Area Man Claiming “Diplomatic Immunity And Millions In The Bank” Tries To Stiff Wall Street North Institution

A man who claimed to have diplomatic immunity and millions in the bank vowed that the White House would be calling Stamford police with a reprimand Tuesday after he was arrested for trying to skip out on a near $500 Richmond Hill strip joint bill, police said. The man, Eddy Morales, 39, of Weathersfield, was held on $230,000 bond after police discovered that he had nine warrants for his arrest because he failed to appear for numerous court dates in several jurisdictions in the state, police said. Morales was additionally charged with sixth-degree larceny after he was unable to raise any money from family or friends to pay his $467 bill at Beamers Cafe strip club Monday night. The manager told police Morales showed up with several other men at 8 p.m. and said he was entertaining some business associates and wanted to start a tab. After the champagne and lap dances flowed for hours, Morales went to pay his bill and was turned down by the credit card company, police said. At that point, Morales told the manager that he and his family were worth millions and he was welcome to call police in the matter…Morales was arrested and while in his cell told officers that his family was worth a half billion dollars and the White House would be calling with a sharp reprimand, police said. The White House call never came. [Stamford Advocate, earlier]

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22 Responses to “Area Man Claiming “Diplomatic Immunity And Millions In The Bank” Tries To Stiff Wall Street North Institution”

  1. .Bo says:

    Is Obama intentionally trying to lose the Latino vote?

  2. 2_Small_2_Bail says:

    Rock Bottom: When you can't find anyone in your family or friend circle to loan you $500 to pay your stripper bill so you don't have to go to jail.

  3. guest says:


    • guest says:

      You're not very bright are you?

      • guest says:

        What, you're waiting for Obama to confirm the story? I'll bet 500 bucks he doesn't call

        • guest says:

          What? My comment was in reference to the bizarre statement that the above story, printed in the Stamford Advocate based on police filings, was fake. Get it now, bud?

  4. BS MD says:

    Wall Street NOT
    the BS corridor

    • J Coorz says:


    • guest says:

      Calling CT Wall Street North
      Where actually
      a shit ton of hedge funds
      as in real money
      are located
      was a joke
      thought it could be
      legitimately called that
      You dumb

  5. Guest says:

    hours of lap dances and champagne > paying $500 < bunking with Bernie for 6 months

    • BS MD says:

      You;d be lucky not to get mugged outside of beamers…what a crappy town Stamford is.

  6. BS Quant says:

    He's getting a break – 6th degree is for $250 or less:

  7. chibwack says:

    Hours of lap dances and champagne for $500? I know where my next vacations gonna be.

  8. Im_a_Dude says:

    couldn't have happened to a nicer strip club

  9. mr. blonde says:

    Yeah – Didn't he tell you that the phone in the limo was busted? What are you, ignorant?

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