Figure 3 again, but a different part of Figure 3

Figure 3 again, but a different part of Figure 3

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    I will try that with my 2 1/2 year old. It sounds like it will be easy on ME which is good. Do you have any tips on potty training?

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    I can relate. Because sometimes, I do feel like I am pressured to please men, when I know deep in my heart that God is asking me to do otherwise. But the fear sets in like if I do not do what men asks than I will not be accepted or I will not feel complete. And, knowing that you do not want to do that but you know doing what God says is best. I struggle with that a lot at times. So, during our fast I want to focus on doing what God is asking me to do. And, not care about what men thinks or say because I am doing God’s will. And, when I do finally do what God tells me to do I do have peace of mind. It is so funny at times, because what men wants and what God wants us to do is totally different. I definitely want to renew my mind in connection with God.

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I stayed there for eight weeks ,then was sent to camp Stoneman wait to go abroad ,the Stoneman barracks I got typhoid ,typhus ,cholera and smallpox vaccination .We flew away from the United States ,in 1951 eleven Twenty-seven March arrived in Japan Haneda air station ,turn the house ( transliteration) B area waiting to be sent to North Korea ,where until November 29th that we were ordered to take the train to southern Japanese Ashiya air base. The train went through late ,in thirty days to reach the destination. The same day we ride Cm47 type conveyer reaching North Korea Kunsan air base .I was assigned in the third bomb wing Third Battalion of the eighth squadron of the third brigade cheap beats by dre.Including the three Squadron ,eighth Squadron ,ninetieth squadron and thirteenth squadron in the mountains ,only this one brigade in December 17, 1951 I to eighth squadron at a room ,I saw the notice board has my name ,call me second days to go to class. The very next day ,also the name in the list of the pilot to pull him to go with me the lecture. The lecture is on the ground of the school building a spacious house held within .There can be filled with seating for thirty people .Interior has twenty people, is a driver and a navigator ,except me and pulled him aside, and Lt. Roberts Swartz ,lieutenant ,Lieutenant Wahson ,custard ,lieutenant ,Captain Dafei en Lang ,Captain ,who is a pilot ;he gas captain ,Rand captain ,Lieutenant Zmed ,skin captain ,Captain Robertson, Mike Alisite lieutenant ,they are the driver pulled him .And I went to drink coffee, arrived a few minutes ,the others already there .Who is speaking the captain because we were late ,don happy ,he said to us again and again again, the lesson is very important and extremely secret ,to listen to the teacher carefully ,after no discussion ,even among ourselves will not discuss .He said ,the lecturer is from Japan, is an expert. He then introduce the lecturer ,he is a non military officers ,named Mr. Aarthi Falk .Mr. Aarthi Falk is a middle-aged man, forty years old ,tall stature ,Takago Eitaku ten inch ,big hair fell out. When he lectures first told us he is about biological warfare .He said biological warfare is a terrible thing ,this should not go to think of it ,but in the atomic bomb era, science progress was so rapid ,we must be prepared to adjust to changing circumstances .He said ,we never know what the future how things change ,we must be prepared to defend ,we must also know when necessary to bacteriological warfare .He said ,he studied bacteria War for many years ,he is willing to give us his think we must have the knowledge. At first he told us the spread of bacteria method very much. The bacteria can be in any place ,any time spreading ,spreading device has also been ready. He told us discout beats by dre,alone cannot drop bacteria ,because in direct sunlight in sixty seconds ,the bacteria will be death. However ,bacteria can use a variety of different insect and rodent animal communication. These insect and rodent animal in laboratory culture conditions for several generations ,so choose it because they are at any time and in any place ,even under the most adverse conditions are to survive .He cited several bacterial dissemination methods ,such as the use of dust like smoke like released .Bacteria can use boats near the coast, the sea breeze blowing onshore as dissemination of bacteria can also use the low-flying jet dispersion. His meaning refers to any type of jet aircraft .Added ,bacteria can use attached to clothing worms ,flies ,fleas ,ticks and mosquitoes and the spread of these insects can use many methods to cast ,such as box ,box in the sun Be easily broken ,can let the worms crawled out ,also can use bombs .He said ,since we are driving the Bm26 aircraft ,he would elaborate bomb spread bacteria method. Then he took a painting of a jet plane ( Fm84 ) picture let us see ,the aircraft was the tip tank injection with bacterial dust. He took out a piece of wormy old clothes pictures to us ,those insects like flies and lice ,clothing to climbing. These bugs in the garment can be kept warm ,though he added ,these insects can also be after the selection and training ,so that they may be cold ,and not eating can live very