SEC: Phil Falcone Has A Lot Of Wisdom To Impart, Re: How To Be A Fraud

“Today’s charges read like the final exam in a graduate school course in how to operate a hedge fund unlawfully,” Robert Khuzami, director of the S.E.C.’s division of enforcement, said in a statement. “Clients and market participants alike were victimized as Falcone unscrupulously used fund assets to pay his personal taxes, manipulated the market for certain bonds, favored some clients at the expense of others, and violated trading rules intended to prohibit manipulative short sales.” [Dealbook]

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19 Responses to “SEC: Phil Falcone Has A Lot Of Wisdom To Impart, Re: How To Be A Fraud”

  1. Guestosaurus says:

    Yep, the force is strong in that one.
    B madoff

  2. Guest says:

    That's gonna leave a mark.

  3. guest says:

    It's true!

    – Kaplan Professor of Unlawful Hedge Fund Operations

  4. J. Cramer says:

    He's gonna be fine, this is totally a misunderstanding!

  5. The Sword says:

    Wilbur gets a dick in the ass tonight!

  6. Wilbur says:

    PF: Come on, I did all of these only because Wilbur told me so. He should be the one on the defendant.

  7. InfiniteGuest says:

    I shudder to think what the Level III exam charges would look like.

  8. DingALing says:

    It's either his returns or the SEC, either way, Falcone is fucked

  9. guest says:

    Why are there so many posts on falcone while also calling him pig i.e. swine? This site is run by two jews…I can’t help but think you are motivated to bring down a non jew on wall st. Your people aren’t content with just controlling the perverts in hollywood and the media you want all gentiles out of finance too. Anything to further your zionist agenda huh? we all know the jews forced the governments hand to shut falcone down

  10. Lisa F. says:

    Actually, unless the situations vis a vis both of those rectify themselves, no, he isn't

  11. Palmolive Rep says:

    Am I the only one who notices his dish-pan hands?

  12. Richard Head says:

    After years of banging Lisa up the ass, Phil is gonna get a reach around from Bubba

  13. Lol. It's all very cool