Let’s Help Greg Smith Name His Book

Earlier today, the Times reported that former Goldman Sachs employee Greg Smith– he of third place Maccabiah Games finishes and very public breakup letters fame–, along with his newly acquired agent (Paul Fedorko), have been making the rounds at various publishing houses for the last week, pitching a book CNBC’s Kate Kelly says may go for more than $1 million at auction.

It’s still in the early stages, though, and most likely untitled. As Greg, according to Kelly, “regards himself as friend of Wall Street,” let’s do him a solid and come up with some options. The tome is being pitched as a “coming-of-age story, the tale of someone who came into the business with good intentions and sky-high ideals that were ultimately pierced by Goldman’s obsessive focus on making money.” So far all we’ve got are “Why They Don’t Hug Anymore At Goldman Sachs,” “Sixth-Balling Your Clients— A Story Of Goldman Sachs,” and “Den of Thieves: Tripping Over Ethics And My Shoe-Laces At Goldman Sachs.” Surely you can do better.

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  1. Guest says:

    Smith & Wollensky

  2. Bandersnatch says:

    Moby Dickhead

  3. Im_a_Dude says:

    Good luck Mr. Fedorko

  4. Guest says:

    In the Elevator with God

  5. pazzo83 says:

    Through Alien Eyes

  6. Greg Smith says:

    From Maccabiah to Muppets: My Story

  7. pazzo83 says:

    A Confederacy of Muppets

  8. Guest says:

    The Muppets Take Manhattan

  9. Greg Smith says:

    Bronze is Better Than Gold: Third Place is for Winners

  10. bluenextbear. says:

    Twerkin' Em: the Chronicles of a Muppet Fucker

  11. Guest says:

    Jew Sports: Coming in third at banking and table tennis

  12. Mexi_Cant says:

    Lord of the Finance

  13. Texashedge says:

    Trimalchio in West Egg (Shaped-head)

  14. Kenny says:

    Are you there, Lloyd? It's me Greg.

  15. Peter Griffen says:

    Everybody Poops

    – That's concentrated evil coming out of your ass

  16. Guest says:

    Punching and Fucking

  17. Guest says:

    The Muppet Show

  18. Mitch says:

    Where are the Muppets Yachts?

  19. guest says:

    From Velcro to Laces: Learning to Tie My Shoes on WallStreet: The Greg Smith Story

  20. B2b MD says:

    Making Ms. Piggy Squeal; The life and times of a third rate employee and a first rate bank.

  21. derp says:


  22. Guest says:

    Pimp but no whore

  23. guessed says:

    The brotherhood of the traveling pants

  24. derp says:

    Liar's Ping-Pong

  25. Strong sell says:

    Too Bald to Fail

  26. Guest says:

    Liar's Ping Pong

  27. PermaGuestII says:

    The Swaps and The Fury

  28. Guest says:

    50 Shades of Greg

  29. I Tried says:

    From Stanford to Stamford: The never before told story of Greg "Gonzo" Smith

  30. Guest says:

    Nails: The Inside Story of an Amazin' Season

  31. Guest says:

    Tactics in Persuasion and Deceit: How I Convinced the NYTimes to Label Me a Goldman Executive and the Maccabi Games to Disqualify the Original Bronze Medalist

  32. GSElevator says:

    My Struggle

  33. Guest says:

    Muppet Games

  34. Matthew Lesko says:

    Burning Bridges for Dummies

  35. Clark Schultz says:

    As My Goldman Gently Weeps

  36. Bandersnatch says:

    Your Bonus Sir: Captain Renault Goes to Wall Street

  37. Guest says:

    Quitting Your Job for Dummies

  38. "Executive" says:

    Great Expectations (And What To Do When You're Stuck in a Career Rut)

  39. PermaGuestII says:

    The Trader in the Rye

  40. VandelayCapital says:

    A Muppet by Another Name: My Life as Sinead O'Connor

    (foreword by Chaz Bono)

  41. Guest says:

    I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

  42. Guesteeculos says:

    Lloyd Ate Your Cheese

  43. Y. Knots says:

    Investment Banking for Dummies (The story of a Bald Guy with a Crazy Eye)

  44. guest says:

    Step 1) Quit
    Step 2) Write scathing editorial on your former firm's ethics
    Step 3) Become famous
    Step 4) Get paid millions to write book on Wall Street greed
    Step 5) Bask in the irony

  45. A.Rand says:

    Lloyd Shrugged

  46. famewhore says:

    The Invisible Man (And How I Got Noticed)

  47. Sam Cassell says:

    E.T. Phones Home

  48. greggers says:


  49. Guest says:

    The Reveal of Wideclops

  50. guest says:

    From Trader to Traitor in 12 Easy Steps

  51. UBS MD says:

    Goldie sucks.. and how

  52. UBS MD says:

    Loving Bronze and hating Gold…

  53. PermaGuestII says:

    The Swaps of Kilimanjaro

  54. guest says:

    You Lookin' At Me? No, Seriously, I Can't Tell

  55. Guest says:


  56. The Broken Heart says:

    "It's Not Me, It's You"

  57. Mercury says:

    No Really, I'm Totally Not All About Money, Even Now

    by Greg Smith

  58. HungryIntern says:

    How I met G-d and destroyed my career.

