Make Him An Offer

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12 Responses to “Make Him An Offer”

  1. Palaeopitus says:

    Come home, brother Timothy!

  2. John Paulson says:

    Well Tim, you've clearly got experience leading an organization that's posting horrible returns and hemorrhaging cash, any interest in bringing that skill set to a much leaner operation that pretty much does the same thing?

  3. Guest says:

    I have a hard time believing Buzz Lightyear was there and Biff Basness was not.

  4. Guest says:

    Eaman Javers is a wonderful man I loved him deeply.

    -Mr. Ross

  5. Guest says:

    When did Vanguard group become a 'hedge fund'?

  6. HungryIntern says:

    Where are the camp counselors from Camp Ramah?

  7. Guest says:

    Timmy G is about to make it fucking rain, bitches beware.

    -Bill "The Hammer" Dudley Reppin 33 Libert Street N.Y.C.

  8. PermaGuestII says:

    Since when is Don Marron a hedge fund manager?

    PE != HF