Morgan Stanley Exec “Accidentally” Stabs Cab Driver After Difference Of Opinion Re: Fare

William Bryan Jennings is the co-head of North American fixed-income capital markets at Morgan Stanley, though his responsibilities have been passed onto a coworker for the time being until a particular matter is “resolved.” That matter would be a cab ride he took on the evening of December 22, which resulted in Jennings being charged with “second-degree assault, theft of services and second-degree intimidation based on race or bigotry.” At present, there are two conflicting stories about what happened.

According to the cabbie, Jennings was driven from Manhattan to his home in Darien, CT, at which point he refused to pay the $200 cab fare and instead began “threatening the driver and using racial slurs,” before intentionally stabbing the guy’s hand with a “pen knife” that he “uses for fishing.” According to Jennings’ lawyer, upon arriving at in Connecticut, WBJ, who colleagues have described as the “nicest guy you’ll meet,” was appalled to learn of the “exorbitant amount” the driver was charging (which WBJ claims had been upped to $300). After refusing to pay, the driver supposedly told Jennings he was “going to take him back to the city,” at which point Jennings pulled out the pen knife he had on him and “demanded to be let out of the car because he was fearful for his safety,” cutting the driver who WBJ “did not intend to hurt” after he put his hand through the dividing window. Jennings’ lawyer has 1) denied the racial slurs and 2) said it’s “mind-boggling” that his client was charged and not the other way around (though, according to reports, the driver called the police at 12:30am to report the incident, and Jennings never did).

As none of us were there at the time, we should refrain from speculating as to which half of the he said/he said is telling the truth. Though clearly there are a couple of important takeaways here, including but not limited to the fact that if one is going to snub the Metro North, one should expect to pay, figuratively but more so literally. Manhattan to Connecticut? We’ve had rides from the UWS to Midtown East cost upwards of $40. Let’s not do this dance.

Darien Man Charged With Hate Crime [Stamford Advocate]
Investment banker charged with hate crime in Conn. [AP]
Banker charged with cabby stabbing put on leave [NYP]

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221 Responses to “Morgan Stanley Exec “Accidentally” Stabs Cab Driver After Difference Of Opinion Re: Fare”

  1. sme says:

    sweet name…


  2. guest says:

    Are you sure they weren't arguing over evolution?

  3. Guesto says:

    Midtown East?

    Bess, I've come to respect you over the past few years. Please don't tell me that you're actually a Murray Hill girl.

    • BessLevin says:

      I would rather travel outer borough** than set foot in Murray Hill, which I’ve successfully avoided like the plague during my tenure in New York.

      Midtown East to me = mid-40s to 50s/, Park to Fifth.

      **As in, places that are in NYC but feel far away to my lazy self. Relax OB people, some of my best friends live outer borough!

      • PIerpont says:

        Yeah, when JP Morgan had his private library built he went low-class and put it in Murray Hill!
        All you bridge and tunnelers (Bess included) stay out of that neighborhood; none of you would know class and style if it was dropped on your head.
        Bess is too classy for the outer boroughs? Please!

        • BessLevin says:

          I'm not too good for outer borough, the point was I'd rather travel a great distance than a relatively close one to the land of Brother Jimmy's and Joshua Tree, which have never been my cup of tea. But I am enjoying the history lesson/vigorous defense of Murray Hill as thought I spoke ill of one of your family members so please do continue.

          • UBS 1st Year says:

            Wait wait wait, Murray Hill isn't cool??? What if I move to Park Slope!, then can we be friends!??!!?

          • guest says:

            Swing and a miss.

          • guest says:

            Couple thoughts about your comment:
            1. It's not an issue of Murray Hill not being "cool," its an issue of the biggest douchebags in the world congregating there.
            2. Needs more question marks, exclamation points.

          • Guest says:

            "It's not an issue of Murray Hill not being "cool," its an issue of the biggest douchebags in the world congregating there."

            – – – – – –

            Isn't New York as a whole a congregation of douchebags? Other than that, no concerns.


            The rest on the America

          • Cut Me says:

            What's up with dat?!?

            -New Jersey

          • New York says:

            Thanks. Stay where you are.

          • guesties says:

            Maybe he's a descendent of JPM and you struck a nerve.

        • guest says:

          "none of you would know class and style if it was dropped on your head. "

          I don't know if you meant this to sound like it was written by Charlie Gasparino or if it was unintentional but regardless, LOL.

        • guest says:

          "stay out of that neighborhood"

          My stomach hurts from laughing so hard. Thank you.