  59. Guestzilla says:

    Hunger Games

    – UBS MD

  60. guest says:

    When Genealogy Failed

  61. Special K says:

    How to Lose Friends and Influence No One

  62. Guest says:

    Tickle me, Shlomo.

  63. Guest says:

    How to Lose a Job in Ten Days

  64. Guest says:

    "Greg Smith: The NKI"

  65. the zissou says:

    I am Sam (Cassell)

  66. Jim says:

    "West Street Meat" My Narrow escape from the Muppet grinder

  67. Kermit the Frog says:

    "The Great Muppet Caper" or "Muppets Taken by Manhattan"

  68. guesticles says:

    Half Full: A guide on how to look like tarsier and still achieve greatness

  69. blunty 420 says:

    will work for food (the book, in the end, will actually take the form of a cardboard sign)

  70. Cut Me says:

    I'm a Mongoloid, and so can you!

  71. Guest says:

    Muppets at the Gate: The Fall of Fraggle Rock

  72. scalingwalls says:

    I’m a dumbass

    – guy who likes things true and simple.

  73. Cut Me says:

    Goonies 2: Sloth's Travels

  74. guesticles says:

    Muppets in the Mist (by the Dude with an Uncanny Resemblance to a Teletubby)

  75. Loyd Blankfein says:

    "Confessions of cuntface"

  76. Guest says:

    If I Did It

  77. Guest says:

    Can Mr Smith Get to Managing Director Anymore?

  78. Guest says:

    The Big Shart

  79. The Richard says:

    Top Ticked: My 15 Minutes Are Up

  80. HAW says:

    The Masturbator and the Margarita

  81. HRM says:

    Martin Guzzleshit

  82. Mike says:

    I still fail to understand why Dealbreaker is joining in in the mass ridicule being thrown at this guy for doing quite a brave thing. I think the humour is long over, now you are just looking like another bunch of GS paid puppets dancing to their master's command.

  83. Guest says:

    Not Quite a Rhodes Scholar, Not Quite a Ping Pong Champion, and Not Quite a Goldman MD; The Proudest Moments of My Life

  84. we've crossed a line says:

    On the Chode

  85. Jim says:

    Boiler Room

  86. guest says:

    They are who they thought I am; ( with co author dennis green )

  87. ';[oh[ says:

    Schmuck (You), Pay Me

  88. lkj says:

    Confessions of a ping-pong superstar…and why I should have never mentioned ping-pong in my resignation letter

  89. Pdf says:

    Caveat Emptor and other radical new ideas

  90. Guest says:

    Hey Look Over Here!! (My attempt to grab attention or what I hear people say to me because I have bug eyes)


    No, I'm not the Guy From Sex and The City

  91. FKApmco says:

    Escape from the Muppet Masters: How I got the Goldman Slug off my Back

  92. wahoo says:

    GREGorian Chants Volume 1: The Lloyd and the Darkness

  93. PDF says:

    Goldman Sachs -We're immoral, but hey, at least we don't hire priests!

  94. FKApmco says:

    Greg Smith and The Holy Grail: My Quest to Find My Moral Compass

  95. Guest says:

    Sour Grapes

  96. College Loser says:

    30 Year Old Virgin

  97. Im_a_Dude says:

    How to wear a jacket with a Stanford T-shirt and still look cool.

  98. The Jerk says:

    Opti Grab
    (Opti for the Eyes and Grab because you Grab it)

  99. Indubitably says:

    Coming in Second to Asians: From MD to Ping Pong and Everything In Between

  100. guest says:

    Ping Pong With The Muppets

  101. Guest 1 says:

    Doing God's Work: My Life at Goldman Sachs by Greg Smith

  102. financialblathers says:

    Lazy Eyes and Muppet Lies

  103. guest says:

    A Towncar Named Desire

  104. Guest says:

    The Bald Swan

  105. Fab says:

    I know FAB!

  106. Guest says:

    Money and prestige but no hugs: Inside my personal hell at Goldman Sachs

  107. TheSilentFloor says:

    "Muppet's are people too"

  108. Hans Christian Taleb says:

    The White Swan and the Ugly Duckling, staring Natalie Portman and Greg Smith.

  109. Touch Base Later says:

    F you, f you, f you, you're cool, and f you, I'm out!

  110. Guestavo says:

    From Goldman to Bronze boy

  111. taser bro says:

    Butthurt and Bald 1: Riding the Bang Bus with OWS

  112. Ssssss says:

    How I left Hollywood behind and Made it on Wall Street

    – Marty Feldman Jr.