long. He then took some bacteria can be used to throw the bomb pictures to us .These bombs but no fuse ,and we usually carry five hundred pound bombs very much alike. He said the bomb and the size of the shape is not important ,important is inside the contents .He said the bomb is sealed ,since aircraft dropped after the open ,so the carrying bacteria is very safe. He showed us is a five hundred pound bomb photos ,shell is very thin ,not to 1/4 inches thick. He says ,these bombs are still in the experimental stage ,there are several .He showed us a picture ,the bomb touchdown was split into two halves . Another bomb behind (near the tail bend ) of a door, the bomb touchdown will open the door .By a small electric motor is opened ,the electric motor is connected with a battery and a battery in the bomb ,the ground can take effect. In the bomb before it touches the ground. ,battery plate is a thin plastic film and liquid separated .The bomb hit the power to make liquid red plastic sheet this liquid ,painted with a battery plate ,a motor so will bomb the doors are open .He took a bomb pictures to us ,in the touchdown the bomb tail and fried body apart. All he showed us a picture in the bomb ,looks like an ordinary five hundred LB bombs ,but no one is painted with a fuse .He tells us ,they also have some bombs in the sky in the dehiscence ,installed in the box in the ground before the worms can spread in the area of the larger land. He tells us ,these boxes in the sun will become very easy to rupture ,worms ( Flies ,mosquitoes ,fleas ) can climb out. He showed us three bomb structure is the same ,just like five hundred pound bomb ,shell is very thin. To show us the first bomb was split in two ;second behind near the tail gate ;the third rear left the bomb body in the sky was the bomb is the use of ordinary steel wire hook in the wing under the bomb on the clamp . Bomb head has a small propeller ,for wire hook ,small propeller in the bomb dropped before cannot be rotated . Bomb throwing, wire in the plane ,the small propeller can rotate freely .The propeller drive a generator ,the generator feeding power to a small electric motor ,as I stated earlier motor ,it first opened behind three doors ( like open other bomb doors ) ,and then open the bomb in front of a door from the bomb to blow wind to blow out the box box ,fall .He didn the bomb pictures to us ,explain very little .Secondly ,he describes how spreading bacteria .He said ,almost any bugs can be used to perfuse the bacteria ,but he will only tell us which some ,if the bacteria are transmitted back to the South Korea ,it is enough for us to self-defense. He said that plague can be spread by rats ,but can drop the mouse but not necessary. The bacteria can be placed in any thing in the cast ,as long as the mouse can and will go into ,this mouse will with bacteria. Bugs easily throw ,they can take a lot of bacteria the fly can take typhus bacterium ( note ) and cholera bacteria ,fleas can take Yersinia pestis . The mosquito can take various caused by bacteria such as fever ,yellow fever ,typhoid fever ,malaria and encephalitis ( note ) ( Encyphilitis ) ( note ) ,there is no effective therapy for this disease .Encephalitis encephalitis aka Japanese B encephalitis ,Japanese troops harmful a disease by the Japanese army ,first brought to Korea . Now it is not know how to fight it ,preventive methods and prevention of malaria .He said ,he would tell how the spread of malaria ,and that other fever by similar methods ,by mosquitoes to spread .Let us see a mosquito .He said these mosquitoes had no harm ,but if they took against malaria patients or in the laboratory contracted malaria bacteria ( note ) that is harmful .( note ) the annotation is Zhong Huilan medical doctor Plus .Chung is a former royal society of Tropical Medicine and member of the Hamburg School of Tropical Medicine ,a researcher and the United States of America experimental biology and Medicine Association .He is now a professor for Department of internal medicine ,Chinese tropical diseases and infectious diseases the top-ranking expert interrogator .Mm &quot ;all kinds of rickettsial diseases the vector for lice ,fleas ,ticks and insects ( bug found ) .Flies in the general case with Rickettsia ,so contagious typhus typhoid infection does not necessarily need insects as medium .Flies can be mechanically will waste infectious bacteria and people; but the mosquitoes can not smell of infectious typhoid the prisoner said, about the disease methods ,some with modern medical knowledge there are discrepancies .However ,the prisoner is neither the medical staff ,for a variety of infectious diseases, since not fully understanding and memory. For this reason ,the prisoner will be Encephalitis encephalitis as Encvphi litis ,also in surprise .