Tullett Prebon Will Not Take This Hitler/Stalin Talk Lying Down

From: [redacted at Tullett Prebon]
To: Dealbreaker
Subject: Mario Batali

Company policy at TULLETTS, Batali restaurants are now banned. Good luck fat boy.

If that sounds harsh, consider the restraint it took not to head over to Del Posto and take Batali for a spin, i.e. TP’s go-to move, which is coming next, if the comments are not recanted. Anyway, not to minimize anyone’s feelings or play peacemaker, but, technically, Batali said “bankers,” not brokers, are Hitler/Stalin-esque, so…not really cause for TP to take offense. Feel free to continue patronizing his restaurants and cheering for him on reruns of Iron Chef.

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54 Responses to “Tullett Prebon Will Not Take This Hitler/Stalin Talk Lying Down”

  1. Guest says:

    We are disgusted by this comparison and also suggest Mario Batali recant this.

    –A. Hitler and J. Stalin
    via Twitter

  2. you're a moron says:


  3. merkin_capital says:

    Should I be ashamed that I had to use the google to figure out what a Tullet Prebon even is?

    -guy who knows how to use the google / is sometimes ashamed

  4. GentlemanTrader says:

    what is a "tullet prebon?" is that what the NKI is? Please advise.

  5. bogey4 says:

    If enough people go in on this, maybe the waitstaff at Pizzeria Mosca won't be so 'effin snooty..

  6. lex luthor says:

    Avoiding his restauraunts won't be an issue as my firm bitches if I buy a client lunch at suspenders.

  7. Zander Tebow says:

    SO the redheaded chick from That 70's show hates Mario Batali?

  8. I'm a Dude says:

    i seem to remember a Prebon Yamani circa mid 90s. something in govt bonds. maybe thats the same group

  9. PMCO/1+(1-Tc)x(D/E) says:

    That's cute.. the Broker's Broker thinks he's a trader.

    • guest says:

      hence the line "Anyway, not to minimize anyone’s feelings or play peacemaker, but, technically, Batali said “bankers,” not brokers, are Hitler/Stalin-esque, so not really ’cause for TP to take offense."

  10. An Accuser says:

    Apparently Tullett never had Hitler's Wurstbrot or Stalin's Draniki

  11. 2_Small_2_Bail says:

    I hope no one at McDonald's is ever quoted like this…

    -UBS MD

  12. Hey Now! says:

    Mullett Groupon is the NKI.

  13. pablo says:

    The guys over at Prebon are prettyfat… Hope they can find somewhere else to eat.

  14. quasi love says:

    i hope this ban lasts longer than the one we had on manhandling womens breasts with our feet

  15. Bring It says:

    Penn State is a fuckng disgrace.

    • Dr. Zaius says:

      why? they still eat at Babbo?

    • Domestic Expat says:

      No, not the whole university.

      A dottering old man and a portion his staff at Penn State should be facing some criminal charges for showing that they cared more about their jobs than the fact that their coworker was raping children… but those comments can be saved until Bess breaks the news that there is a link between the Receiver's coach getting several nice promotions and the fact that Joe told him to keep his mouth shut about what he saw in the shower.

      • Dr. Zaius says:

        ok, but they stopped eating at Lupa, right?

      • I'm a Dude says:

        hey mike and the mad dog, chill out. this isn't a sports blog.
        And for those of us who went to jewPenn and other real schools, we don't really give a flying fuck about the shit that went down in your showers. we heard those stories decades ago.

      • Guest says:

        Bess would break this news because the WR's coach moonlights as a Tullet Prebon MD?

        • lex luthor says:

          Let's start a fund to hire the four guys from socorro, texas to go to upenn and teach that coaching staff how it's really done.

          • Guest says:

            Hold that thought, and in the car on the way home I'll explain to you all of the things wrong with the statement you just made.

      • guest says:

        That ginger fuck grad assistant needs to be hanged. 28 y/o, former Captain of the football team witnesses an old man butt fucking some 10 y/o boy AND RUN AWAY TO CALL HIS DADDY. Fucking soulless coward a k a Mike McQueary. Did you know he grew up down the street from Sandusky? McQueary did not tell Joe he saw a kid getting raped, he was vague and danced around specifics of a crime his family friend committed. Joe Pa did nothing wrong and wouldn't be in this mess if McQueary would have done what was expected, i.e. beat the living shit out of Sandusky in that shower.

  16. Pierce says:

    Some of the best clients for futures brokerages and these hybrid style groups are bank desks and traders, both foreign and domestic, that don't clear cme etc. or for a variety of reasons don't want to deal with their internal desks.

    So fraternite tull pre.

  17. Guest +1 says:

    Is maxing out Chase Debit card at Patroon the NKI?

  18. Guest says:

    Is not my favorite way, but I have no problem taking it lying down.

    –L. Tilton

  19. Dumbass Oil Trader says:

    TP is on a roll!

    • Guest says:

      I usually get the platter but good to know?

      – Guy who's pretty sure a Tullet Prebon is one of the better dishes at Oren's down the street.

  20. A Trader says:

    Please Fuck off.

    – Guy who hasn't gotten to eat lunch in zuccotti park in 3 months

  21. Shecky Bourdain says:

    TP Broker: "I eat at a different restaurant every day."

    Propane Trader: "I don't tip either."

  22. davidrusso says:

    I had no idea brokers were hitting up Batali's places in enough numbers to make this a meaningful threat…

    I guess Mario added 8-balls and handys to the dessert menu without giving me a look.

  23. whowhawhen says:

    Listen, you'll have to excuse me. I have a lunch meeting with Cliff Huxtable at the Four Seasons in 20 minutes.

    – P Bateman

  24. Show Me The Money says:

    The link to the "related" story (see below) just goes back to the Batali article. I'm feeling like a little bait-and-switch happened here. Also, I'm not exactly sure how it is related to Mario Batali, but I'm dying to find out.

    Earlier: Mario Batali Bites The Hand That Keeps Him In Orange Crocs
    Related: Broker Sued For Taking Assistant For A Spin On The Trading Floor, Manhandling Her Breasts With His Foot

  25. ShermanMcBateman says:

    I honestly thought Tullet Prebon was a shoe store, like Pierce & Pierce.

  26. Guest says:

    It's actually Mullet LeBon. His exclusion from Duran Duran was one of the few examples of failed nepotism in the 1980s.

    –Rock Historian

  27. Guest says:

    I bet Mario Batali makes more money than Tullet's.

    Tullet's = JT Marlin

  28. LateNight HungerPain says:

    Tullett Prebon sounds like Truffles and Bonbons.

  29. Nick says:

    1.Americans make Hitler comparisons to everything and everyone they don’t like, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, and the chosen target of the month are always made out to be worse than Hitler
    2.Gerry Schwartz compared raising his taxes to Hitler’s invasion of Poland
    3.The comparison of Bankers to Hitler is doing them a favor considering the reality of hedge fund managers like Dr. Herman is a mass murder, and Jerry Epstein is a child molester

    So what’s not fair?