  113. Ivan says:

    The Ego and the Squid

  114. hmmm says:

    Who is GS?

  115. Merrill Lynch drone says:

    Wall Street 3: The rise of the idiots

  116. Mel G. says:

    Schindler's List

  117. Eric Swanson says:

    The Bald Eagle Has Landed

  118. eric swanson says:

    The Goldman Guide to Nambla

  119. Jon says:

    My Name is Greg Wideclops

  120. eric swanson says:

    The Age of Innocence – How I Lost it At Goldman
    Of Human Bondage – My Life at Goldman
    Invisible Man – Its Me Greg
    One Crashed Into the Cuckoo's Nest

  121. longpond says:

    Next Time I'll Keep My Thoughts to Myself

  122. Guest says:

    VP For Life!

  123. Germ says:

    I traded my testicles for a pair of Ping Pong balls and all I got was a lousy T-shirt.

  124. Michael Lewis says:

    His tell-all expose as a former Wall Street insider deserves only one name: "COPYCAT"

  125. Jon says:

    Paddled: How a Stalled Career Led to Moral Indignation

  126. Bitchtern says:

    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: How to overcome it a become a marginal player

    Note to Goldman HR: While I know recruiting for GS can't be that hard when you put this dude's mug in the recruitment video you're just broadcasting the fact you need more of a challenge. Seriously, last time I saw a face like that it was smashed up on my windshield.

  127. Guest says:

    Revenge of the Smith

  128. Muppet Defender says:

    Seven Habits of highly susceptible muppets

  129. guest says:

    The Conscience of The Man Inside Me

    – Greg Smith & Tobias Funke

  130. guesthouse says:

    Too Bald to Fail

  131. Johnny says:

    Resident Evil – GS from the inside

  132. Johnny says:

    Greed is not enough

    – overcharging your clients is not enough, you have to sell them shit too

  133. Guest says:

    Damn it son! I do believe you need some serious help.

    – Ivo Pitangui, Plastic Surgeon

  134. @frotuss says:

    Who Moved My Knish?: An Amazing Way Not to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life, Or Gollum's End

  135. booktosell says:

    Poking Liars

  136. Way Lost, Weigh Less: Helping Miss Piggy

  137. Phineas says:

    There's a muppet born every minute


    Never give a muppet an even break.

  138. Allan Idalen says:

    Bald so hard

  139. Bess Stalker 55 says:

    Bess Levin: The Hottest

  140. Alex says:

    The good, the bald and the muppets

  141. Guest says:

    Shoelaces: The over/under of my time on Wall Street.

  142. Ditka says:

    Why I need a vasectomy.

  143. Roquefort Ratty says:

    Phew. Honey Do You Smell Something?

  144. Soopy says:

    How To Train Your Muppet

  145. Hamburglar says:

    The Power of Blue Blazer and Elite College T-Shirt – An Experts Guide on Looking Sophisticated Yet Casual

  146. Guest says:

    Resign and Punishment

  147. Hamburger says:

    An Expert's Guide to Deepthroating

  148. Ex-Investment Banker says:

    Dharma and Greg

  149. GoldenEye says:

    Goldman Eye

  150. GoldenEye says:

    The Recruit

  151. Nina says:

    One And A Half Men

  152. Guest says:

    Liar's Broker
    David Peckerfield
    As I Lay Kvetching
    Extremely Bald And Incredibly Gross

  153. Homeless Guy says:

    Slimes and Unemployment – Gregorovich Smithetsky

  154. big juice says:

    My Book is worth more than your GS Bonus: The New 2%

  155. Veleno says:

    From zero to hero: how I left a lucrative job in investment banking to work the counter at Subway's.

  156. guest says:

    I got one…."Boom Goes my Career" or better known as "Flame on" by George Costanza, aka Greg Smith

  157. Byte21111 says:

    Gold, Man and Sacks: Not in that order.

  158. Dave says:

    Hug me I'm screwed!

  159. Rick says:

    The story of a radical left infiltrator

  160. guest says:

    Misplaced Pride and Prejudice.

  161. Guest says:

    I am from Mars and Venus

  162. Russian Doll says:

    Колобок (Kolobok)

    Irina Shayk

  163. josh1324324 says:

    The Big Short (Bald Guy)

  164. Raj and Bernie says:

    The Insider view

  165. Raj and Bernie says:

    Mein Kampf

  166. Guest of A Guest says:


  167. Fah-Q says:

    Festers Quest

    The Shill's Have Eyes

  168. Me again says:

    Viereinhalb Jahre (des Kampfes) gegen Luge, Dummheit und Feigheit

  169. On here too much says:

    Image he fathered a child with the MS HR Wideclopse……

  170. PMcNarmara says:

    The Joy of Sachs

  171. gczWjj Im thankful for the blog post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

  172. that thing all this, thanks for talking

  173. The Muppets not only take Manhatten…th ve taken my mind :-)

  174. shah says:

    great expectations…

  175. Don says:

    The invisible man..