&quot ;mosquito bites ,the inner tube and the outer tube are inserted in the human body . The mosquito with inner tube and outer tube feeding, injection of a saliva into the body. Such as mosquitoes are dyed bacteria ,bacteria with saliva Was injected into the bite of the person he will get sick .He said ,dining room wall applied to illustrate how to prevent encephalitis posters, not for decoration .He said ,we must comply with all the rules keep clean ,especially in the coming months . When taking a normal to us ,we you should take ,and should not throw it away. He said ,we must be on time for immunization. If we can do these things ,we have nothing to fear .This lecture begins at nine o ,almost eleven points when it finished. We are aware of the bacterial bomb is not explosive ,they is not an exploding bomb . In December 31st some a meeting, operations officer told us to our attention : when we get back to the intelligence group report execution situation, want to report all the bombs . January 3rd at two o ,I and twenty-six other pilots ,twenty-seven navigator ,twenty-seven radio bombers ,and twenty-seven mechanic ( sometimes the mechanic is the machine gunners .In our squadron of three aircraft can take a machine gunner ) ,together with the battalion of the Department to combat report .I that a group of Luo Jishi Lieutenant for the pilot and the sergeant as mechanic .We have brought radio bombers ,because the weather was so nice .I from the notice board copy assigned to us route (from the site to Pyongyang) ,we are the departure time is two thirty in the morning .Some orders the meeting began .In the cases of some a meeting ,operations officer to tell us ,we will hear everything ,are secrets ;and must be a secret deal. Except among ourselves ,not to talk about . Then listen to US intelligence officials said the night before the traffic conditions ,and the number of vehicles has been damaged and destroyed the army liaison .Official explained to us the situation on the front ,climate official report to us .Other news climate ,wind and temperature by pilots from the board down .In all respects ,it a routine task .Luo Saier custard ,and myself from one five in battalion of the Department of operations department meeting ,I entered the night operations officer in the small room ,Captain Reynolds is on duty today. I told him we name ,he told me I have a special mission .He said I do anything before ,I should be put under the wing of the bombs I dare to arrive in the area near Pyongyang .He could be on the wall map indicates a location ,nail on a red pin ,which is located in five miles south of Pyongyang and the main road three miles to the East . ,after that we can continue our example some tasks and as early as possible to complete it ,and then ,back to the intelligence group report. He said ,I should be two hundred feet or possibly a little bit lower level to drop the bombs ,let go of them explosive explosion, they are not bombs .I thought we heard about the bacteriological bombs speech ,asked what was going on beats by dre, but he said he did not know ,and that is preferably by directed tasks ,regardless of why or what ,I think it is bacteria play . We move toward the plane, a guard to meet the US, then I will decide who is the bacteriological bomb .The guard told me don tube under the wing of the bomb ,they have been reassembled .When I checked the plane, I look to them ,they noticed that the pilot said &quot ;wing bombs are no fuse &quot ;the word is right .Peter This look up ,and I said orders are orders ,we have to let it be !I told the pilot where to cast the bombs ,he made a mark on his map .We take off at two twenty-five ,just south of Pyongyang at three thirty .I turn to the east of the road ,just south of the bridge when we arrived ,two hundred feet, Luo custard said should be the place ,and I will cast the four wing under the bomb ,quickly once a continuously cast . They are not bombs . two will determine which is a germ bomb .We at four fifteen completion of other tasks ,and returned to land at five ten the mountains ,we left the aircraft ,in return the equipment and report aircraft in good condition ,we directly to the battalion of the Department of information group to report combat command of the situation. We report ,we at the indicated place from the ground two hundred feet in the air cast the four bomb ,they are all not bombs .The keroro then recording them ,so that in the morning to intelligence officials . January 10th at two o ,I as usual in a routine communication .The meeting was at kunu-ri and kanggye between flight . I this group the Swartz Lieutenant for the pilot, the sergeant as mechanic .Our departure time is the very next day at two o .The orders will be regular course of official duties ,when I was at twelve thirty to combat Department report, I as usual .In our name sign ,and that this is a special task. This is captain Reynolds was on duty. He remembered I have served as a portable not bombs for special tasks, so he mentioned it ,and tell me the same that task is the same .But this time I just took two medals won explode the bomb ,and shall cast them in the northeast of kunu-ri ,he and the wall of the map that the place ,is in kunuri three miles ,five miles east of the railway line . The same in the plane. We met a guard he said that ,under the wing of the bomb has been reassembled. I noticed that two machine carrying the bomb and no fuse . I told Swartz we should where to make this special throwing ,and we know that we are with the bacterial bomb. We at two o Take off at three twenty-five ,kunu-ri .I by Swartz told me the direction to the bending ,and descending to two hundred feet to cast the two bomb beats by dr dre. They are not the unexploded bomb .We as quickly as possible to complete the other task ,by four ten began to fly back to the mountains ,five twenty-five in the fall ,in return the equipment ,and tell them the aircraft in good condition ,we went to the combat information group report