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Write-Offs: 04.12.12

$$$ Goldman settles over ‘huddles’ [FT]

$$$ Keeping Busy, Mack Joins a New Board [DealBook]

$$$ Judge: BofA CEO Must Testify in MBIA Case [WSJ]

$$$ Resistance Is Futile: Why Facebook Acquisitions Tend to Actually Work [PandoDaily]

$$$ We chose to enter a fraternity, and we had fun while doing it. Our experience was almost like performance art. We weren’t pledges; we were “pledges.” It wasn’t hazing; it was “hazing.” We took the antics of frat life to such an extreme as to make them camp. At an elite college that costs $50,000 a year, we had voluntarily joined an organization in which we were asked to sit around a basement drinking beer until we vomited, all the while being able to quit at any time. Anything so ridiculous could only be a joke. [NYDN]

$$$ US Needs to ‘Build Huge Banks,’ Not Break Them Up: Bove [CNBC]

$$$ Deutsche Bank seeks revamp [FT]

$$$ “We hardly knew ye, GSTrUE.” [DealBook]

$$$ The Subversive Charm of Day Drinking [NYTM, related?]

$$$ Apparently there will be professional ultimate frisbee [Slate]