Drive Off Into The Sunset With Jon Corzine (‘s Old Car)

Want to feel close to Jon Corzine but can’t bring yourself to tell people you live in Hoboken? Rather than buying his NJ love shack, perhaps consider placing a bid on a ’87 Jaguar he supposedly once owned and is now on the eBay auction block.

According to the seller, the Jaguar XJS was used by JSC at his Hampton’s house and the lucky buyer will be getting not just a car but a piece of history in the form of a 1990 Goldman Sachs directory left behind containing the home phone numbers of numerous veteran partners who’d love to chat. Speaking of former Goldman employees, anyone interested would be wise to keep a close eye on the bidding (ending in less than three hours), lest David Tepper snap it up at the last second with the intent to drive it off a cliff.

1987 Jaguar XJS XJSCab V-12 [eBay via Dealbook]

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20 Responses to “Drive Off Into The Sunset With Jon Corzine (‘s Old Car)”

  1. Guest says:

    Is that Jon Corzine (the former governor of New Jersey) or John Corzine (the dentist)?

  2. Nervous Chartist says:

    Where's Matt? I hope no one "submitted a tip" to the FBI because of the Michael Douglas video that implicated our humble correspondent in some nefarious scheme to use some material non public information to aid in accurate price discovery for some unknowing company.

  3. theShizznitt says:

    Home phone numbers, the NKI of 1990. Wouldn't even make a StarTac vibrate.

  4. Female guest says:

    Tepper should buy it and have it compressed into either a boot scraper or a toilet bowl.

  5. PermaGuestII says:

    Nothing like that great mid-80's British engineering…

  6. guest says:

    bids: 0

  7. The Grand Marquis says:

    seat belts could be in excellent condition!

  8. sme says:

    check the glove box…

  9. Nailz6 says:

    I'd live in this.

  10. Bird watcher says:

    The listings beggining with P appear to have been defaced in some way however..

  11. lalallala says:

    Cruisin' around in John Corzine's car…

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