        • PermaGuestII says:

          You do realize that he put it there because it was next to his house, right?

          You also realize that the neighborhood has changed a tad since 1906?

      • C. Gasparino says:

        Murray Hill is a friend of mine. Nice fuckin' guy.

      • Bitchtern says:

        [youtube hCuMWrfXG4E&ob=av3e youtube]

  4. theShizznitt says:

    He better hope his lawyer is good. Otherwise, there will be a lot more 'stabbing in his future.

  5. Guestest says:

    Please, just call me BJ.
    I am after all "the nicest guy you'll meet"

    – WBJ

  6. guest says:

    Should have just given him 6 ounces of silver and called it a day.

    ~William Jennings Bryan

  7. Lloyd Christmas says:

    Lock this guy up and throw away the key!

  8. guest says:


  9. Guest says:

    Who's the lucky 24yr old in Murray Hill, Bess? Worth the $40?

  10. B.E. Ellis says:

    Christian Bale just landed a new gig with the FBI P.R. folks.

  11. Guest says:

    Driving a complete stranger through the woods in the middle of the night? What did the cabbie think was going to happen?

  12. pazzo83 says:

    Bill, there are better ways to handle unsatisfactory service. I recommend the negative tipping approach.

    – B Gross

    • Guest says:

      That's why you're a vag, Gross. Real men not only using their tip, but the whole shaft.


  13. Guest says:

    My heart bleeds for Billy!

    – Guy formerly known as the other "Co-Head", but now thinking he will be known as Head.

  14. guest says:

    Attempting to kill your cabby, the NKI?

  15. 1984 says:

    Sickening example of unconstitutional thought police.

    If he stabbed him charge him with a crime. Period.

  16. Guest says:

    Talk about a clawback…

  17. Guest says:

    Well, stabby does rhyme with cabby.

    just sayin

  18. firstlawofnature says:

    I prefer cabs on the way home. Much more difficult getting those train conductors fired for crappy service.

    – Mitt

  19. investorcluzo says:

    You people are missing the bigger issue here – had Mr. Gorman not changed the expense policy, Mr. Jennings would have been able to use the car service and this never would have happened. I blame OWS.

  20. prc says:

    This is what happens when the banks reduce car service to its employees.

  21. pazzo83 says:

    Why not utilize our city's great Canal St-centric transportation services?? If you can deal with frequent erratic driving and occasionally not arriving alive and/or in one piece, it is a great alternative.

  22. Lord Jeff says:

    Bess, you neglected the most important part – the guy's a Williams grad, a dirty Eph.

    • Guest says:

      Go eph yourself

    • Williams grad here. Yeah, that one's on us. Our distinguished alums include this guy, a U.S. president who got shot immediately, and that crazy girl on American Idol.

      You Amherst jerks think you're so special for having that horrible woman from Julie and Julia as an alum. Not to mention the father of frozen food.

  23. bluehorseshoe says:

    in soviet russia, cab driver stabs you.

  24. Voice of Experience says:

    Wow, bonus season at CS must have been rough if dept heads can't afford the Charge-And-Rides anymore.

    • theShizznitt says:

      I agree. Bonuses must have been really bad at Credit Suisse if a Morgan Stanley MD can't afford a Charge and Ride.

  25. Voice of Experience says:

    Bonus season at Credit Suisse must have been rough if dept heads can no longer afford the Charge-and-Rides.

  26. DingALing says:

    $300?! That's a half months pay!

    -UBS MD

  27. guest says:

    any number of his brokers would've gladly arranged a car service for him – and doesn't he have a guy he can call like everyone else?? how pedestrian of him to yellow cab it

    • L. Neathway says:

      Brian Cashman always told me that cabs were much higher-class than a car service.

  28. Mr McKnuckles says:

    Gawker headline:
    Cabby grabby, banker stabby

  29. Dick says:

    What about Rape, Hate crimes, Racism, and Sexual Assault certainly a good lawyer can make anything stick considering the use of a pen pointed the drivers way?

  30. Kirk says:

    It will cost him 10 times that per hour hiring a defense!

  31. BB Esq.. says:

    Did the Driver get whiplash?

  32. Bambi says:

    Is that his mug shot?

  33. Tammy says:

    Son of Sam, nicest guy you ever met.

  34. Lewis says:

    No matter what put in the complaint racial slurs its good for an extra mil

  35. Josh says:

    Oh shit the Rev Al is outside my window in Greenwich!!! Cha Ching!

  36. Dahriaanite says:

    I'm surprised they even let a NYC Cab onto the roads of Darien.

