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Write-Offs: 02.09.12

$$$ Greeks clinch austerity deal, lenders skeptical

$$$ House Votes to Tighten Insider-Trading Ban for Congress [Bloomberg]

$$$ Whitney Tilson is up 12.6% YTD [ValueWalk]

$$$ Goldman Retained Almost All of Fed’s Mortgage Bonds [Bloomberg]

$$$ Ace sleuth debunks GS elevator Twitter feed [Big Picture]

$$$ Important announcement: We are aware of “the awful cover letter all of Wall Street is laughing about.” We wrote about it three days ago. Eight thousand of you have sent it to us since, which means you are not reading Dealbreaker carefully enough.

$$$ Lehman Sues Citi for $2.5 Billion Over Transfers [WSJ]

$$$ Dealpolitik: Filing by Illumina Highlights Complex Relationship With Goldman [Deal Journal]

$$$ How To Raise Capital: tweak the model [Alea]

$$$ Actual Wall Streeters Respond to Matchmaker’s Tips for Dating Them: “Hey girl! I hope you like Rolex watches and no eye contact during sex!” [Atlantic Wire]

$$$ How to Date a Wall Street Man (Continued): Coat yourself in dragon’s blood. Hang a shroud over every mirror in the palace. Research the latest wine-storage innovations and stare at the gathering clouds on the horizon. Fondle the unused cufflinks. Bring home something from the butcher that still appears animal. With this app you can track the compound interest on your savings in real time. Drown your suspicions with heavy doses of Pilates and rooftop gardening, and be thankful for everything you’ve achieved. [Jacobin]

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8 Responses to “Write-Offs: 02.09.12”

  1. Guests says:

    " …you are not reading Dealbreaker carefully enough."

    I already spend a majority of my workday on DB, how much more do you want from me? Why is everything I do never good enough for you!

    • Bugs says:

      Agreed, but I did notice that we had seen that letter already.

      Bess – as a matter of interest, what is the record for thumbs up/down? Is Guesticle clos at 188 (and probably counting)?

    • guestapo says:

      Personally I won't be happy until I'm in a completely co-dependent relationship with DB.

    • asdf says:

      Someone (Matt?) should do a chart comparing Bess's tenure at Dealbreaker to Wall Street profitability.

      I'm pretty sure there's a solid argument that a LOT of people of people are spending the majority of their workdays here. That mortgage stuff was really just statistical noise.

  2. .Bo says:

    Barry Ritholtz ("Why GSElevator Is a Fake" author) seems like a ton of fun to hang out with.

    • Bitchtern says:

      What's funny about that article is that the author thinks he has uncovered something. Apparently we need to have a talk about satire on the internet.

  3. whowhawhen says:

    How to raise capital: create your own metrics

    Groupon Accounting and Audit Committee

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