Yahoo! RésuméGate: Day 6

Patti S. Hart, the Yahoo director who headed the board search committee that picked Scott Thompson as the company’s chief executive, will not stand for re-election, a person briefed on the matter told DealBook on Tuesday. Ms. Hart’s departure, which could be announced as soon as Tuesday afternoon, is the first significant response by Yahoo amid the growing controversy over Mr. Thompson’s academic record. The company is also expected to formally announce later on Tuesday the formation of a three-member board committee to investigate Mr. Thompson’s hiring and how erroneous academic information appeared in official company documents…Before last Thursday, Mr. Thompson’s biography said he had earned both accounting and computer science degrees from Stonehill College in Massachusetts. After prodding by the hedge fund Third Point last week, Yahoo conceded that Mr. Thompson had earned only an accounting degree. Ms. Hart’s biographical information also misstated her academic credentials, saying she had a degree in marketing and economics when it was in business administration. [Dealbook, earlier]

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58 Responses to “Yahoo! RésuméGate: Day 6”

  1. Ice Man says:

    I'd like to submit my resume. I hold an MBA from Princeton.

  2. Strong sell says:

    Finally some accountability. We simply cannot have people working at Yahoo that don't even bother to check the resumes of incoming CEOs. We have taken care of the problem and are moving forward.

    -Scott Thompson

  3. Dan Loeb says:

    This is what you get when you hire a CEO from

  4. davidrusso says:

    In all fairness, the hiring committee was probably forced to use Yahoo to do the background search, so….

  5. ANo Nymous says:

    Obama claimed his undergraduate diploma was in "Political Science and International Relations" (NY Times October 30 2007, Janny Scott) and elsewhere said it was in "national security" when COlumbia only has an undergraduate department in Political Science. In Thomson's day, computer courses were taught by statistics, electronics, accounting and toher departments. But which liberal media would challenge the professulas who invented Obama so they can continue to rape the taxpayer with their grants? The real JOKER is Gengis Icahn who tore down Yahoo to elevate the Big Brother Gog Google. Yahoo had Briefcase long before anyone dreamed of clouds but he shut it down. Yahoo Shopping and Wallet were decimated because the competed with Ebay and Paypal. Even the sophisticated boolean language of AltaVista was destroyed so we all depend on Google's hidden deal which let trial lawyers give you false science so you can hire them.

  6. guest says:

    So much for the belief that the board has no hart.

  7. Guest says:

    Hey bess- how much much is yoga fag Loeb paying you to post these stories and delete Loeb insults from the comment section?

  8. guest says:

    More like Resumegate: gay 6

  9. larwal says:

    was there a search firm involved

  10. GeezerOilTrader says:

    I was trimming the hair around my nipples this morning and it dawned on me that fucking accountants are ruining the goddamn energy trading business!! Let me give you young energy trading fucksticks a bit of advice: Never scratch your nuts after eating 5 lbs of boiled crawfish and don't make fun of the ugliest person on the trading floor because one of your accountants is probably fucking him/her. That goes for the fucking CFOs too. That shitstorm at Yahoo! about an accountant puffing up his fucking resume speaks volumes about the dickheads in the accounting business!!! Two words: EN-fucking-RON!! Case fucking closed!!! It amazes me that energy companies employ whole fucking rooms of number fucking crunchers, chain smoking, sweaty yellow-pit stained motherfuckers who fantasize about fucking you on your Final Four selections –they run that book, right??-when they're not trying to shove one time income into "continuing fucking operations". And fuck all that EBITDA bullshit too!!! You don't have to have a PhD in astrophysical-accounting to lose the cost of capital off the books!! Fuckers sit there and bulldoze numbers all over a spreadsheet and when you ask them about it they tremble like a motorized Chinese dildo with a bad internal gyroscope. Assholes!! And you fucking investment bankers ain't helping us one bit!! Yeah, buddy, when you went around those of us in the energy trenches and convinced our industry's accountant/ CFO's that they should do all the forward hedging– not us—oh that worked out well didn't it. Hey dipshits! The phrase "non-cash loss" didn't show up on the hedging books until that fucking magic happened, did it? Goddammit, I have drunk an OCEAN of whisky and still probably have a half pound of fucking "body glitter" imbedded in me from all the lap dances I had to do to get end-users and producers to do deals with us and the fucking thanks I get is to let puffed up accountants do the fucking hedging?? The next business card I get from a fucking bank originator will be used to fold up and stick in my 8 track so it won't skip while playing the BeeGees Greatest Hits when I'm on the way home from the Gold Cup early some morning.

  11. Energy SEC Reporting says:

    Actually, it only hits your income statement when it doesn't qualify for hedge accounting. And as for EBITDA, that's a non-GAAP term that all the equity ANALysts like to see – so don't blame me for that one. But other than that, I have no problems. Sidebar – do you really prefer the Gold Cup over The Men's Club?

  12. S. Schmidt says:

    Don't worry Ms. Hart, it can happen to anyone

    -Chair of Sarah Palin vetting committee '08

  13. YahooHR says:

    Lying on your resume to get a board member sacked is the NKI.

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