Goldman Sachs Alum And Self-Described “Astronaut In Training” Has A Dream

Involving weightless trading and his Buzz Lightyear cape.

In an interview in the latest edition of the London-based publication Square Mile Magazine, former Goldman Sachs trader Anton Kreil has announced that he will be attempting to become the first person in history to make a financial markets transaction in Space, when he hops aboard the XCOR Lynx MKII shuttle with Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) in 2014. Technically, the World Records that Kreil and SXC will be attempting are “First Financial Transaction in Space” and “Highest Recorded Financial Transaction.” However, given that Kreil is a City-based trader, the “Financial Transactions” he will be making will be a Currency Trade and a Stock / Share Trade. In the Square Mile interview, Kreil outlined that since he is British and is flying in a US-built shuttle, trading the currency pair of Sterling US Dollar (GBP/USD), commonly known in the financial markets as “Cable”, made perfect sense. Kreil admitted: “I certainly can’t commit to trading the Euro. With the way things are looking at the moment, it may not even be around by the time we go.”

The flight will be broadcast live on the internet, so the sponsors of the trades will get instant worldwide exposure. There will be cameras inside the aircraft and Kreil will be floating weightless in the cockpit, looking down at Earth and buying the sponsor’s stock. “From the companies’ perspective, the message of being a true global pioneer is a great message. It’s an amazing situation to be involved in,” stated Kreil. The flight itself will take off from either Mohave in California or the Caribbean island of Curacao. It will take Anton four minutes to get to Space and he will be travelling at three times the speed of sound up to 103km (330,000 feet). 100km is the internationally-accepted border to Space and is known as The Karman Line. As long as Kreil executes the trade at 100km above sea level, the sponsor will hold the record. Kreil will then fly back to Earth and the entire trip will be around one hour.

SXC and Anton Kreil – “The First Trade in Space” [Press Release]
Anton Kreil [Twitter]

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112 Responses to “Goldman Sachs Alum And Self-Described “Astronaut In Training” Has A Dream”

  1. Corzine says:

    Bullshit. I've been executing trades in space for years.

  2. Guest says:

    Highest recorded financial transaction? Been there, done that.

    – J. Cayne

  3. Thought? says:

    Can you see the trees of the Sino forest from space?

  4. Alt_EST says:

    "Highest Recorded Financial Transaction?" I'm going to crush this.

    -J. Cayne

  5. Guest says:

    I like how the most interesting part of this article is not that he will be breaking the surly bonds of earth to participate in the miracle of human space flight – but that once there, he will be making a currency trade.

  6. davidrusso says:

    "Anton appeared more sanguine when also accepting the accompany "first douchebag in orbit" award."

  7. guest says:

    Is the dream having a face transplant that will result in getting punched less?

  8. Texashedge says:

    Found a picture of his ship:

  9. CatalinaWineMixer says:

    He's just missing Will Ferrell standing behind him:

  10. lolwut says:

    Not sure if its the picture or the story but I suddenly have an urge to punch a kitten.

  11. Chiarb says:

    He looks like my paperboy

  12. The Truth says:

    Rocket launch out of Curacao? We'll be on hand!

    – Producer, World's Worst Disasters

  13. Anderson Cooper says:

    What a homo.

  14. notjimcramer says:

    hahahahahahaha care.

  15. Guest says:

    Considering the Jimmy Cayne, Millenium JewFalcon, and STAR jokes are all out of the way, I don't think I have any concerns.

  16. Spock's Ear Gauge says:

    …And SEC jurisdiction only extends 99 km above the Earth.

  17. CFA says:

    Anton Kreil is a currency trader for a large, US based firm. He elects to make his trades with clients from outer space which adds substantially to his transaction costs. Additionally, he generally makes trade decisions 2 years prior to execution. Anton most likely has violated which of the following standards of professional conduct:

    A) Standard III(A) Loyalty, Prudence, and Care.
    B) Standard V(A) Diligence and Reasonable Basis.
    C) Standard VIII(A) General Non-Deuchebaggery.

  18. Grinders says:

    I feel… dethroned.

    -S. LaBeauf

  19. E. Texas Gas trader says:

    If there were tittie-bars in space I can assure you that the first natural gas trade from space would have already been done by now.

    • guest says:

      you guys have trading rooms in tittie bars?

