BusinessWeek: Most Companies Have A Pretty Lax Policy Re: Destruction Of Private Property, Actually

On Monday night, New York Knicks power forward and fashion-world darling Amar’e Stoudemire made a mess of the visiting team’s locker room in Miami. Following the Knicks’ defeat, Stoudemire punched through the glass encasement of a fire extinguisher. His hand suffered lacerations and he left the arena with his arm in a sling. He issued a perfunctory apology via Twitter, but the damage was done: After hand surgery he missed game three of the series and remains doubtful for game four. The Knicks organization, thus far, has issued no suspensions or fines. Let’s say a regular corporate worker had acted in a similar fashion—and essentially attacked his or her office building in an emotional outburst. He or she would be fired on the spot, right? Well, not so fast…“Most companies have policies that deal specifically with violence,” says Patricia Mathews, founder of Workplace Solution Pros, a human resources consultancy. “First of all, the employee would be sent out for a drug and alcohol test.” If the employee wasn’t revealed to be under the influence and didn’t have a history of violent behavior, there’s still a chance he or she would keep his or her job, according to Mathews. [BusinessWeek]

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10 Responses to “BusinessWeek: Most Companies Have A Pretty Lax Policy Re: Destruction Of Private Property, Actually”

  1. S. Notgonnaworkhere says:

    So destroying a fax machine while blasting Ghetto Boys isn't a fireable offense?

  2. Guest says:

    What's the policy on destroying the contents in a co-worker's water bottle?

  3. CoveredLong says:

    Violent emotional outbursts are definitely a pretty lax policy, bro.

    -George W. Huguely V

  4. Nevermind says:

    I'm a phone slammer shouter. I think I've been mocked on here, but no less that is me.

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