Is this a press conference to discuss winning $254 million or donating that much to Jerry Sandusky's 'rainy day fund'?

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  1. kimberly says:

    What Charity are they giving to I hope its one that helps ppl like me who work and are in such a hole about to be put out on the streets with my husband and my son and daughter and new grand baby and no one will help us because we work and say we make to much

  2. Kari Walker says:

    I hope there is a real trust and they are willing to help someone like me. I am disabled and going through real tough times by myself trying to live on $231 a week and have medical bills to pay and a sick 12 yr old dog who requires medical food and medicine. I don't require much as I am a God praising person who would do anything for anybody as I have for years now and unable to do so in my financial state: non existent. Please tell the truth and it will set you free. I am willing to help anyone so would you please help me. I am on Facebook and would like to hear thoughts on this from others as I want to know the truth! Kari Walker, Atlanta GA

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