Vanilla Ice: The Housing Market “Is Better Than Ever”

Been getting your faced ripped off lately? Can’t come up with a good idea to save your life? Why not stop what you’re doing an doing and start flipping houses? Vanilla Ice has been doing so for the last fifteen years and says it’s not only really fun but super lucrative as well. Now an expert, he stopped by CNBC today to talk shop and share a little business wisdom.

Herewith, Ice’s tips for success (which can really be applied no matter your situation):

* Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery
* Take it day by day
* Know your markets
* Know your locations (“people like places that come with a lot of Feng shui”)
* Backyards are important (“That’s why I put Tiki huts out there with a lazy river”)

Vanilla Ice On Fixing Houses [CNBC]

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18 Responses to “Vanilla Ice: The Housing Market “Is Better Than Ever””

  1. Guest says:

    1) Stop
    2) Collaborate
    3) Listen
    4) ??
    5) Profit

  2. Guestest says:

    What bubble?
    – Warren Buffet, albeit for tech/internet

  3. Guest says:

    Didn't I see him once while I was in hs in some sort of super tricked out car that would sell when the bidding ended today for $50?

  4. Drunk Disappointment says:

    Saw him perform at a club in London. He came out super late and was only on for 30 minutes until people started moshing "too violently". He promised to come do Jager shots with everyone after, but it never happened…

  5. Suge says:

    Can I get a free house if I threaten to throw him off the balcony again?

  6. Ax to Grind says:

    "Word to your mother"—–Vanilla Ice

  7. guest says:

    flipping is "ice ice baby"

  8. Ice Man says:

    Hey Houses,

    ditch the zero's and get with the hero.

  9. Tanker2Banker says:

    CNBC – "Vanilla Ice has buys and sells homes mainly in Florida" Really?

    I was going to make fun of the Ice Man, but with a tag line like that, I think it's simply another indictment of our education system that this guy continues to has buys and sells homes that are mainly in Florida.

  10. guest says:

    If rhyme was a house, I'd sell it by the square foot

  11. rab says:


  12. power to him says:

    as much as people clown him, dude made it big twice in two different games, is loaded, and prob still gets laid from being vanilla ice years ago.

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