Write-Offs: 12.22.11

$$$ House G.O.P. Leaders Reach Agreement on Payroll Tax [NYT]

$$$ Risk Is Out, and Goldman Sachs Cuts Ties With Brokers [WSJ]

$$$ Hungary Defends Economy After Ratings Downgrade [WSJ]

$$$ Lauren E. Weinberg, a 23-year-old ASU business student, told Sheriff’s deputies she survived in her car for nine days without cold weather gear and on nothing more than two candy bars. For drinking water, she used the sun to melt snow in bottles. [AZDS]

$$$ North Korea Economy Back to Work [WSJ]

$$$ Allen Stanford Competent To Stand Trial [AP]

$$$ Burial of Human Ashes OK in Pet Cemeteries [WSJ]

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6 Responses to “Write-Offs: 12.22.11”

  1. trojan_ says:

    -VT "Highway Hog" Quant

  2. Chart Addict says:

    I feel so cold and lost and alone right now, where's today's Matt article??

    -Guy who really appreciates long winded discussions on random topics and may or may not be looking for new ways to rationalize engaging in morally dubious behavior involving material non public information.

  3. UBS MD says:

    These ASU ladies are an enterprising bunch – first that elizabeth hawkenson, now this…

  4. James Kim says:

    Those damned Forest Services gates are nothing but trouble.

  5. academia says:

    If you can see sunlight then you're not trapped.

    -pissed off ASU professor who's waiting on 1 final.