You People Would Like That, Wouldn’t You?

Corrections & Amplifications MF Global acknowledged to federal regulators that it had diverted funds out of customer accounts, and a federal official said the move is possibly in violation of the law. An earlier version of this article incorrectly implied that MF Global had admitted the move violated the law.” [WSJ]

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30 Responses to “You People Would Like That, Wouldn’t You?”

  1. Markus Niku says:

    "Well be in touch" you are missing an apostrophe m'dear!!!!!

  2. ENE Trader fo' Life says:

    Should have told the customers you were taking it, then just took it. Don't see what the problem would be under that scenario.

  3. ... elipsis says:

    Is JC going to jail?

    • .Bo says:

      Yes. There is a ton of precedent for sending executives of collapsed financial firms to jail. Also highly unlikely he collects a large sum of money, like maybe $12M, upon his departure.

      • the dude says:

        There is also a ton of precedent of not sending executives of collapsed financial firms to jail.

        • derp says:

          That's the joke.

        • PermaGuestII says:

          But: there weren't customer funds missing from the accounts when Lehman went bk, or when Bear, Merrill, AIG et al got bailed by the Feds. Bankrupting your firm through questionable business judgement isn't criminal.

          • Guest says:

            Bankrupting your firm through questionable business judgement is the NKI.

          • HFguy says:

            on the contrary, many hedge funds are still awaiting their cash (yes liquid cash) and other holdings in prime brokerage account (also client account) to be returned to them even after 3 years. I know coz we are. Whenever a firm goes down the bastards always have a trick up their sleeve where the clerical morons cant account for client money correctly.

          • HFguy says:

            that rant probably sound a weird wtf one. I forgot to add I was referring to accounts in Lehman Bros.

      • Guest says:

        But where are the customers' jail sentances?

  4. guest says:

    Tomato.. Tomáto..

  5. $7.00/hr Trading Oil says:

    First of all, risk takers don't lose money. Their models do.

  6. Guest says:

    . . . and we would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for those meddling accountants!

    – Old Man Corzine, from down the road

  7. T2 Partners says:

    Our customer accounts have seen a sizable decrease in funds as well.

  8. Jay says:

    What do you mean, "you people"?

    – Guy hoping people get the reference and appreciate it

    • guestapo says:

      I get the reference, but "you people" clearly means "you morons at the WSJ who don't get the difference between implying MF Global said they broke the law and not implying that, as they didn't say it at all."

      Anything else you need cleared up?

  9. Mexicant says:

    I got it and I think she should be censored, IE comment removed.

  10. GOmIH2 Say, you got a nice article. Great.