These Things Happen

Kareem Serageldin, the ex-global head of Credit Suisse’s CDO business charged in a bonus-boosting fraud tied to a $5.35 billion trading book, plans to fight extradition to the U.S. until he reaches a plea deal. Serageldin’s lawyer told a London court yesterday that his client’s arrest this week outside the U.S. Embassy was a result of “miscommunication.” Ben Brandon said Serageldin was negotiating a plea bargain with U.S. prosecutors before the arrest. He was released on a 150,000-pound security ($243,000) until a Nov. 28 court hearing. [Bloomberg]

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15 Responses to “These Things Happen”

  1. Zoroz says:

    Kareem Abdul Jabbar, the ex-center for the Los Angeles Lakers charged in a FG percentage boosting fraud…

  2. Lightsquared LP says:

    Please, please, please don't let it be a problem with guards' walkie talkies.

    -Guy who is not a fan of gates, embassy or otherwise

  3. Johnny Cochran says:

    Clearly, the London Metropolitan Police are discriminating against men who work for Swiss banks and whose names begin with K, it's as clear as day, now someone go find me a damn glove.

  4. Guest says:


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  5. guest says:

    serageldin’s attorney : negotiating plea bargains ::… : rope swing

    -AIG analogies quant

  6. Guest says:

    "Ran from"?

  7. Lazy Lightning says:

    Poor guy will be "kareem of wheat" — bubba's prison breakfast

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