has been voted in two not to explode the bomb ,and that is where cast .The cobia put it down ,in order to give intelligence officials . In December 14th ,I was the bulletin board to see my name out in the very next day at nine o in ground school class list. I arrive at nine o there, it is a large room ,and twenty-five other officers ,pilots and pilot ,lieutenant ,captain .Skin Zmed en Lang ,Captain ,Captain Rand gas ,where Captain pull his lieutenant ,lieutenant ,Lieutenant Roberts Swartz ,Wahson Lieutenant there. The base operations officer Major Allen is the highest-ranking officer ,he introduced the lecturer .He said the class is also important and secret He said the lecture of Mr. Clark, is to study nuclear physicist ,he is here to tell us something about atomic war things. He said Mr. Clark is from Japan. The lecturer said :since the start in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the dropping of the atomic bomb ,atomic war science has moved forward a lot. Only Bmm29 aircraft loading atomic bomb days have passed .And then the size of the atomic bomb ,the power of that time many times greater than in the past ( he did not say how many times ) .Now much of the atomic bomb almost can do much in the United States .He said they had engaged in in what he called the &quot ;&quot ;atomic bomb test ,and further research that they can like a bomb as the shells are used .He said with atomic warheads mortar test has almost finished .He said in a hydrogen bomb also has very great progress ,hydrogen power than our existing atomic bomb in one thousand times. He said such a bomb as long as one can put like New York City cut down. Then he told us to use the atomic bomb has a variety of different methods. It can cast down from sky Explode below ground ,so that the radiation of dust spread to a vast area ,the dust for any contact with it a living thing is fatal ,and the radiation effect to keep many weeks. He said the atomic bomb as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki with a parachute throwing ,making it exploded in the air, so the heat and explosion is more deadly ,but its radiation effects and no such enduring ,most of them have been blown away and vanish into the air .He said the atomic bomb explosion in deep inside ,it can be used to deal with the coastal city .It can make any we know harbour water most of the lift ,the deeper the better ,the hose radiation ,will be like rain fall in this city. Moreover there are still explosion due to tides and rushed to fill this port and caused great destruction. He said with radiation function has been tested. It cloud the radiation effect can be maintained for a long time ,the rain drops to anywhere in the destruction of life in the United States .He said Niwada on smaller atomic weapons ( bomb ) was tested in the blast area ,near ( about two miles ) are Troops ,but there was no one hurt. This is because of the force of the explosion was smaller ,but also have adequate defense .He said they wear very comprehensive ,and hidden in a single trench ,their head in a trench trench mouth two feet to three feet below .It is necessary for the defense ,he said ,and we should know that such a defense reasons. He said ,atomic bomb to emit three light ,when the bomb went off, first produced a large amount of heat ,in the explosive core having millions of high heat ,such as the sun ,and this heat wave extends outwardly from half a mile to a few miles ,explosion due to size different . In addition there is a shock wave ,this wave of persistent than ordinary high explosive bombs as long. Secondly there is a kind of radiation .If you distance bomb is far enough ,can not be killed instantly in the explosion ,so a single trench will protect you for thermal and blast effects of the injury, even to could defense radiation activities ,unless it like dust or rain fall. Atomic bomb emits three light is A line ,B line and C line and.A line and B line in explosion during its existence ,and if you can not explode the scorching heat by injury ,so even a shirt ,in particular A light-colored shirt ,can fully protect you from A line and B line burn ,in you have no clothes to cover part such as a hand ,neck and face ,the face of the explosion part will be burn .C line in accordance with the explosion of different types, will continue for a long time ,but a single trench is to deal with it a good defense ,although the clothes are useless ,only the lead and thick soil ,to prevent these C lines .These C lines like Eyck J Gon ,can pass through everything and destroying the bone corruption of blood .Then ,he let us see some pictures ,illustrates the importance of how to excavate the single trench .He said half an inch thick lead can stop C line ,but must be at least two feet above the thickness of the soil ,to prevent C .C line almost can penetrate two feet of soil .The explosion site surrounding areas continue to radiate C line ,because the C lines are strongly influenced by the object ,has become radiation ,and emit the light . Touch exploded close to the area of the object ,especially metal objects ,is very dangerous. He said :in the air blast case, most of the radiation of C lines are made from a piece of cloud are carried by the wind ,gradually dispelled. He let us see a performance This picture. He said :although in dispersed after they cannot hurt people ,but in the Niwada held a test a few days later ,a New