Manhattan DA Onto Any Who Cleaned Himself Up In UES Whorehouse

Since being arrested nine days ago, accused madam Anna Gristina/Scotland has made a bunch of claims vis-à-vis charging people between $1000 and $2000/hour to be set up with hookers who bring other things to the table besides a hideously decorated fuck pad. 1) That a meeting with Morgan Stanley employee David Walker on the day of her arrest was not about expanding her brothel business on the internet (Anna maintains the duo was discussing financing for a “dating site to rival”) 2) That the apartment she rents on East 78th Street, which various escorts have already claimed to entertain customers in, is not a whorehouse and 3) That she will not give up any of the names of her clients, which allegedly include “wealthy, powerful politicians, top-law enforcement, lawyers, and bankers.” These statements likely came as a relief to anyone who spent time in Gristina’s Upper East Side headquarters but, unfortunately, things often change after a few nights spent on Riker’s Island. According to reports, Anna is “considering a plea bargain,” and, perhaps as alarmingly to the “plenty of people she had at Morgan Stanley,” et al, the DA  is examining who might have left some of his/her DNA behind at 304 East 78th Street.

Gristina, who was brought to court today in handcuffs, wore a silky, boat-necked black-and-white blouse, having ditched the black and white herringbone jacket she’d worn on her previous appearances. Her appearance came as The Post reported today that Manhattan DA investigators raided her 78th Street “brothel” and stripped it of what they consider to be vital evidence — hairbrushes and toothbrushes. “They could potentially be used for DNA testing, hair analysis to identify people who have been using that location,” Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Roper told a judge last month, according to court documents.

No word about scouring the place with a black light, though, so you might be okay.
Manhattan madam says she’s ready to ‘meet’ with prosecutors [NYP]
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14 Responses to “Manhattan DA Onto Any Who Cleaned Himself Up In UES Whorehouse”

  1. Im_a_Dude says:

    Not that I generally frequent the House of the Rising Son, but who the fuck would use a communal toothbrush there?

  2. Anglophile says:

    All they have to go on is hair and toothbrushes? The British Isles just heaved a collective sigh of relief…..

  3. Alt_EST says:

    So the DA is going to get who, exactly? The last guy who was there? Unless someone is using the used toothbrush provided by the madam, in which case excuse me while I dry heave under my desk.

  4. derp says:

    How many fleece fibers were collected?

  5. PermaGuestII says:

    What use is the DNA evidence going to be? Doubt the NYPD would be able to get a warrant to go start harvesting DNA samples from random Morgan Stanley employees– it's not like they're going to be charged with felony assault or something.

  6. whowhawhen says:

    God damnit, why does this keep happening to me?

    E. Spitzer

  7. Clarence Darrow says:

    Ed Hayes (superstar lawyer) commented how the story, as it is reported in the media, makes no sense. Something else (read: huge) is going on. Couldn't be a simple brothel operation-underlying crime has to be much bigger and they need her to turn on someone HUGE. I guess its a drugs/money laundering investigation that they are going to be able to get to through her. She will have to sing. I think the govt waited until they had her completely implicated on wiretaps/tapes.

  8. Jay says:

    78th Street Brothel & Wollensky

  9. Guest says:

    I only go to the UES because it is kosher.

    – Wilbur

  10. Guest says:

    ?……. so you're gonna blow your budget running DNA tests on toothbrushes to prosecute a victimless crime…?

    NYPD, you're better than this. Sack up. Move on. Pandering to the Post is for nubs.