Girlfriend Insider Trading On Two-Timing Boyfriend’s Behalf Found Roommate’s Judgment A Little Uncalled For

Back in 2009, Thomas Ammann found out through his investment banking job that Canon Inc would be acquiring a Netherlands-based company called Océ N.V. Being in a bit of a tight spot with his finances and seeing an opportunity to score some cash but wanting to avoid the prison time that could come with, he decided to be smart about things and put some distance between the tips and his profits, by employing a couple middlemen. In this case, those middlemen were his two girlfriends, Christina Weckwerth and Jessica Mang, who 1) put up the cash and 2) traded on the material non-public information. And while they probably would have taken issue with Ammann dating and tipping both of them, and would have perhaps been branded a lowlife by their friends and families, Tommy-boy made sure to keep the women a secret from one another, therefore only incurring the wrath of Mang’s roommate on account of the insider trading business. Which, to be honest, Mang thought she was kind of being an uptight bitch about.

Mang bought OCE shares and then sold them five days later for almost twice what she invested, Pinto said. She wrote in her personal diary that Ammann advised her to invest, according to the prosecutor. Mang had been living in central London with a friend who worked in hedge-fund sales for Goldman Sachs, Pinto said. When told about Mang’s plans to invest in OCE, her friend “expressed her disapproval and kept calling it insider dealing.” In her diary, Mang wrote of her annoyance that her roommate insisted the trades were insider dealing. “Really?” Mang wrote, according to court documents. “Is that necessary? Increasingly prissy.”

Ex-Banker Girlfriends Double Money On Insider Trading [Bloomberg]
Investment banker ‘helped two lovers (who had no idea the other existed) make £2million by leaking confidential information during takeover bid’ [DM]

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  1. Disappointed Guest says:

    The black panties on the scroll down were the most attractive thing about this.

  2. reftr says:

    Man, that guy needs to apply himself. He has to be able to do better than those two mullions.

  3. Dr_Rosenrose says:

    Hey Mang, I was expecting you to be Hispanic.

  4. Guest says:

    Dear Diary,

    I'm an idiot.


  5. yellofevah says:

    Just a little story about Ugly people F*cking!!!

  6. investorcluzo says:

    she had a diary…which she kept next to the crocheting kit on the night stand. guy should have known better. clearly he lacks attention to detail – wait, is he related to the guy that bought the cheddar cheese salad?

  7. Al C says:

    Hey Mang, don't tell 'em your Jewish, alright?

  8. broseph says:

    I've never seen an Asian woman bloated like that before

  9. Guest says:

    She moves pretty well for a big man.

  10. oki says:

    You must not be around a lot of finance or law asians. once they go through that first 2-3 years they all acquire that torso.

  11. Rick Miller says:

    Thing 1 and Thing 2.

  12. Guest says:

    People still keep diaries?

  13. Ta Da! says:

    I didn't know asian women under 40 came in this model — Chunky Monkey.

  14. Guest says:

    Hope that latte is skim.

  15. ROR says:

    She ruv you wide time!

  16. USA-USA-USA! says:

    Why is every girl in London so fugly?

  17. Controller says:

    She could never pass the CFA exam.

    – Guy who hasn't passed the CFA exam