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If Ben Bernanke Is Going To Keep Printing Money, David Einhorn Is Going To Continue Stockpiling Gold Watches

In other GL third quarter updates, sources at Brovada say the investment team has swung from two point underdogs to 13.5 point favorites in the annual interoffice basketball game and the Greenlight baby-making machine continues to around the clock.

Greenlight Capital 3rd Quarter Letter 2012 [PDF]
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37 Responses to “If Ben Bernanke Is Going To Keep Printing Money, David Einhorn Is Going To Continue Stockpiling Gold Watches”

  1. AIFManletQuant says:

    5ft9 almost basketball state champ > MBA + CFA

  2. Puck It says:

    Babies > Aggies

  3. Guest says:

    Girlfriends > MBA + CFA + CPA

  4. Steve says:

    Any relation to Abe Frohman, The sausage king of Chicago?

  5. Guest from Alabama says:

    Where da gold at?

  6. D. Sheridan says:

    I'm opening the Investment vs. Operations O/U at 31.5.

  7. Bejujular says:

    Linsanity will rise again?

  8. asdf678 says:

    Glad to see Greenlight Capital has nice handwriting when writing its signature

  9. guest says:

    GO Lumberjacks!

    Charlie Wilson
    Nachadoches, TX

  10. Guest says:

    Gold Rolex watches are generally the worst at retaining value. A pragmatic douchebag would be better served stockpiling stainless steel Daytonas.

    – Hyper-literal guy

  11. LetsBreel says:

    Reads a bit like Leviticus.

  12. guest says:

    Summa Cum Laude From Steven F Austin State > CFA?

  13. Zombassnes says:

    And I will continue to stockpile brainzzz!!!

  14. Mexi_Cant says:

    I hate you Andrew Frohman, I hate your

    -Every Bulge Bracket Analyst on WS

  15. America is Grade 'D' says:

    Gold Watches! Gold Chains! I've got some fly personal hygene equipiment here.
    Check it out!

  16. Guest says:

    I just can't seem to wrap my head around the fact Stone Cold Steve Austin started a university.

  17. guest says:

    actually winning at something > bronze at maccabiah games > "almost went to the state championship" in high school

  18. oki says:

    can someone explain to me why greenlight’s dallas office keeps hiring these relatively obscure research analysts? WSO taught me that hedge fund guys are all Ivey League double Math/Physics majors.

  19. John says:

    Bet Einhorn does not have this iTunes app gold watch — FREE Gold Price Watch

  20. this website says:

    get the google maps

  21. Stanley says:

    Apple could have an iWatch on the market. Even though a search for “Apple iWatch” yields 3.12 million results on Google search, this rumor has yet to be confirmed Glooks Watches