Report: Trembling In Fear, Wall Street Banks Want To Make Sure They’ve Got Each Others’ Backs Before Invoking The Wrath Of 22 Year-Old Junior Mistmakers

As you may have heard, bonus season this year is going to be a bit tricky, on account of the fact that Wall Street banks didn’t make much in the way of cash in 2011. While paying some seniors staff zero dollars is being considered, it still may not be enough to pick up the slack. There is one idea that’s been floated among firms but shot down, so far, for fear of being too risky, so risky that it’s probably not even safe to mention it here but I’m gonna– freezing pay for junior staff. (Oh god, shhh, don’t say it aloud, we don’t want to start a run on the banks!) Everyone wants to do it but no one’s got the cojones, fearing the backlash that would come from angering “future stars” whose names will be learned in 5-7 years when they graduate from second class citizen status. No, the consequences would be dire. Unless…unless everyone put up a united front against these incredibly powerful and intimidating people?

Wall Street’s biggest firms, facing a slump in investment-banking revenue, are considering freezing compensation levels for some junior bankers, according to people familiar with the deliberations. Credit Suisse is likely to suspend its practice, an industry norm, of boosting pay automatically each year for analysts, associates and vice presidents within the investment- banking division, a person with direct knowledge of the decision said. While those employees will get their regular annual salary increases, bonuses probably will be lowered to keep total pay flat from a year earlier, said the person, who requested anonymity because the plan isn’t public. Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are being watched by competitors for signs the companies are planning similar moves, said people at four other firms. Cutting pay can be perilous if your rivals don’t because it’s easier for junior bankers to defect, draining a future generation of talent. Wall Street firms may make the change en masse only if one or more of their biggest rivals act first, the people said. “There’s always the risk that people may go across the street for a better deal,” said Joseph Sorrentino, a managing director in New Yorkat Steven Hall & Partners, an executive- compensation consultancy. Among junior bankers “you have some potential future stars and you want to make sure you keep them engaged and keep them happy and performing.” JPMorgan, which doesn’t plan to alter its practices, may change course if other firms do so, a person briefed on its decisions said.

If anyone wants to talk about this further, meet in the alley behind 200 West around 9 o’clock and tell no one. You don’t want to know what happened to the last c-level executives to cross a first-year analyst, let alone a whole army of them.

Wall Street Mulls Partial Pay Freeze [Bloomberg]

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77 Responses to “Report: Trembling In Fear, Wall Street Banks Want To Make Sure They’ve Got Each Others’ Backs Before Invoking The Wrath Of 22 Year-Old Junior Mistmakers”

  1. N. Muntz says:

    HA HA!

  2. 22 YO Rainmaker says:

    Im so outta here

  3. jumbo says:

    Law firms have basically done this with bonus levels the last few years (i.e., Cravath scale bonuses as documented on Above the Law) – just let the biggest or most prestigious bank set a relatively low ceiling on comp and then everyone else will fall in line.

    And "stars"? Really? First, where are they going to go if no one is hiring and the kids (and new MBAs) haven't established names for themselves? Second, the value over replacement level junior banker would be relatively low for any employee at that level – replacing an unhappy 22 year old should be the easiest problem banks have to address.

  4. Lynnn T. says:

    Make some mist in my maidenforms and I'll maintain your money metrics!

  5. SilverSpoon says:

    It doesn't matter to me, my dad still pretty much owns the company.

    -Choate / Phillips Andover / Hill / St. Pauls Class of 2012

  6. future generation says:

    When I tell my friends at the bus. school recruiting office, you'll be sorry.

    Come at me bro.

  7. WorkLifeBalance says:

    What's that number for the Buy Side again?

    -Fuck You Too

  8. Guest says:

    Send the 1st year 10-year old analysts, and I'll give them a raise.

    – P State Capital

  9. The Truth says:

    What about high flying 3rd year analysts?

  10. CarriedInterest says:

    But… am I supposed to buy bottles at Avenue to lure bridge & tunnel girls???!

    -Junior Future Rainmaker

  11. 3rd Year Analyst says:

    "Are you saying I have to move BACK to Murray Hill?"

    -3rd year analyst

  12. brochacho says:

    "Star investment banking analysts", otherwise known as "future private equity and hedge fund analysts". You don't need to worry about retaining them, but maybe they'll throw you some fees down the road if you pay them now.

  13. Jonny Riggs says:

    Bonuses are not down for senior level executives (top 1%) at CS. the PR machine at CS leaks false info – (the top brass – top 5% or so will likely be up from last year, with no decrease in their $$$$ millions of dollar bonuses they reaped in last year). For example, how else would this banker (Reece) be able to buy a $9m home in this market.

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