Conservative CFA Seeks Employer Looking To Kill Two Birds With One Hire (Making $$$ And Taking Down Commies)

Are you an asset manager looking to do some hiring? Have you interviewed a bunch of so-so candidates but have chosen to hold out for you dream employee, as unlikely as it might be that one person would possess all you desire? Does your list include:

1) A guy who will make you and your clients “$$$”

2) A CFA charterholder

3) Someone who is not just going to sit at his desk throwing the term socialist around but will actively do his part to get rid of the so-called socialists running the country, through his freelance writing gigs, mostly

4) An email address that makes a statement

…? Then your Christmas 2012 hath come early.

(hidden for your protection)
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57 Responses to “Conservative CFA Seeks Employer Looking To Kill Two Birds With One Hire (Making $$$ And Taking Down Commies)”

  1. Reality says:

    "Tired of bing 'free'…"

    A bit too much Bing Crosby over the holidays?

    0% expected travel. Judging for you informative passage – I'd take a guess this is both forward and backward looking?

  2. Gassy says:

    Corvettekid1969 is a friend of mine.

  3. joncorzine says:

    get in line buddy

  4. I'm a Dude says:

    Sell-side contacts = tight with the Jeffries callers

  5. Guest says:

    This guy is already an Iron Eagle in my book.

    -Chappy and Associates

  6. Put_Option says:

    If he had used Civickid1994, then that is something I could have worked with…

    – UBS Automotive Equity Research Analyst

  7. Denis Kneale says:

    I like the cut of his jib.

  8. guest says:

    I liked where you were heading for a second there, but your rant only lasted for less than a sentence. I think I'll pass.

    -Leon Cooperman

  9. guest says:

    Email your resume we're growing like crazy here

    -WJB Capital HR

  10. Guest says:

    This guy really is the fucking rake.

    – [Redacted Penn Undergrad]

  11. Cut Me says:

    Shouldn't the deadline be 12/21/2012?

  12. max says:

    Glad he's the Corvette Kid- because when everyone else said "No" there was only one saviour who prevented the Corvette from ceasing production for all time.

    His name is Barack Obama.

    Thanks for nothing, and to hell with those folks at the Bowling Green factory whose families aren't on food stamps.

  13. CoveredLong says:

    1969….kid. Other than that, no concerns.

    -Freelance internet poster

  14. says:

    Nice touch with the "deadline".

  15. D-Funnk says:

    Hired! We need more conservatives with CFA and CFP credentials. Though, anyone with 20+ years of experience can hardly be considered a kid.

  16. c.d. says:

    "Pristine regulatory and compliance record going back [..]" –> this guy could actually exist & be authentic..
    used 'CFA' as a noun: that's bad, but can be forgiven if apologizes to the institute, ie: submits appropriate filing $$$ fee.

  17. gab says:

    "freelance…, freelance…, freelance…" apparently his last employer used some good sense…

  18. Vidiot says:

    Minus 20 for invoking anything related to BF3 instead.

  19. U.S. Taxpayer says:

    And here I never got a thank you card for TARP

  20. Kegels123 says:

    Nice job violating the CFA Institute Code & Standards there with the improper use of the CFA designation. Even I knew that.


  21. Bilal says:

    Quite 'diversified' Roles with the addition of being Journalist & Sales person! Probably calling himself a 'kid' as he's violated standard 7.

  22. sylent says:

    My hypocrisy only goes so far. If I get this right when Obama does something right you get the credit. When he does something wrong he gets the blame. Go figures! When people like me start getting annoyed with the pilling on … there is a good chance he is getting re-elected.
    -An actual member of the 1%.

  23. Guest CFA says:

    Yea I took the restrictor plate off to give the Red Dragon a little more juice.

  24. investorcluzo says:

    "freelance writing" and "freelance money-managing" – sounds like this kid keeps a diary of how he stayed solvent by transfering his CapitalOne card balance to AllyBank.

  25. Wire says:

    Doesn't everyone with a Bloomberg have access to sell-side research?

  26. Bitchtern says:

    I love you all. Thank you.

  27. Alan_Stanwyk says:

    What would ya say…ya do here?
    – Last conversation that Corvettekid1969 had with an employer (1999)

  28. gab says:

    "Freelance" is just another word, for nothing left to lose…

  29. Max says:

    The US taxpayer has paid for far more egregious purposes- like the wholesale slaughter thousands of Iraqis, and the displacement of millions more. I don't care what it costs- there is a value beyond money in keeping the dignity of hundreds of thousands of US workers and their families, and avoiding the blowout of the entire industrial Midwest- or whats left of it.

    In the meantime, those saved jobs pay for themselves in income taxes paid, social security funded, communities kept whole, and having those people support themselves through their work is far better than the rest of us supporting them with unemployment benefits.

    WTF happened to this country that all some people give a crap about is taxes while everyone else's life can go to hell?

  30. DeltaStrafer says:

    jersey? is that you?