Wells Fargo Also Making Its Way Up Not Taking Shit Or Prisoners League Tables

Occupy protesters, taking aim at what they dubbed Wall Street West, were arrested after converging on Wells Fargo & Co.’s headquarters in San Francisco today in a bid to shut down the city’s Financial District. Demonstrators shouting “Give Us Our Money Back” and saying they wanted the bank to stop foreclosures chained themselves to entrances of the bank. Seven people were arrested, according to police Lieutenant Liam Frost. The arrests were made at the request of a Wells Fargo representative, Frost said. [BW, related]

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15 Responses to “Wells Fargo Also Making Its Way Up Not Taking Shit Or Prisoners League Tables”

  1. Wall St. Dude says:

    Occupy protester – you need to pay into the system to be in a position to demand money back. Judging from the time of week you've chosen (not on the weekend) to protest. I'd venture to say you're not. Or if you are (trust fund baby), you're probably paying something around…. IDK 15%?

  2. Nancy Pelosi says:

    How dare you arrest my darling occupiers! I'm bailing them all out, tripling Wells tax rate, an then I'll have those fun loving kids over to my office where I'll show those firm tanned occupiers what an upsparkle really is!

  3. Guest says:

    News flash to the OWS crowd: Wells Fargo is one of the good guys. They did not need a tax payers bailout and remember John Paulson's self requested CDO? He specifically asked that no WFC mortgages be includes since they were usually sound.

  4. Guest says:

    I don't know… maybe WFC should have taken them prisoner.

  5. Alan_Stanwyk says:

    So let me get this straight, if we screw up by making bad loans then we are at fault but if you screw up your own loan we are still at fault. This is what happens when everyone gets trophies in little league.

    • Buboe says:

      Actually what happened is you (we) screwed up, they (we) paid for it, and you (just you) won't own up to or acknowledge it.

  6. The Truth says:

    OWS NYC : OWS SF:: throwing paper airplanes : chaining yourself to entrance of bank

    • pazzo83 says:

      OWS SF : OWS Oakland :: chaining yourself to entrance of bank : robbing people as they come out of bank

  7. Indubitably says:

    Shouldn't Wells Fargo be the ones shouting "give us our money back"?

  8. Whoops says:

    Wouldn't this literally be taking prisoners though?

    -AIG FP Figurative Speech Quant.

  9. VonSloneker says:

    Oh ho the Wells Fargo paddy wagon's a-comin' the street,
    Oh please move these stinking hippies

    – The Cast of "Oklahoma"

  10. PermaGuestII says:

    Seems like Wells could use a few guys riding shotgun (literally) on their stagecoach.

  11. guest says:

    Liam Frost? How did the frontman for Radiohead end up with the SFPD?