Deutsche Bank Executive Sought Counsel From Semi-Helpful LAPD Re: Bath Salts Prior To Ruthless Beating, Arrest

“How long does this stuff stay in your system?”

After he was badly injured in May by two LAPD officers, top Deutsche Bank executive Brian C. Mulligan alleged that police manufactured a report that painted him as a snarling, thrashing man who told the officers that he’d recently ingested drugs known as “bath salts.” But days before the May confrontation, Mulligan apparently told another officer in a different city a story similar to what appears in the LAPD report. He said he’d previously snorted “white lightning,” a type of bath salts, a synthetic drug, and believed that a helicopter had been trailing him, according to a Glendale police recording of the conversation. “I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I feel like there are people following me. I feel like there was a chopper, do you hear a chopper?” Mulligan said on the recording, which was obtained by The Times. “We don’t have a helicopter up in Glendale,” the officer replied.Officials with the Los Angeles Police Protective League, which represents LAPD officers, said the recording undercuts Mulligan’s version of his altercation with the LAPD officers, the subject of a $50-million claim he filed with the city, which is a precursor to a lawsuit…Mulligan alleged that the officers dragged him to a motel, threatened to kill him if he left and then, when they discovered he’d escaped, beat him so badly that he suffered 15 fractures to his nose and needed dozens of stitches.

Mulligan said he felt “a little paranoid” during the sometimes-rambling, 11-minute exchange. He told the officer that he’d recently purchased some bath salts at local pot shops. Mulligan said he’d snorted bath salts at least 20 times but, as of that day, had not used any for roughly two weeks. “How long does this stuff stay in your…system, man, how’s it legal!” he said on the recording…The officer described bath salts as “a close relative of methamphetamine” and encouraged him to see a doctor or drug counselor. “I mean, my wife knows,” Mulligan said. “OK,” the officer replied, “you need to get on top of this before it gets on top of you.”

‘Paranoid’ bank exec told officer he used bath salts, police say [LA Times]
Earlier: Deutsche Bank Managing Director, LAPD Not Yet Seeing Eye To Eye On Savage Beating “Incident”

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11 Responses to “Deutsche Bank Executive Sought Counsel From Semi-Helpful LAPD Re: Bath Salts Prior To Ruthless Beating, Arrest”

  1. Guest says:

    We have to find a way to distribute this shit to the general public. I can't be the only guy to see It's potential, am I in at the bottom floor on this shit?

  2. guest says:

    "You need to get on top of this before it gets on top of you."

    -DSK, L. Tilton, Jeffrey Gundlach, et. al.

  3. Guestectamy says:

    "You need to get on top of this before it gets on top of you."

    I'd like to imagine that's when he assumed his fighting stance.

  4. Henry Hill says:

    There's always a helicopter chasing us wiseguys

  5. Mulligan's Attorney says:

    Well, for all you know there was a helicopter up in Glendale but it just didn't know it was there because Phil was running unannounced tests of Lightsquared, so there.

    -Guy who wishes you could fit "Can I take a mulligan?" into the Name slot

  6. Clueless guy says:

    You mean people ingest this stuff?

  7. Momentous says:

    I went to school with assholes like this. Dime (bag) a dozen.

  8. Guest says:

    "I know this is gonna sound crazy"

    What, snorting home-made drugs cooked up out of who knows what toxic chemicals? Yes, that does in fact sound crazy.

  9. Rick Miller says:

    Bath-Salt Zombie Bankers leading Zombie Banks. I see some synergies here.

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