In Retrospect, CNBC Thinks Investing With Bernie Madoff Wasn’t Such A Bad Idea


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38 Responses to “In Retrospect, CNBC Thinks Investing With Bernie Madoff Wasn’t Such A Bad Idea”

  1. guest says:

    In other news, CNBC watching retail investors think investing with Jim Cramer in 2009 wasn't such a bad idea either.

  2. pazzo83 says:

    Mr. Cramer, can you run this for BSC as well? Thanks in advance.

    – UBS Equities MD

  3. J Paulson says:

    Apparently Madoff was not invested in SinoForest.

  4. pazzo83 says:

    If you invested $100 ~ four months ago in…

    Facebook, you'd have this today: $50.50

    – FYI guy

  5. NakedShort says:

    In retrospect I think going to that play with Mary Todd was an excellent idea.

    -A. Lincoln

  6. Andy Warthol says:

    In retrospect, I should've just fapped at home.

  7. guest says:

    Any of these beat a 5:1 levered long fund that invested in Target's stock

    -Guy who wonders what the difference between a shyster like Madoff and a shyster like Bill Ackman

  8. Billie Sol Estes says:

    Mark Twain said to buy stocks that go up and don't buy stocks that don't go up. As to making money in stocks, like Ashley said to Elliot, "How hard can that be?"

  9. Guest says:

    Where's my 2008 fund on this list? At this point I'd just like to be on a list period.

    – Chris Flowers

  10. im_new_here says:

    No one remembers the legitimate years.

    –Lucas von Praag

  11. jim cramer says:

    you'd actually have a 100 because of SIPC, cnbc gets it right 100% of the time 0% of the time

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