      -guy who's trading the wrong product

    • Dogleg @ Lochnivar says:

      If there were golf courses in space, the first propane trade from space would have been made by now.

  20. Im_a_Dude says:

    He must be trying to outdo Matt for a former Goldman guy looking to make headlines

  21. Stildolph says:

    Challenge accepted.

  22. guestosaurus says:

    why not execute a client transaction and become the first member of the 100 mile high club?

  23. Jon Corsine says:

    my dream was to build a mid sized investment bank…

    either that or run jersey and bang that katz broad.

  24. guest says:

    MLK is turning in his grave.

  25. JT Marlin broker says:

    Gosh….trading in space. Guess we'll have to translate that prospectus into Klingon.

  26. Im_a_Dude says:

    he left GS in '04. not sure why the article refers to him from 4 jobs ago.
    could be because he recent accomplishments include:
    "Co-produced and appeared in the BBC2 series "Million Dollar Traders"

  27. Hotel Sierra says:

    Anton would look much cooler if he wore AO sunglasses like the real astronauts and not those Lady Gaga looking specs.

  28. Wrong Way Corrigan says:

    "Top Dumb"

  29. King of Cos Cob says:

    Is there an Optimum wireless hotspot in space?

    • Beast from the east says:

      There would've been one if LightSquared had a permit to operate their network. Finding it would be pretty hard though cause your GPS would be all fucked up

  30. Greg Macaphee Smith says:

    I used to squash with buzz at lake akba in the autumn.

  31. guest says:

    I've got some extra money. let's see, i could…
    a) quietly donate it to a wothwhile charity
    b) invest it for my own account
    c) blow it on a trip to space that will make me look like an intergalactic d bag and also reinforce negative stereotypes about my tribe.

    think i'm going to go with C.

  32. FKApmco says:

    I think we may have uncovered a new rule in the GS interview process. You must look like a muppet before you can proceed to interview no. 2

    • GS Insider says:

      It's actually more like a flow chart. Alota these guys get quietly steered over to GSAM.

  33. DingALing says:

    Someones trying to take "master of the universe" to a whole other level

  34. Jim says:

    This guy has Down Syndrome facies.

  35. PermaGuestII says:

    Think he'll be as successfull as the first teacher in space?

    -guy who remembers his 5th grade class watching the Challenger launch on TV

  36. B Iteme says:

    Typical GS d-bag. He's going to trade in unregulated space.

  37. Michael Scarn says:

    This is an outrage, these morally lacking Goldman thugs are the reason why we've had such terrible income equality on Jupiter for the past five years.

    -Occupy Saturn

  38. Guest says:

    Only impressive if he successfully expenses the travel.

  39. Anonymous says:

    So the first financial transaction in space is going to be a $10 blowjob?

  40. Guestest says:

    In space, shit really hits the fan.

  41. Martin S. says:

    He looks like the douche owner of the Bamboo Lounge from Goodfellas

  42. structured prods says:

    this guy hired a 60+ yr old guy from IBM and a woman who broke down crying for his fund if i recall. pure tv magic.

    • AIG Joke Quant says:

      Good job watching the program…in the future. However, in the future try turning your head towards the TV screen, that way you will be able to tell people what the program was actually about.

      • guest says:

        welcome to dealbreaker, anton!

      • structured prods says:

        i forgot the whole plot honestly, but it was a little ridiculous. he just gave random people money and made them sit in an office and trade it for him. it was pretty cringe-worthy.

  43. M. Levine says:

    So, just to be clear, even if this guy does his silly little currency trade, the record for first maddeningly complex sale of an equity derivative from space is still up for grabs, right?

  44. Guest says:

    One small trade for Anton. One more giant cockgobbling Goldman alum making headlines.

  45. ICE says:

    Kreil : What's your problem, Kazanski?
    Iceman: You're everyone's problem. That's because every time you go out in public, you look like an asshole. I don't like you because you've ruined my look.

  46. justsayin says:

    Like is this on OFACs radar??

  47. A. Vayner says:


    – Master of the Universe

  48. unwanted guest says:

    Somebody needs to train a couple of chimps to be on either side of the historic transaction.

  49. Timmeh says:

    Who the hell would sponsor this horrible little pillock?

  50. CasuallyRacist says:

    Looks like Robert Downey Jr.'s younger and more Down Syndrome-y brother

  51. Damocles says:

    He looks as obnoxious as his project is.

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