Wedding After-Party Of Financial Services Couple Requires One Cop For Every One Guest*

Which apparently wasn’t enough.

As Nicole Sannuti, a financial-services manager, planned her dream wedding on the social-media website Pinterest, she imagined sparkly centerpieces, tiered cakes and shadow boxes to hold her wedding memorabilia. But now, her dream will forever be overshadowed by a nightmare – the melee that broke out early Sunday between her wedding party and another at the Society Hill Sheraton, ending with her uncle dead of a heart attack and a relative of her new husband’s in prison. The all-out brawl involved between 50 and 100 people and was fueled by alcohol, police said…Sannuti and Sofka both attended St. Joseph’s University and live in Jersey City, according to their LinkedIn pages and other online records. Sofka, 29, works as a business-development associate at Newtown Capital Management, and Sannuti, 28, is a vice president of asset management HR at Credit Suisse.

Sannuti’s page on Pinterest shows that she’d been contemplating a wedding with elements of love and beauty, not of violence and death. Photos on the page include a love message from the groom to the bride on her wedding shoe, flowers glued to Styrofoam balls, and the palms of four hands displaying the word F-O-R-E-V-E-R, spelled out in Scrabble tiles and a wedding band for the letter O.

Lt. Ray Evers, police spokesman, said it’s still not clear what sparked the fights. “I don’t have a solid answer how it started,” he said, “but we had to come in and clean it up.” Hotel guests said that between 50 and 100 cops showed up and tried to keep the peace but that several partygoers fought back. The YouTube video shows one cop hitting a combative guest three times with a baton. Evers said police also fired a stun gun at that man, identified as Matthew Sofka, when he resisted arrest. Sofka, 26, a relative of Michael Sofka’s, was taken into custody and charged with assault on police, inciting a riot and related offenses, Evers said. Police said more arrests were expected as they interview more guests and responding police officers, and as they pore over additional surveillance footage.

Wedding Brawl Goes Viral [Philly]
Sheraton Society Hill Wedding Fight [YouTube]
*Haven’t seen the guest list yet, so ballpark.

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85 Responses to “Wedding After-Party Of Financial Services Couple Requires One Cop For Every One Guest*”

  1. 2ndYearSummer says:

    "Sannuti’s page on Pinterest shows that she’d been contemplating a wedding with elements of love and beauty, not of violence and death"

    The real story is different. It was a front–a conspiracy.
    -J. Welch

  2. Guest says:

    I like where he is going.
    Great shirt.
    Great effort.

  3. Lowly Assistant says:

    Repercussions be damned, it looks as though someone's practicing the 5th most fundamental life principle. Namely, "I wrestled with my realities, reflected on the consequences of my decisions, and learned
    and improved from this process – but kept swinging like a motherfucker through the interim."

    -Ray Dalio

  4. PermaGuestII says:

    How funny that this went down in a place called "Society Hill."

  5. _guest says:

    Inside Tom Brady's Mind…

    "Maybe I should call the bride and groom to cheer them up…?"

  6. guest says:

    When in Jersey…

  7. Guest says:

    Time to give these two a spot on the new "Jersey Shore".

  8. Guest says:

    There's no such thing as bad publicity.

    -Owner of the local tanning bed salon

  9. George Costanza says:

    Was that wrong? Should I not have done that?

  10. Bored Guest says:

    Is that Haley Joel Osment modelling those Cottonwork Custom Shirts?

  11. Guest says:

    What do we care what happens in India?

  12. anonymous says:

    Just wait til you see the Morning After portraits.

    – N Sannuti

  13. pazzo83 says:

    Their honeymoon is in Mogadishu so this was just prep.

  14. gfgf says:

    VP, Asset Management HR'd

  15. NYAC Bartender says:

    Newtown Cap Trader: You know, you're wearing a blue faux french collar shirt with a gold tie, you know that, right?

    Mike Sofka: Yeah, I do it for the ladies.

    Newtown Cap Trader: Oh – the ladies ever tell you that you look like a fucking optical illusion?

    Mike Sofka: Yeah?

    Newtown Cap Trader: Go find some blue tickets. We're runnin out.

  16. Take It says:

    It other related news, Colin Drowica of Glen Head, Strong Island served as the Best Man and officiated the festivities during/following the reception.

  17. Michael Buffer says:

    Wait until they get my $25k bill.

  18. Stan says:

    I was there. I rate this brawl a "B-".

    -Fat Pudgy Kid Outta Nowhere

  19. N'08 says:

    No, I was not there.

  20. Grassy Knoll says:

    I suspect there was a "second" wedding party involved.

  21. NYAC says:

    So relatively speaking, we're still a perfectly respectable and refined place to hold a private function, right?

  22. Guest says:

    I always knew that Snooki girl was bad news. Oh Sannuti? Never mind.

  23. Jim says:

    I was at this unfortunate event. Prior to the point which the video captures, officers (Dandridge) shoved the bride. Sofka put his hand on the officer to step back and was then engaged by several officers. This, unfortunately led to the brawling. Officers absolutely abused their powers. Some should loose their badges. These folks had nothing to do with the fight in the bar section of the hotel. This was escalated by the officers.

  24. mr. blonde says:

    Just ask Louis Winthorpe III – don't fuck with the Philly cops.

  25. 90s on 9 says:

    Bride punched in face = good luck
    Uncle drops dead = good luck
    Cops with tasers = good luck
    All-out-brawl = good luck

    I think these guys are gunna make it

  26. UBS sucks says:

    Jersey Shore Trash, looks like a thin Snooki and a non-roided up Ronnie

  27. SJU Alum says:


  28. bbettie says:

    Hah I thought it was in the phillapines, not philly!

  29. Witness says:

    Your all absolutely disgusting and severely narrow minded for believing what is said in the news. The two minutes a fifteen year old shot on camera do not show what further happened that night. The police were brutal, and the fight didn't involve the Sannuti party at first, they were caught in the crossfire. Stay tuned for all those who have such thoughtless comments to parade, the actual events deviate entirely from the story the news has portrayed. Thriving on this as a topic of conversation- keep in mind that this family is dealing with a tragedy now, and its disgraceful how some treat this in discussion.

  30. EQ in Dallas says:

    Its appearing increasingly likely that the Jersey Shore was NOT scripted…

  31. Guest says:

    Bess- how long do we have to look at that Morgan Stanley banner for?

  32. Bitchtern says:

    This is why you don't hire people if their last name ends in a vowel. Too ethnic.

  33. merkin_capital says:

    You see, the Moors conquered Sicily….

    -C. Worley

    (rip hopper)

  34. Melanoma says:

    I'd bet a thousand bucks there is a gallon jug of Man Tan In The Can in their master bathroom.

  35. Mr. Double Entendre says:

    I'd hit it.

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