Someone Doesn’t Like Tone Of Leon Cooperman’s Voice

…and has issued a missive of her own in response to the hedge fund manger’s open letter to President Obama:



(hidden for your protection)
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31 Responses to “Someone Doesn’t Like Tone Of Leon Cooperman’s Voice”

  1. PermaGuestII says:

    Return address:
    c/o J. Jones
    Jonestown, West Demarara

  2. Texashedge says:

    "These men are not your friends and they do not come to you with their advice out of good will. They are wolves in sheep's clothing"

    Well, I guess I am wearing a wool suit today.

  3. Spanishmoon says:

    If they only had mailboxes on golf courses…….

  4. Guest says:

    Serious question – When do we get to assign some of the blame for the current economic mess on the current administration and current congress? BO has been in office for almost 3 years, at some point this does become his problem, right?

  5. 1 of the Bobs says:

    First off, Chicago is a mess. Second, this pride you speak of? Obviously the ganja talking, so no real need to address that, should wear off in the morning and return when you get high again. Lastly, all this so called "President" has done is run for re-election and pander to his base, as well as the ignorant jackals that infest DC and the media. Anyone who thinks they are better off today than they were 3 years ago is likely certifiable, or a communist hippie piece of shit willing to say anything to get Obama re-elected. Motives examined. Sickened by the current condition of political discourse.

  6. Nick Dixon says:

    Fking Hippies

  7. Middle of the road says:

    Leon Cooperman was a major backer of Obama in 2008. The hysterical reaction says more about Obama and his supporters than it does about anything else.

  8. bluehorseshoe says:

    Dear The 99 Percent,


    -Matt Levine, Future CFA Exam-taker

  9. Relax_FromDirtyDirtyHarry says:

    Serious answer – Ladies and Gentlemen, and CFA’s, there’s nobody to blame. Deregulation to reRegulation, in parallel to emerging markets, alongside religious fanaticism, with a side-order enviromental disaster films, is nothing unusual. The arbitrary you bought, got paid for, got laid with, used to dispell daterape accusations, was only an arbitrary. If you survived that, you’ll survive these Exciting Times!

  10. early_hominid says:

    Almost makes Cooperman seem sane and reasonable.

  11. Citicorp Shareholder says:

    If I read this correctly, someone out there has been appointed to speak for 99% of the US population. And that 99% is impressed with the job the President has done. Either that, or someone out there is a jerk who isn't significant enough to put his/her own name on a letter expressing his/her own personal opinion.

  12. The 56 Percent says:

    I would venture to say that if your "successful businesses were closed … because banks wouldnt' lend you any more money" … then you probably are not clear on what it means to have a successful business.

  13. Sherlock H. says:

    Ive figured out who wrote this letter. obviously was the teleprompter.

  14. Guest says:

    If the letter is from “the 99%” then why is Obama’s approval rating only 43%? With that kind of math I guess they’d all say they have 12-inch c*cks, too.

  15. Max says:

    Cooperman wrote:

    "When I joined Goldman Sachs following graduation from Columbia University’s business school, I had no money in the bank, a negative net worth, a National Defense Education Act student loan to repay and a six-month-old child (not to mention his mother, my wife of now 47 years) to support.
    I had a successful, near-25-year run at Goldman, which I left 20 years ago to start a private investment firm.But as a taxpaying businessman with a weekly payroll to meet and more than a passing familiarity with the ways of both Wall Street and Washington, I do feel justified in asking you: Is the tone of the current debate really constructive?"

  16. Max says:

    Considering what Goldman Sachs did to the American economy- something that has not only destroyed the livelihoods of millions of Americans and constrain the potential prosperity for the next generation, let me give Mr. Cooperman a hale and hearty "Go F*ck Your Mother" for his letter and his opinions.

    Goldman got off writing a check to the SEC that didn't barely affect them, and this c&cks&cker complains about "atmosphere?"

    F^ck him. F^ck him good and long. Its a pity that no one will ever enjoy the opportunity Cooperman had that he now lords on all of us as his own doing.There are no "self made men." There are only just societies that provide the opportunity for people of drive and ambition to take advantage of them- something that Goldman destroyed.

  17. Howard Roark says:

    Dear 99 Percent:

    Some idiot has gotten hold of your stationery.

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