Jamie Dimon Foils Seattle Protesters

…despite a cold, relentless November rain Wednesday night, several hundred people marched to the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle, where Dimon was a keynote speaker at an awards ceremony for the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. Sixth Avenue in front of the hotel was closed to traffic for less than an hour as protesters tried to block hotel entrances by locking arms. Police used pepper spray to clear a side entrance near the corner of Pike Street and Seventh Avenue so hotel patrons could enter or leave. The protest began at 6 p.m. and lasted 3 ½ hours. They stood outside and chanted slogans, while people inside sipped cocktails and looked down from a reception area with curiosity. The number of protesters dwindled after about an hour because of rain, but more than 100 stayed on to stake out the hotel. They left at 9:30 p.m. after learning that Dimon had reportedly left about 9 p.m. [Seattle Times]

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28 Responses to “Jamie Dimon Foils Seattle Protesters”

  1. Grease says:

    JPM wins again.

  2. Anon says:

    OWS: Never have so few, done so little, while smelling so bad

  3. East Coast Snob says:

    Nice of Jamie to pretend he cares about the University of Washington's MBA school. Pretty sure not even Jefferies or AIG/UBS/LEH quants recruit from there.

  4. derp says:

    It wasn't even me. I sent Pullman again.


  5. Anonymous says:

    These OWS stories a lot more amusing if you imagine the protesters as libidinous fanboys who also happen to be zombies.

  6. Dr_Rosenrose says:

    Rita: You're missin' all the fun! These people are great! Some of them have been protestin' all night long! They sing songs 'till they get too cold and then they go sit by the fire and they get warm, and then they come back and sing some more!
    Phil: Yeah, they're hicks, Rita!

  7. Guest says:

    "He went out the back door, why didnt we think about that!?!!"

    – OWS Protester

  8. Ewot says:

    Why are all these people protesting "Wall Street"? I awakened today from a coma I went into back in 2007 and while my wife is fetching me the info on our portfolio of investments. (And for some reason she didn't really want to do so. Thank God I sold all those fucking Krugerands and bought pricey Florida "investment" condos before the coma!!) I saw the protests on CNN here in the hospital room.

    -Investment Guy Who Just Awoke from a Coma

  9. guest says:

    You can't FOIL me!

    -Goldman Quant/Part time Algebra teacher)

  10. bobbysteele51 says:

    #OWS! The banks have gone too far, and have done so for a while! This weekend is Bank Transfer Day. Everyone should make a statement and move your money from a mega-bank to a local economy-based credit union. You should know the people you deal with and how you’re treated. has video examples of how people are seen by the banks, as well as info on credit unions in general.

  11. A. Rose says:

    Sorry guys, I stayed in last night. Its hard to hold a protest of corporate greed in the cold November Rain.

  12. Roger Moore says:

    Grecian formula for men….use it for next escape….

  13. J. Dimon says:

    Your hatred empowers me.

  14. J.P. Morgan says:

    J.D. may be a fine executive, but he lacks intestinal fortitude. In my day, I would have dispatched Pinkertons to deal with the mob while I calmly wlaked out the front door of the hotel to my carrage…

  15. HFguy says:

    They left at 9:30 p.m. after learning that Dimon had reportedly left about 9 p.m.

    Damn those pepper sprays.

  16. crork says:

    ZRq7Da Thank you ever so for you blog post.Much thanks again. Cool.