Goldman Employees May Only Have A Few Months Left To Enjoy The Lloyd Face / Get Used To The Gary Thigh

Lloyd Blankfein may step down as chief executive of Goldman Sachs as early as this summer; and president and chief operating officer Gary Cohn is the lead candidate to replace him, according to a Goldman executive and a source close to the firm. A Goldman spokesman declined to comment. To be sure, anything can happen over the course of the next few months and the departure of Blankfein, 57, is not certain. It is still up in the air whether Blankfein wants to step down. It would also not be unheard of for Blankfein to share the role of CEO, as so many others at Goldman have in the past. Former co-heads include John Weinberg and John Whitehead; Robert Rubin and Stephen Friedman; and Jon Corzine and Henry Paulson. … It seems increasingly certain that Gary Cohn would replace Blankfein. [Fortune, earlier, earlier]

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10 Responses to “Goldman Employees May Only Have A Few Months Left To Enjoy The Lloyd Face / Get Used To The Gary Thigh”

  1. Guest says:

    Lucas spreading gossip because he's bitchy he's being forced out.

  2. guest says:

    To a job well done!


  3. Jehovah says:

    Don't forget Lucifer and Ba'alzammon.

  4. joe says:

    Whatever I will believe when I see it

  5. Guest says:

    Tweet from Gasparino or it didn't happen.

  6. Oh no... says:

    God, this will only end in tears.

  7. MavsFan says:

    Matt, did you put together that survey? I clicked it expecting it to be at most 6 question –> gave up at 8 when the green bar showed I was only 10% of the way through

  8. Here's JOhnny says:

    You know what's very near the Thigh – the A$$hole! In this case, about 45,000 of them.

  9. sohbet says:

    Relative game comment sounds like pr straight from ir talking points to me written by an underpaid res associate rather than an honest opinion of what matters: will financing costs for banks rise and will corporates that have stronger ratings than the banks wake up and disintermediation