Business Achievements Of “Indian Chief” Community Have Not Gone Unnoticed By Bill Gross

My point about pigskin offense and defense is the perfect metaphor for the world of investing as well. Offensively minded risk takers in the markets have historically been the ones who have dominated the headlines and won the hearts of that beautiful gal (or handsome guy). Aside from the rare examples of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, however, the secret to getting rich since the early 1980s has been to borrow someone else’s money, throw some Hail Mary passes and spike the ball in the end zone as if you had some particular genius that deserved monetary rewards 210 times more than a Doctor, Lawyer or an Indian Chief. Nah, I take that back about the Indian Chief. The Chiefs, at least, have done pretty well with casinos these past few decades. [PIMCO Investment Outlook]

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34 Responses to “Business Achievements Of “Indian Chief” Community Have Not Gone Unnoticed By Bill Gross”

  1. Rich says:

    it moved

  2. Mike_Mayo says:


  3. Chaz says:

    Bring on the Santorum bukkake!

  4. FB Guy says:

    Hey Bill, Go Deep!

  5. Double Windsor & Co. says:

    Someone seriously needs to direct Bill to

  6. PermaGuestII says:

    Who own the Chiefs?

    -Denis Lemieux

  7. Hey! says:

    I 'borrowed' someone else's money, when do I get to spike the ball?

    -J. Corzine

  8. investorcluzo says:

    someone needs to check his motives and issue a re-do…

  9. Cut Me says:

    If it were a good metaphor, then Phil would have an advantage
    -W. Falcone

  10. Whoops says:

    Yeah, doctors have it so bad. That's why they have the second highest representation in the top 1%, after non-finance executives. Without downside volatility for the most part too. How unfortunate for them.

  11. pazzo83 says:

    Well I forgot the words to the Hail Mary, so would another prayer work?

    – UBS Sports Metaphors Quant

  12. Nightstand Reporter says:

    What's on Bill Gross' nightstand
    Keys to the lock box containing the "Mega-Masturbator".
    El-Erian's palest blue veil.
    Pint of Albolene
    Bale of dollars from tip money un-delivered.
    Atomic Balm
    Group picture of the Castrati
    Whataburger Ketchup pack.
    Small medicinal paper cups.
    "White Noise" device set on "Counting Money"
    Halloween strobe light.
    Samurai hair clip
    Book: "Mysteries of the Prostate Gland"

  13. Glon Flarney says:

    Hey Bill, skeet skeet skeet!

  14. FKApmco says:

    Might I suggest
    We paid for all this food ourselves, so thanks for nothing God
    -Homer J Simpson

  15. oneoneone says:

    Bill, wait until you see the dance I have been practicing.

    T. Geithner

  16. guest says:

    Great News. Now thanks to Western Sky you can borrow money from an Indian chief. Sure the loans aren't cheap but federal and state laws and regulations don't apply!

  17. theirregulator says:

    The hand gestures say this is a well-reasoned and completely rationale analysis, but the eyes say I am batshit crazy.

  18. L.T. says:

    Thanks Bill. Which brings me to my next point, children: don't smoke crack.

  19. Guest says:

    Bill Gross looks like William Fichtner.