York photo laboratory did say in the report, many of their photographic paper display by C line induction sign. The light in the clouds ,trans in the USA ,and to make these photographic paper photographic. He says ,because most of the C line is radioactive clouds carried away ,so you may safely enter a blast of air to the region ,as long as you do not stay there too long. But for some reason ,unless you absolutely need to enter ,otherwise it is best to wait trained people with a Geiger counter is advanced .He said , go ,so don contact with the metal object. He said ,they have a kind of each portable pocket radiation detector ,the detector ,can show you can safely stay in this area in the long time .He let us look at the detector ,which is the size of a box of cigarettes ,but only 1/8 inches thick. It has a height of 1/4 inches ,two inches long opening ,with a thin lead sheet covered .This piece of lead sheet can push aside and show the Opening where pieces of lead is behind a piece of photographic paper ,when subjected to radiation induction ,this paper will turn black. In reconnaissance device outside also has a color ,used and the paper color contrast, when two colors are consistent when ,you should leave the area ,or you will suffer from excessive radiation activity and it is dangerous. You once ,you can go. When you enter the area ,you open the lid opening lead sheet ,then pay attention to color within ,and reconnaissance device outside the color contrast ,when two colors become the same when to leave. Then he told us ,these pocket detector is a Geiger counter necessary substitutes ,the latter is more accurate. Geiger counter activity principle and radio alike ,as it approaches the radiation activity ,you can link in the Geiger counter headphones sound. It also has a small calculator ,it seems like the car a galvanometer ,indicating that the radiation activity how many .He said ,the calculator is to radiation ,or similar to the noun ,as the calculating unit. Then ,he let us one by one to wear headphones to listen to him .A radiation of objects gradually moved towards the Geiger counter is initially a ticking sound is very slow ,but when the object approaches the ticks soon .Until the sob sound, mixed into a ticking sound .This lesson from nine o to ten thirty. From these facts can be very clear see capitalist Wall Street the warmongers because of their greed ,they the cruel lust ,waged bacteriological warfare terrorist crime ,so that they can earn more money ,and we hope to expand this war. Even they are not human sin record increase in the atomic warfare in order to achieve they launched the Third World War desire has also displayed. These imperialists will fling caution to the winds to put more money in their pockets ,and the more the war they make money .They disregard the world of innocent people ,of course, the people of the United States ,the workers ,if you know these evil ,will blame them for the United States of America .The workers are difficult to discern from newspapers ,magazines ,radio in the real situation ,and all these things will be money crazy Wall Street imperialism molecular control .The warmongers were unwilling to Italian people know the truth ,otherwise people would not allow them to proceed against the people of the world and sold war inhuman evil. They are these inhuman crime to expand the war and earn more profit is very obvious .I was forced to make these war trafficker tools and forced to throw a germ bomb ,also for the Chinese people against the Korean people and serious crime. Because I was a soldier ,I must obey the command ,the command is run by the Wall Street of the imperialists out .I could not refuse this kind of crime. But on the other hand I am the bacteria carrying a bomb ,I will bacterial bomb dropped in innocent women and children are likely to suffer place ,I make the human sin .Even Nazi Germany also did not use a germ bomb ,like Ilsa Ke Qina kind in human skin as the lamp cover people will not use it ,and I for the Wall Street of American imperialist warmongers unexpectedly use it. Since I was Chinese volunteer army captured and put down their weapons since, I have been treated even than a made much lighter on the evil people can expect treatment even better Many. But I lay down their arms ,they often say that I am no longer a enemy. They treat prisoners with policy ,for me, a Wall Street in the imperialist propaganda lie up people ,is very difficult to learn . But Chinese volunteer army is very patient .They send me warm clothes ,give me an excellent food ,bedding ,and a warm bed .I kindness to them treatment is forever grateful .Finally, in the Chinese people very patiently to persuade ,I know my sin my conscience severely scolded me ,and relieve the burden ,confession ,repentance is good thing. I know my terrible against the sins of the people ,I am innocent peace-loving people made no human thing. I now know how wrong this evil ,I asked the people could kindly forgive me for this crime .This is against all the peace-loving people in the world sin ,and is a really should be all peace-loving people condemned the evil. I request all the requirements of peaceful people forgiveness ,because of my sin is hostile to them.Related articles: Vinal MX-8-2D Stereo Console Mixer mixers manual Motorcycle XT800 dual-mode dual-standby, JAVA spec

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