I will sell this house today

Sleep Where Vikram Pandit Hath Slept

Bloomberg reports that Uncle Vik has put his 6-bedroom, 6-bath Greenwich, CT weekend house on the market and while experts are skeptical he’ll get the $4.3 million asking price, perhaps someone will consider throwing him a bone. Citi shareholders have screwed him yet again and he could use the cash. No zen garden to speak of (cruel world) but there are “rolling grounds” and a lagoon-like pool. Make him an offer.

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52 Responses to “Sleep Where Vikram Pandit Hath Slept”

  1. Squatter says:

    Occupy Pandit's house

  2. Guest says:

    Why hasn't he been foreclosed on? How can he live there and only make $1 a year!

    – Outraged OWS Comp Quant

  3. Al Czervik says:

    Do I make the check out to him or Al-Waleed?

  4. gab says:

    Is that a two-car garage?

  5. inlovewithpmco says:

    Forget Pandit, I want to sleep where PMCO sleeps

  6. dumb says:

    6-bedroom, 6-bath Greenwich, CT vacation house is slumming it…

  7. Vineyard Snob says:

    What kind of a douche has a "vacation house" in Greenwich.

  8. guest says:

    It is not a vacation home if it is where successful people normally live. Instead, a vacation home is where the native demographic is significantly poorer than these so called "vacationers," thus allowing for economic/social tension to emerge despite the fact that these peasants rely on these individuals for their annual income and these individuals rely on these peasants for labor/services.

    – Guy who is planning to write a book about it

  9. HAM05 says:

    place reeks of chaat masala and tears

  10. Preston Hollow says:

    $4.3mm in Texas makes that a guest house on 5 acres, with a 12k sq/ft wife and a Lexis in the driveway.

  11. Carl S. says:

    So is it a pool or a lagoon? Details are important.

  12. Sleeper says:

    That's a helluva big wife.

  13. guest says:

    Pandit? You can have my answer now, if you like. My final offer is this: nothing. Not even the fee for the gaming license, which I would appreciate if you would put up personally.

    -Someone who like to quote from the Godfather

  14. Seamus says:

    I hold down the fort while Vik is in the city.