Leon Cooperman Doesn’t Like The Tone Of President Obama’s Voice

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36 Responses to “Leon Cooperman Doesn’t Like The Tone Of President Obama’s Voice”

  1. RIMM Shareholder says:

    Thank you for standing with us Mr. Cooperman, even those of us north of the border!

    -Have not

  2. anon says:

    ''There a few things in life harder to find and more important to keep than love. Well, love and a birth certificate.''
    —President Barack Obama, at the 2010 White House Correspondents' Dinner

  3. FinneganKristiansen says:

    I suspect that some of these irrelevant letters created by various financial pooh bahs need to be directed to the House party down the street from the White House, where tons of middle ground is being tossed out the second floor window with drunken abandon. Norquist throws quite a party.

  4. early_hominid says:

    Dear Leon:

    Thank you for taking the time out of what I can only imagine must be a hellishly busy schedule to share your thoughts with me. A president who fails to listen to his citizens fails not only them but himself and his country as well. I understand your criticism and agree with your call to elevate the public discourse above the petty partisan-backbiting and narrow-minded self-interest that too often poisons our rhetoric. I can only assume that you have sent similar and equally heartfelt letters to my attackers and accusers asking them to tone down the reckless charges and urging them to do what is best for America so we can all prosper together rather than each at the expense of the other. I am curious why my letter was the only one you saw fit to issue publicly, but I'm sure you have your reasons and that they are sound. If you would be kind enough to forward copies of those letters to me, they could not but be a powerful inducement to my opponents to compromise in a spirit of bipartisanship at, say, the next debt-ceiling debate or other suitable occasion. Even if you have not yet written such letters, let me step up and be the first to heed your call for more civilized rhetoric, and if you’ll be gracious enough to allow me speak through you in this reply and directly address my critics in the words of the great Latin poet Catullus (a man who also suffered his quantum of criticism in at least equally tumultuous times), who, after listening carefully to his critics replied: pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo.*

    Stay well and stay involved

    Barack Obama

    *I will bugger you, and then I will fuck your mouths."

  5. Guy with A.D.D. says:


    Please for the love of us all, notice the use of " […] " above. Feel free to use it in ALL of your articles.

    The Silent Majority

  6. grandma's maxim says:

    Old people should be seen and not heard

  7. Guest says:

    Wow this riled the handful of dealbreaker democrats. Or maybe these comments are just from OWS trolls

    • guest says:

      Or maybe they're from people who have no affiliation with OWS but simply get ticked off by hypocrisy.

    • Princeling says:

      Anyone who disagrees with President Downgrade's policies is an 'attacker…' and 'reckless…petty backbiter,' see above.

      ps Great trolling by that dude.

  8. otcbb says:

    "…gorilla campaign…." check your motives

  9. Merchant Refugee says:

    Leon – you had better have someone else start your car in the morning.

  10. Bill Ayers says:

    Fuck you Leon Cooperman.

  11. Ken W says:

    Leon, your letter to President Obama seems to be rooted in a sincere wish to better our country, but it was wildly off the mark. This President, in trying to compromise, has bent backwards almost to the point of breaking. And he has done it in the face of unprecedented and unrelenting attacks.

    You charge Obama with promulgating a debate that can be seen as “class-warfare.” Where is the evidence for that? Is asking that tax rates go back to where they were under Clinton, when we were all doing better, really class warfare? Is asking that reasonable restrictions be placed on financial institutions “class warfare”?

    Surely you are aware that under Obama personal taxes as a percent of GDP are well below their historical average. And you must be aware that corporate profits are well above their historical averages.

    So where is this class warfare you speak of? You, like Hannity, O’Reilly, et al, raise bogeymen that simply do not exist. I never hear my fellow main-stream Democrats blast capitalism, or denigrate fairly-earned monetary success, so it is infuriating when intelligent people like you imply otherwise.

    • guester says:

      "Surely you are aware that under Obama personal taxes as a percent of GDP are well below their historical average. And you must be aware that corporate profits are well above their historical averages."

      labor costs have not recovered since the beginning of the recession, which implies lower income taxes, and when divided into a higher nominal GDP number, then your math works, but it is not because Obama lowered taxes, pal

    • Jim F. says:

      With all due respect Ken….you need to look up the definition of "class warfare". I would suggest that you use wikipedia…it is very clear and consise……by definition, most of what Mr. Cooperman asails here, and much of what we hear coming out of the Presidents mouth is text book………give it a look.

    • Magnolia G says:

      Government spending and transfer payments are an ever large component of GDP. The ARRS is in large part responsible for this. That is why personal taxes as % of GDP look lower. Anything else?

  12. Ken W says:

    You concede (grudgingly) that you and others fortunate to be in the 1% might have to pay slightly more in taxes. Will that happen? Keep in mind that the large majority of Republicans in Congress (and every member of the failed Super Committee) signed that intensely nonsensical “pledge” to Grover Norquist to never raise taxes, regardless of dire need or common sense. Where is THEIR willingness to compromise?

    The Radical Right hates Obama, and they would rather see the country suffer than to allow him a legislative victory. To deny that is to deny reality.

    • BJTyler says:

      "you and others fortunate to be in the 1%"

      – Yes, it was luck and fortune that put me through and paid for my schooling, pushed me to work 80 hour weeks at great personal cost, and motivated me to risk my own $$ to be an entrepreneur. Yes, it was society's lottery ticket that got me into the 1%

      • guest says:

        I'm with you on that. People just don't wake up one day and find everything they ever wanted. The wake up and go to work for it. It's all envy- that is all it is. If you think that the top 1% does not pay more then their fair share, you are full on envy. You should be looking at what you can do to better yourself, not what someone else can do for you. It's not the top 1% that owe this country, it's the bottom 55 that do.

  13. Mike Mayo says:

    Thank God he remembered to denote his CFA credentials at the top. Really makes the missive that much more impactful. I think we're all in agreement that this finally puts to bed the CFA vs. MBA debate. (Obvi CFA > MBA).

  14. Guest says:

    Leon, do I detect a bit of buyer’s remorse?

    Why LC is wasting his breath is beyond me, BHO doesn’t understand that you can’t vote “present” when you’re the president.

  15. Every Leftist says:


  16. Taxpayer says:

    UBS > Obama

  17. Jim Joyce says:

    Did anyone listen to Cooperman's explanation of this letter today on CNBC? He said if he were President he would end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, give every returning soldier a free four year college education and impose a 10% surtax on all incomes over $500,000 a year. He listed nine other "planks" that lean clearly Democratic. There is not a single elected Republican that would ever allow the plan that Cooperman thinks is the right one for for the country to be enacted into law. And that's the only point that Obama has been rightly making— that Republicans are obstructing ideas for everyone, including the rich, to contribute more to solve our problems. Cooperman's letter and interview reveal astonishing hypocrisy.

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  21. Theda Strey says:

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