Know Your Chief Financial Officers: Harvey Schwartz

What do you know about soon-to-be Goldman Sachs CFO Harvey M. Schwartz? Probably not much, but luckily Bloomberg profiled the guy today and came back with a couple moderately amazing tidbits about David Viniar’s successor. Such as one, the fact that he likes his women with some gunshot wounds on their bones (“Schwartz…lives with Annie Hubbard, whom he met in 2003, a year after she was shot helping subdue a hostage-taker at an East Village bar”) and two, to date he is the only known Goldman Sachs executive to play a role in a chick lit novel that went on to become a major motion picture (Jon Winkelried’s cameo in The Notebook, which was left on the cutting room floor, sadly does not count).

Schwartz and Hubbard make an appearance in the best-seller “Eat, Pray, Love,” where they’re credited with helping author Elizabeth Gilbert buy a house for a friend in Indonesia. “I sent out this e-mail to everybody that I knew, and I got an e-mail back from Annie saying that her boyfriend, Harvey, would like to contribute $10,000 to the cause,” Gilbert said in an interview.

In addition to his generosity, shareholders will also be happy to hear that there’s no risk of Schwartz pulling a Jimmy Cayne, i.e. working on his golf game in moments of minor to major crisis (“Jim Rothenberg, who plays with Schwartz about three times a year, said Schwartz’s high-teens golf handicap is a reassuring sign he’s not playing too much. ‘I wouldn’t say Harvey’s a good golfer, which is a good thing if he’s going to be CFO of Goldman Sachs,’ he said.”)

Schwartz Shrugged Off Black Monday In Rise To Goldman Sachs CFO [Bloomberg]

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7 Responses to “Know Your Chief Financial Officers: Harvey Schwartz”

  1. Deja Vu says:

    Looks oddly like me if I shaved my hair…

    – I Drew

  2. H. Schwartz says:

    I AM smiling. Now take the damn picture, my balls itch like a mofo.

  3. Edmund says:

    All that money and can't afford a decent tailor? What's with the 2-button jacket that can barely be fastened?

  4. Guest says:

    looks like a tall blankfien

  5. EX-GS says:

    HS is the man – he could take Cohn in the Octagon

  6. Guest says:

    married a shiksa?