rahodeb says:

    Ron Blarney?

  15. Whoops says:

    Even I find that insensitive!


  16. That ARS kid at NYT says:

    This all started when Paulson told GS he wanted to short the 8pm reservation tranche, but they had too much trouble laying off the risk so they had to expand the AA-tranche all the way down to A+.

  17. Luigi says:

    Well, I have never been made to masturbate into my own mouth either.

    Luigi Batali

  18. BessLevin says:

    The next comment here better be about Batali and/or Goldman Sachs. This is why you can't have nice things.

  19. Magic comes first says:

    Are you a rapist that does magic? Or are you a magician that also enjoys raping?"

  20. Guest CFA says:

    I just can't believe there hasn't been a single comment removed from this thread yet. What's the over/under on comments until 1 gets removed?

  21. 10 Year Old at Penn State says:

    Thanks for sticking up for us kids, we feel touched.

  22. Guest says:

    Having read a few of your comments over the past few days, I'd imagine that in person you either resemble Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds or McLovin.