Write-Offs: 04.05.12

$$$ Facebook to List on Nasdaq [WSJ]

$$$ Egan-Jones Cuts US Credit Rating to ‘AA,’ Citing Debt [CNBC]

$$$ Swiss Are Tested on Franc [WSJ]

$$$ Jefferies Ends First Quarter With Short Position on Spain [Bloomberg]

$$$ ABS shows Greek bonds can pay par [IFR]

$$$ Hyenas Give Up Scavenging For Lent [LiveScience via The Hairpin, related?]

$$$ Like the NYSE, we’ll be off tomorrow. Enjoy the long weekend and we’ll see you Monday.

$$$ Jobs News Could Be So Good That It’s Bad. Or vice versa? [WSJ]

$$$ Architect of Fed’s ‘Operation Twist’ quits [FT]

$$$ Kozlowski Is Turned Down for Parole [DealBook]

$$$ The Vulcan/Martin Marietta takeover fight is pretty nasty [Dealpolitik]

$$$ Why You Should Learn to Love Pink Slime [The Atlantic / Adam Ozimek]

$$$ Beer is not the main cause of the the beer belly [Guardian]

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3 Responses to “Write-Offs: 04.05.12”

  1. one says:

    So, anyone read any good books lately?

  2. Rat Tail That Towel says:

    I can identify with this jesus guy.

    -Charlie Gasparino

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