Write-Offs: 03.01.12

$$$ Eurozone delays Athens rescue funds [FT]

$$$ Loans to Banks Cool Debt Crisis [WSJ]

$$$ European Leaders Challenged by Rise in Joblessness [NYT]

$$$ An explanation of that Barclays tax trade, with cartoons [FTAV]

$$$ Sofa King can no longer advertise prices that are “Sofa King low” in the UK [Language Log]

$$$ Mitt Romney has worn a garbage bag for rain gear [WaPo]

$$$ Fed’s Dilemma: Markets Want Both Growth—And Stimulus [CNBC]

$$$ Facebook seeking bigger credit line [Reuters]

$$$ “Unlike other types of complex financial transactions, insider trading prosecutions usually do not require jurors to develop sophisticated knowledge of the financial markets or securities valuation. There is not a statutory definition establishing its parameters, so it can be applied to a wide variety of transactions, and the crime does not have complicated requirements for proving a violation.” So … prosecutors like insider trading cases because there’s no law telling people what’s illegal, it’s easy to get a conviction, and jurors don’t have to know much to convict. [DealBook]

$$$ Oprah’s Book Club makes people read less [MR]

$$$ The personal assistant of Paris Hilton’s sister’s hedge funder ex-husband Todd Meister was maybe dating him while she was stealing $1mm from him, or something like that [NYP]

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3 Responses to “Write-Offs: 03.01.12”

  1. ReaganLaw says:

    "Fed’s Dilemma: Markets Want Both Growth—And Stimulus"

    -Man with similar 'Dilemma.'

  2. Ld6kQj Major thankies for the article post.Really thank you! Fantastic.