First Class Customer Service At Marea Means Never Seating Bill Ackman Next To A CSMFPOS

Increasingly, restaurants are recording whether you are a regular, a first-timer, someone who lives close by or a friend of the owner or manager. They archive where you like to sit, when you will celebrate a special occasion and whether you prefer your butter soft or hard, Pepsi over Coca-Cola or sparkling over still water. In many cases, they can trace your past performance as a diner; how much you ordered, tipped and whether you were a “camper” who lingered at the table long after dessert…Much of this information is discreetly embedded in an alphabet soup of acronyms that pops up on the computer screen when a restaurant employee checks you in, managers and employees at a number of high-end New York restaurants said in interviews. The wine whale may show up as WW. If a free appetizer lands on your table at Osteria Morini in SoHo, chances are your file says SFN — something for nothing…At Marea, Michael White’s Italian restaurant on Central Park South, for instance, the hedge fund manager William A. Ackman is a regular and one of many customers who rates an NR, never refuse. What the computer does not say (but the general manager, Rocky Cirino, knows) is that servers can never seat Mr. Ackman next to Carl C. Icahn, another big Wall Street name. The two have sued each other. [NYT]

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67 Responses to “First Class Customer Service At Marea Means Never Seating Bill Ackman Next To A CSMFPOS”

  1. Cliff Asness says:

    Clothed Superman from Planet of Sybians? I don't get this.

  2. Randy Marsh says:

    I know it but I'm not sure if I should say it

  3. Guest says:

    JSEO = Jews Suing Each Other? A freaking common designation, I'm guessing.

    – Deplorable Motives

  4. Excel Monkey says:

    SFN? Single French Nun?


  5. Incitatus says:

    One of the more elaborate systems assigns each diner a single shape from the game "Tetris."

  6. güest says:

    Wait, did Bess just call Icahn a cunt slob mother fucker piece of shit?

  7. Deleveraging says:

    These systems only work if you have a staff that is smart enough to understand it and capable of being motivates by such a treasure trove of information. The fact of the matter is, if you have a service staff that cares, they don't need a computer to tell them who's the asshole and who's the sport.

    – Guy who will intentionally reduces the size of the tip when a waiter makes it a point of telling me how many drinks he did not charge me for.

  8. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    I think the "S" is for suck.

  9. pazzo83 says:

    I'd hate to see what I rate at the diner around the corner…

  10. Guest says:

    WW = 'weally wittle' – ordering by price to compensate for other inadequacies, from the Asian pronunciation

    e.g. 'Yes, sir, the Chateau Petrus with the sea bass would be my choice as well.'

    Often followed by 'I can see you and your daughter are going to have an exceptional evening.'

  11. Pissedoff&gated says:

    Matt Levine TLDR

  12. guest says:

    BTSH2NA = "Brought the Same Hooker 2 Nights Ago" is a very popular one amongst the hedgie and PE crowd

  13. Nick Lachey says:

    All right, let's go over the signals. If I tug the bill of my cap like so, it means the signal is a fake. However, I can take that off by dusting my hands thusly. If I want you to bunt, I will touch my belt buckle not once, not twice, but thrice.

  14. Jim Lahey says:

    First person to make a dorsia joke gets smacked.

    -Guy who doesn't follow his own rules

  15. Fatandhappy says:

    Signal for me: BO

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