Guy Who Shares The Same Name As “Hedge Fund Analyst” Spreading Lies About Hurricane Sandy On The Internet Would Appreciate Not Being Mistaken For Said “Hedge Fund Analyst” Spreading Lies About Hurricane Sandy On The Internet

For those of you who do not keep up with the drama in the Twitter universe, many, many people are very angry with a user who goes by the name @comfortablysmug, for spreading false information during the worst of Hurricane Sandy that included claims that ConEd workers were “trapped in a power station,” that ConEd was shutting down “ALL power in Manhattan,” and that the New York Stock Exchange was under three feet of water. These reports turned out to be complete lies and @comfortablysmug was shamed in the town square, outed, and forced to offer a “sincere apology to the people of New York,” noting that “while some would use the anonymity and instant feedback of social media as an excuse,” he would take “full responsibility” for his actions. Many in the media, however, are still quite miffed and one guy who’s really pissed? The dude who happens to have the same name (in real life) as comfortablysmug AKA Shashank Tripathi.

The most upsetting part of the disclaimer (and the update in this article) is presumably the description of Mr. Smug as a “hedge fund grunt,” as it appears to be much closer to his real job title than the one he’s worked hard to cultivate on the internet of “hedge fund analyst.” Of course, that shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who’s ever taken a cursory glance at the comments left by comfortablysmug on Daily Intel over the last several years, which seem a bit more like someone doing an impersonation of what he thinks a hedge fund analyst sounds like than an actual hedge fund analyst. Notably:

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(The other) Shashank Tripathi [LinkedIn]

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25 Responses to “Guy Who Shares The Same Name As “Hedge Fund Analyst” Spreading Lies About Hurricane Sandy On The Internet Would Appreciate Not Being Mistaken For Said “Hedge Fund Analyst” Spreading Lies About Hurricane Sandy On The Internet”

  1. Bemused says:

    ComfortablySmug should write a dustjacket review for Greg Smith's book. Peas in a pod of eloquence.

  2. heinous says:

    Five bucks says he posts comments on here.

  3. Bejujular says:

    That guy probably couldn't even tell the difference between a cheddar cheese salad and a cheddar cheese sandwich.

  4. Guest says:

    What a shame…Shawshank was such a good movie.

  5. Cred U Lous says:

    I think he might actually be a hedge funder – his profile shows him working for Stone Street Advisors.

  6. unwanted guest says:

    This could get really nasty with them hurling epithets at each other over the internet and what not. A series of Shashank Tripathis will ultimately come out of the woodwork each claiming to be less of an a-hole than the previous one that posted. Their friends on the East Coast will abandon them in confusion. For awhile it will be chaos. At which point the first one will start twittering lies again about the situation only to repeat the cycle.

  7. Alt_EST says:

    @ComfortablySmug = N'08

  8. Guest says:

    I don't mind the mistaken identity.

    -Peter J. North, Long Island

  9. Gozer says:

    Smug gave me the Paul Tudor Jones movie for free. And for that I thank him.

  10. Guest says:

    That son of a bitch. I thought everything posted on Twitter had to be true. #OutragedNewYorker

  11. Raj Rajaratnam says:

    With such a common name, the mix up is understandable.

  12. M&M says:

    Will the real Slimshank Shady please stand up?

  13. 4BritishEyesOnly says:

    Occasionly accused of poetry? Who are you kidding?You're the modern day Bill Shakespeare.

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