    • guest says:

      My thoughts exactly. And even if it somehow got through, why weren’t the Darien police on hand to enforce the “no dark tan” policy? Scary to think we will have to go back to taking matters into our own hands.
      –CC of Darien member now armed with shrimp fork

    • Janet says:

      Evidently Darien was becoming too tolerant for him, because he and his wife Janice spent $3.5 million on a Nantucket property 13 months ago.

  37. breadline_banker says:

    “did not intend to hurt” with a “pen knife” that he “uses for fishing.”

    those fish sure are lucky that the pen knife doesn’t hurt.

  38. Guest says:

    But seriously, what is the co-head of N. American Fixed-Income Capital Markets doing haggling about the cost of a cab? Act like it's pennies.

  39. Hermon Raju says:

    But did he use "Do you know how well-educated I am?" I love that line.

    — Hermon Raju, BNP Paribas intern

  40. Guest says:

    Always with the three names.

    – Guy with no middle name

  41. ReadingComprehension says:

    I think you missed his . . . um, you s he was pointing out . . . uh


  42. deal_mkr says:

    Hopefully he will be perform the stand this time than during that Monkey trial fiasco

    – History Major excited to finally have the opportunity to apply his degree post-college and act smugly superior towards people who don't get the joke

    • deal_mkr says:

      – Also bitter at his career prospects and therefore blind drunk at 4:30 in the afternoon

  43. deal_mkr says:

    Sharing a name with a significant historical figure also led me to do some crazy stuff while drunk

    – George W. Bush & the extended Kennedy family

  44. Tankercar says:

    Aryan from Darien ??

  45. The Summer Wind says:

    True story —– Frank Sinatra was known as a big tipper. In his later years he was in NYC for a big show and was spending some free time taking cabs around town and enjoying bantering with the drivers. After one particularly entertaing cab ride, Sinatra asked the driver, "What's the biggest tip you ever got?" Cabbie smiled and said, "Fifty bucks."

    Sinatra handed him a hundred dollar bill and said, "So, who gave you the $50?"

    Cabbie replied, "Long ago It was from you, Mr. Sinatra…"


  46. Rodney Rothschild says:

    Oh yeah, and cabbies? Lemme tell ya, in my neighborhood the cabbies were tough. Tough I tell you. When they took you home they stabbed you goodnight! It's brutal I tell ya. Yeah, and investment bankers? In my neighborhood, investment bankers were mean, mean I tell ya. How mean? When a banker was found with his "fingers in the cookie jar" there would soon be his real fingers in the cookie jar!! Morgan Stanley's in the news. They're tough, TOUGH I tell ya. When they do an M&A deal and a "tombstone" is in the Journal, it's a REAL TOMBSTONE! Hey! bankers never die….they just lose interest!! The trouble with banker jokes is that bankers don't think they're funny and non-bankers don't think they're jokes!!

  47. Guest says:

    Hopefully this is an isolated incident, or soon cabbies will be afraid to pick up white males in Manhattan.

  48. Guest says:

    Don't worry, you can always have a job at our shop.

    -UBS MD

  49. Guest w Butter Knife says:

    Word of warning to all. I sometimes feel appalled by the exorbitant number of thumbs downs I receive.

  50. Guest says:

    Dude's head not right. Should have been carrying a taser instead of a pen knife.

  51. Guest says:

    The employee should be commended, not put on leave. In times of cost-cutting, it seems he was thinking of keeping costs reasonable for the firm's expense account.

  52. Guest says:

    It makes your skin crawl to be around certain folks? Come to my "little shop" and you will feel at home


  53. GuestWS says:

    Looks like Mr. Jennings is having his Sherman McCoy moment. He played right into the stereotype of an arrogant banker who never has to pay his own cab fare and thinks he is above the law. His claim of "self defense" falls flat given he stabbed the cabbie with his pen knife (wonder how he gets through security at MS every day with knife in his pocket) and did not report the altercation to the Darien police.

  54. zon says:

    What a Dad.

  55. nachocheese says:

    any idea what the numbers look like for first year stabbed cabbies??????

  56. roger says:

    After getting cheated by 2 cabbies this week (NOT in NYC), I feel for the passenger. It's not the's the attempt by some religious garbed yet ethicless f* to try and pull a fast one. Sorry man..not happening. I settled in a more civil way..2 complains to the TLC, one refund. One to go.

  57. Guest says:

    He accidentally stabbed the cabbie in the hand, but was purposely going for the neck. tsk tsk.

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