Bloomberg: Everyone Sleeps At The Office

Are you just waking up from a nap, perhaps your second of the day? Did you take it under your desk, curled up on the conference room floor, or in a bathroom stall? If the idea of regularly catching a few winks at your place of work strikes you as a fireable offense, relax: apparently everyone is doing it, says Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Yes, from the people who brought you “90 percent of Wall Street does calisthenics in the middle of the trading floor,” comes “Sleeping On The Job? Good! Overachievers Do.” According to BBW, not just some but “many Wall Street types use power-napping to make up for lost sleep,” at the office. Where, specifically, do these naps take place? Wherever looks comfy and you can fit a pillow and an eye mask if overhead lights are an issue. Got some colleagues who haven’t received the memo and continue to rudely pound the keyboard as though they don’t know you’re trying to get some sleep here? One woman recommends “heading out to the car to recharge.” Break into one if you don’t drive to work. No one will mind. Everyone’s been there.

Sleepy Bankers Take Secret Naps [Bloomberg]
Sleeping on the Job? Good! Overachievers Do [BusinessWeek]
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24 Responses to “Bloomberg: Everyone Sleeps At The Office”

  1. AIG Quant via LEH says:

    When I'm on the job the hot chics don't get a chance to power nap.

    Mike B

  2. TheDelusionist says:

    I commute from the UWS and park my car on William and Pine every day. When things get crazy I just take the elevator down, walk past the scaffolding, jackhammers and cop cars to my car and recharge.

    – Guy who thinks going to the car to recharge is feasible in Manhattan

  3. Guest says:

    Hate waking up to those loud farts in the bathroom stall.

  4. guest says:

    Yes, power naps or adderall…

  5. Lowly Assistant says:

    During lunch, I walked to the corner of MacDougal and Minetta Ln., punched a pedi-cab driver in the neck, and took a snooze in the carriage.

  6. guest says:

    What'd I miss?

    – Lehman Quant

  7. value added says:

    UBS Sucks

  8. Guest says:

    Just the idea of "office", "sleeping" and the Bloomberg girls is making it move…

  9. Guest says:


    -GS High Flying 3rd year Analyst

  10. Mandy Drury says:

    And bloomberg tv wonders why they dont make a profit with their muppet commentators

  11. inlovewithpmco says:

    I power nap only so I can dream of PMCO

  12. THEBro says:

    We're just blowing through nap time….

    -Buster Bluth

  13. G. Gekko says:

    Lunch is for wimps (bathroom naps are for champs)

  14. HFguy says:

    I power nap on the bossoms of any HR I can find.

  15. Guestest says:

    The office is just an extension of one's home…

  16. Michelle says:

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